• DIY Decor Ideas

    10 Things To Add To Your Dream Home Wishlist

    Mitchell Parker, Houzz If budget weren’t a concern, what would you include in your dream home? We’ve gathered ideas from this week’s articles to provide a little inspiration for your fantasies. 1. A grand kitchen. [...]
  • Kitchen Decor Ideas

    9 New Kitchen Hacks We’ve All Been Craving

    Mitchell Parker, Houzz 1. Copper Backsplash Copper is expensive, but if you have a small surface area behind your range, the material can make a standout backsplash for a relatively low cost per square foot. [...]
  • Kitchen Decor Ideas

    Antique Kitchens – Pictures and Design Ideas

    Pictures & Design Ideas Antique kitchens have distinctive features that come from an earlier period in history. Whether an authentic restoration or a fresh remodel, the unique character of this style brings a sense of [...]


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