How to Make Your Bathroom Safer

March 8, 2018 John 0

Dear Savvy Senior, What tips do you recommend for making a bathroom safer and more functional for seniors. My 79-year-old mother slipped and fell getting out of the shower last month, and I’d like to […]

Stunning Glass Bathtub Has A Big Drawback

February 26, 2018 John 0

Ever see something you absolutely love, but know it will never work in real life because it’s completely unrealistic for your lifestyle? (Embroidered linen napkins come to mind.) This stunning glass bathtub is one of […]

3 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom

February 25, 2018 John 0

There’s no denying that the bathroom is one place in the house that tends to get overlooked. Even though we spend so much time in there, it’s easy to just shut the door and forget […]

8 Cheap, Easy Ways To Upgrade An Ugly Bathroom

December 2, 2017 John 0

Beautiful bathroom renovations are the stuff of dreams. (Heated floors… rainforest shower heads… swoon.) But beautiful bathroom renovations also cost, like, $15,000. If you’re not in a place to go full-on remodel, here are eight […]

6 Quick Ways to Renew Your Bathroom

December 1, 2017 John 0

Many homeowners like their bathrooms to have a bright, spa-like atmosphere. Unfortunately, it’s easy to go too far and end up with a cold, clinical appearance. These six design tips will add energy and warmth […]

9 Big Ways With Small Bathrooms

November 12, 2017 John 0

Laura Gaskill, Houzz Really small bathrooms can be incredibly challenging to design. When there is hardly room for a toilet and sink, let alone a shower (a tub being totally out of the question), the […]

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