The Prettiest Vanities – Summer Season Adams

February 9, 2019 John 0

I love all things feminine and romantic.  I’ve always been known as a girly-girl who loves makeup, all shades of pink, pearls and shiny things, stilettos, and pretty dresses.  So there are certain simple pleasures […]

Living Room Exposed!

February 7, 2019 John 0

Our original expansion strategies were simply to leave from that window wall and make the back part of your home even more of a sun parlor to prolong the household room. Because I.really, we were […]

Make Your Own Roman Shade Tutorial

February 5, 2019 John 0

Do It Yourself Roman Shade:A step-by-step tutorial on how to make stunning budget-friendly Do It Yourself Roman Tones. After making three different variations of faux roman tones and unwinded Do It Yourself Roman Shades, I’ve […]

39 Creative DIY Furnishings Hacks

February 5, 2019 John 0

One of the finest features of being a creative DIYer is taking something old and making it into something brand-new. Maybe it is not a surprise then that some of my favorite pieces of furnishings […]

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