How To Polish Your Bathroom Faucets

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The biggest difference between faucets in a showroom and faucets in daily household use comes down to one simple word: Shine. While most sink faucets start shiny and beautiful, over time they tend to grow dull and dirty. People are constantly washing their hands, soap is splashing onto the faucet head, and stains and water spots accumulate, taking away the faucet’s original luster. Has this happened to your bathtub/shower faucet or your sink faucet? Have you noticed a general dinginess around the faucets in your bathroom space? If so, here’s what you need to know about bathroom faucets and how to keep them looking like new.

How to Know If Your Faucet Needs Polishing

A clean faucet is a shining, streak-free faucet. When you notice an accumulation of spots and stains building on your bathroom faucet, you know it’s time to do something. This is true whether your faucet is made of glass, porcelain, chrome, brass or another material.

Benefits of Polished Faucets

It’s not hard to see the advantages that come from a clean bathroom, whether you’re talking about spotless floors or sparkling faucets. Regardless though, here’s a breakdown of some of the specific benefits to expect when you keep your faucets polished:

  • Like-new feeling. It’s as true of faucets as it is of automobiles — the better their condition, the newer and more valuable they look.
  • Overall sense of cleanliness. Creating a clean bathroom feel requires every component to be tidy, from the countertops to the sink faucet. Water spots on the faucet won’t work.
  • More of a wow factor. In terms of creating a strong first impression to guests and visitors, a sparkling faucet goes a long way. Keeping it clean and polished turns it into more of a showpiece.

Tips for Polishing Your Bathroom Faucet

To polish a faucet, you’ll need a simple list of tools: cleaning cloths, soap, vinegar, water and perhaps an old toothbrush. Additionally, here are some tips and tools that can be useful to remember:

  • Pull from the liquor cabinet. Believe it or not, vodka can be a great cleaning tool, at least when it comes to bathroom faucets. Soak a cleaning cloth in the alcohol and use it to polish glass, porcelain or chrome fixtures.
  • Try an acidic medium on soap spots. Basic white vinegar can be effective at removing soap scum and water spots. Similarly, lemon juice can help get rid of these tricky scum marks.
  • Apply oil to the clean faucet. Once the faucet shines again, rub some baby oil on it to ward off new spots and add a sparkling finish.
  • Avoid scouring pads. Abrasive cleaning tools might work well on kitchen pans, but they should stay far away from your bathroom faucets. Because abrasive cleansers can damage and scratch the faucet’s finish, avoid them, using cloths and old toothbrushes instead.
  • For brass faucets, dry and gentle is key. To get rid of spots and scum on brass faucets, stick to a damp cloth or a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water. Using anything more abrasive can damage the fixture. Likewise, once the faucet is clean, dry it thoroughly. You may even want to keep a cloth in the bathroom to regularly wipe the faucet after use, preventing new water stains from forming.

To make your sink faucets beautiful, use the tips above to stay on track. Also, when you’re looking for new bathroom faucets, come to Modern Bathroom. We’re proud to offer a wide range of features and fixtures to outfit any style of bathroom.


How To Make A Bathroom Stylish With Glass

August 18, 2017 John 0

Are you looking for a great way to create a beautiful, stylish bathroom? If so, then think about glass — one of the year’s top bathroom trends. Here is a quick look at the many stylish ways the design world is putting glass to work in the bathroom.

The Shower

If you want to decorate with glass, then the shower will be an essential part of your theme. Here are a few ways you can really take off with glass:

  • One timeless favorite is glass shower doors. Use textured glass or smooth, clear glass — either way, you’ll make a big statement.
  • The glass shower enclosure is very popular right now, particularly the clean look of a frameless enclosure.
  • Framed enclosures are another great (and lower cost) option, especially when they are designed to look like French doors and windows, or windows with transoms.
  • In more compact bathrooms, sliding enclosures will give you the same look as a glass enclosure, but since the doors slide rather than swing, you won’t need to worry about making sure there is enough room for a swinging shower door to open.
  • Glass block enclosures are incredibly versatile, letting you build a shower in any number of shapes, sizes and designs — including showers with beautifully curved glass walls.

