20 Wow-Worthy Kitchens

February 27, 2018 John 0

Whether we’re checking out a house tour, browsing real estate listings or visiting a friend’s new digs, we’re always especially interested in seeing what the kitchen space has to offer. After all, there’s a reason […]

Stunning Glass Bathtub Has A Big Drawback

February 26, 2018 John 0

Ever see something you absolutely love, but know it will never work in real life because it’s completely unrealistic for your lifestyle? (Embroidered linen napkins come to mind.) This stunning glass bathtub is one of […]

3 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom

February 25, 2018 John 0

There’s no denying that the bathroom is one place in the house that tends to get overlooked. Even though we spend so much time in there, it’s easy to just shut the door and forget […]

The 21 Coolest Things To Do With A Kitchen

February 24, 2018 John 0

Kitchens are often seen as an “investment” in one’s house. If you’re looking to sell, a relatively neutral (granite counters, stainless steel, etc.) kitchen will often make your property more attractive to potential buyers. But […]

10 Incredibly Luxurious Backyards

February 23, 2018 John 0

Most homeowners are pretty happy with an outdoor space that’s big enough to fit a decent size pool, space for a BBQ and just a little greenery. But there are others out there who will […]

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