The Bathroom Sink

There are two great ways to incorporate glass in the bathroom sink: One is to make use of glass sinks, particularly vessel sinks, which tend to resemble old-fashioned washstands.

The other way to use glass around the sink is to go with a glass countertop over an open-framed vanity. Continue the theme using a glass vessel sink on the glass counter or choose a vessel sink in a contrasting color. In some high-end bathrooms, the glass counter is even illuminated from below, which adds a pleasantly modern ambience.

Using Glass Elsewhere in the Bathroom

The shower and sink aren’t the only places you can use glass! In fact, there are tons of smaller accents that will help you create a stylish, cohesive look. Consider the following ideas:

  • Add an air of elegance by installing a cut-glass chandelier as the bathroom’s main light source.
  • Install glass shelving, whether you use smaller shelves near the sink for your necessities or larger glass-shelving units for big items like towels.
  • When it comes to mirrors, bigger is better. Not only will they enhance your glass-oriented theme, but they’ll make the room feel more expansive.
  • Put glass tile to use. Glass tile comes in a vast array of colors and styles. It works well as tiling for shower walls or as a backsplash behind the bathroom sink.
  • Don’t forget about the windows! One great way to use windows as an accent is to match them with the shower. In other words, if you have a glass block shower, then consider glass block windows, and if you have a framed enclosure that features transoms, then make sure to continue that theme with the window.

As you can see, there are many ways to get the look you want using glass fixtures and accents. Make your bathroom beautiful with glass, and this is one trend that you’ll enjoy for years to come.


The Big Election: Apartment Therapy’s Big Reveal Makeover Contest

August 17, 2017 John 0

Forget Hillary, Bernie, or Trump. The really big deal is Apartment’s Therapy’s Big Reveal Makeover Contest. See, this lucky lady made over her apartment bathroom a few months back & decided to enter it in the contest. A refresher of the budget-sized but impactful makeover:

Apartment Bathroom Makeover Before and After The Decor Guru DIY vanity sink skirt shower curtain batik windchimes fresh flowers eclectic decorating

Do you know what I could do with $1000? How far that would go at Target and IKEA? That I could buy some fantastic creation from a starving artist or a fabulous piece of furniture?

Voting ends in one week, October 28, so I need as much help as I can get. Unfortunately, AT posts new contestants each day, so those who were announced earlier on have more time to receive votes. That was not me, as I just learned I was accepted a few days ago.

That’s why I need your votes! To help a sister out, go here, log in/register, and then click the heart to “favorite” my room.

Thanks so much for your help! Together, we can do this!

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How To Create A Vintage Bathroom In A Modern Home

August 17, 2017 John 0

Zeal and gusto fueled your modern bathroom design some years ago. Now when you see your bathroom, maybe you long to transform it into a vintage oasis, yet you don’t know where to begin. By swapping out a few pieces in your modern bathroom, you’ll ignite the zest you once had, and begin transforming your bathroom into a vintage bathroom full of old-world charm and exceptional comfort.

A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Infuse your modern bathroom with classic pieces from Modern Bathroom, including tubs, bathroom accessories and fixtures, to transform your bathroom in a weekend.

Clawfoot Tubs With Freestanding Tub Fillers Are a Must-Have

From traditional bathrooms to modern bathrooms to vintage bathrooms, clawfoot tubs are a great choice. Accented by vintage copper, satin black or tumbled bronze fixtures, your tub sets the tone. Beyond the design, your clawfoot tub is perfect for hours of soaking following your bathroom remodel. The tub’s therapeutic qualities make it a must-have when your goal is comfort and vintage.

Pro tip:Consider installing a toilet with a detached tank to complement your freestanding tub.

Pedestal Sinks Add Elegance to Vintage Bathrooms

Introduced in the late 1800s, pedestal sinks complement clawfoot tubs well. One of the most popular types of sinks back then, they continue to be elegant, yet functional. What’s even more fascinating about pedestal sinks is the multitude of options you have to choose from these days. Whether you desire an integrated sink or want a pedestal sink with an attached 20th century-inspired porcelain basin, you are only limited by your imagination.

Pro Tip: Bow-front pedestal sinks add dimension to your vintage bathroom.

Vintage Accessories Are the Pièce de Résistance

Bare walls are a no-no when it comes to creating your dream bathroom. You can line your walls with accessories that are functional and those that simply enhance your design. Consider installing a hanging shaving mirror, wall-mounted soap dispensers, and artwork from the period that inspired your new retreat-like bathroom.

Pro Tip: Enhance your lighting and remain true to your design by adding sconces that reflect the popular designs of the period you are imitating.

Checkered Tiles and Wallpaper Tie Everything Together

Checkered tiles are a classic choice when it comes to transforming your bathroom. The time-honored look achieved by installing checkered tiles will never be a bathroom faux pas. It is the marriage of simplicity and vintage design realized. You can’t forget wallpaper. Wallpaper is a simple way to capture the vintage look you crave. With tons of print to choose from, choosing the right design will bring your bathroom to life. To get a truly vintage look, opt for a classy baroque print or a ’50s-inspired striped print.

Pro tip: Add a single chair to your bathroom to drive home your vintage look.

It doesn’t take much to rejuvenate a modern or traditional bathroom. If you want to convert your modern bathroom into a vintage bathroom, then a few inspirational pieces from Modern Bathroom will quickly get you started. Browse our website for the tub, fixture and bathroom accessories you need to take your bathroom back in time.


Five Ideas for Creating the Perfect Log Cabin Bathrooms

August 17, 2017 John 0

No log cabin is complete without comfortable, rustic bathrooms that reflect its cozy style. So whether you’re building a new log cabin or updating the baths in the one you already have, it’s important to think strategically about the fixtures you choose. From bathroom vanities to bathtubs to bathroom faucets, you’ll want to look for fixtures that complement the overall design and style of your log cabin home. To help you create a cohesive home design that incorporates the log cabin feel that you desire, here are some important ideas to keep in mind.

  1. Start With Space

    Are you redesigning a tiny powder room or a large master bath? Before you pick any bathroom components, determine how much square footage you have to work with as you’re shopping for bathtubsshowers and other components. You may love the rustic feel of a certain vanity, for example, but your small space might not accommodate it. Everything from your bathroom sinks to your mirrors must be in proportion to the room.

  2. Decide Whether or Not to DIY

    Remodeling a bathroom on your own can save you a great deal in terms of cost, but do-it-yourself projects aren’t for everybody. Evaluate how much needs to be done. Are you just replacing a vanity? Ripping out wall tile? Putting in wood wall paneling and sealing it properly? Ask yourself how comfortable you are taking on that task. If you’re looking at a small job or one that you already know how to tackle, you can confidently do it yourself. If, on the other hand, you don’t have the time and/or skill to do it yourself, it’s probably best to hire a professional.

  3. Think About Costs

    The prices of bathroom remodels vary greatly, depending on how much you’re changing, what products you’re buying and where you’re buying them, labor costs, etc. Based on your specific project, set a budget and stick to it. Likewise, shave your supply costs by shopping at Modern Bathroom, a supplier that saves you up to 70 percent and offers free shipping on everything we sell.

  4. Get Inspiration

    To help you recognize the common themes in the log cabin look, explore log cabin websites, magazines and photographs for inspiration. Look for common elements: natural colors, greenery, photos or artwork featuring the woods. When you have a good sense of what defines the log cabin style, you’ll be better prepared to shop for new bathroom features.

  5. Plan Your Log Cabin Style

    Decide what you want your bathroom to feature. For a log cabin vibe, you probably want wood tones, natural colors that are found outside (browns, tans, greens, blues, etc.) and textiles and accents that can create a cozy, rustic feel. Incorporating these components in the bathroom means choosing natural elements such as wood floors, wood walls, a natural stone shower and maybe a textured sink or accents of copper or iron. Explore options to see what works for you. You could even continue the unmistakable wood chinking that defines log cabins into the bathroom walls.

When it comes to creating the log cabin bathroom you’ve always wanted, there are many ways to get creative. Use the tips above to guide your decision-making, and simplify the experience to maximize your enjoyment. Then, for the best products on the market, come to Modern Bathroom, browsing its web catalog of factory-direct products.

Modern Bathroom is proud to be your best resource for all kinds of bathroom products, from bathroom vanities to sinks to bathtubs to mirrors. Visit either of our showrooms in California to learn more about what we offer, or explore our extensive online catalog and order online. We not only offer everyday low prices, but also provide a 110 percent price-difference guarantee: Find the product you buy from us at a lower price elsewhere within 30 days, and we’ll refund the difference plus an extra 10 percent.

Search online now to see what we offer, or contact us today to learn more.


Nautical-Themed Bathroom Ideas

August 16, 2017 John 0

Redesigning a bathroom and like the look of the sea? Whether you live near the beach or just wish you did, you can create a nautical bathroom remodel simply by incorporating a strategic blend of colors, appliances and features into your space’s design. A nautical look is one of those bathroom themes that has had great staying power throughout changing trends. When you’re interested in a nautical look, give yourself permission to have fun!

Here are some great ideas to keep in mind to create the kind of nautical bathroom décor you’ll love:

  1. A cohesive theme: For the best complete look, explore different nautical bathroom themes and then pick one to use. Whether you go with images of whales, anchors or ocean waves, figure out what you want to emphasize most in order to avoid a cluttered feel. Likewise, pick a color scheme that you want to stick to and work all other design elements into that.
  2. Soothing, gentle colors: Hint at the soothing, calming colors of ocean waves by decorating your bathroom with soft blues, creams, whites, pinks and beiges. From the color of your walls to the color of your linens, stick to these shades for a cohesive, beach-themed feel.
  3. Deep-navy hues: On the flip side of the soft and soothing look, consider a bold color scheme of deep navy accented by crisp white or dark brown. This look is another great nautical option, alluding to the ships and navy blues linked with life on the water.
  4. Natural materials: To highlight the natural beauty of your nautical theme, stick to natural materials as much as you can in your bathroom design. Look for quality hardwoods that are unfinished or lightly finished — particularly those with a weathered look. Explore possibilities for bamboo or bamboo-like fixtures. By incorporating natural elements like these, you reinforce the nautical vibe.
  5. Nautical accessories: Stamp your creative touch on your bathroom by selecting nautically themed shower curtains, window treatments, wallpaper, bath mats, towels, artwork and/or other accessories for your bathroom space. There are so many possibilities on the market today. The unique combination of elements you select is what will make the bathroom feel like your own. Just be sure to keep components in line with your maritime theme to accentuate the nautical feel.

Decorating a bathroom is a great opportunity to showcase your style and call attention to parts of ocean life you love. Whether you keep everything understated with a few pictures of the sea hung on the walls or go all out with nautical colors, accessories and anchor-shaped hardware, you have plenty of options for customizing your space. Get inspired with the ideas above and enjoy the process.

When you’re looking for bathroom features and fixtures offered at great prices with free shipping, come to Modern Bathroom. Search our online catalog to find all the elements you need for your nautical bathroom design.


6 Rustic Bathroom Ideas To Try

August 15, 2017 John 0

Whether you live deep in the woods or just wish you did, when you’re trying to give your home a cozy, rustic style, you have to think about every room — and that includes the bathroom. Creating a rustic bathroom means choosing components, colors and features that combine to create the same comforting, rustic effect. Thanks to its intentional imperfection and relaxed vibe, the rustic look is a popular choice among bathroom themes and style chosen today. When you’re interested in a rustic bathroom remodel for your home, here are some great ideas worth incorporating:

  1. Repurpose vintage elements. Whether it’s an old farmhouse sink that you combine with antique furniture to make a vanity or a pair of vintage wall sconces used to illuminate your room, by repurposing vintage elements into your bathroom, you move toward rustic style. This design choice creates a wonderful sense of history and customization in your bathroom, too. Depending on your bathroom’s space, you may even add a vintage cabinet or dresser for extra storage room that can be moved whenever you like.
  2. Shop salvage. A great way to spot vintage pieces you want to incorporate in your bath is to shop salvage yards and markets. Features like pedestal sinks are always popular yet can truly run the gamut in terms of price — expect to pay anywhere from less than $100 to a few thousand dollars — depending on the sink’s quality, style and seller.
  3. Simplify the look. Part of a rustic bathroom’s appeal is in its simplicity. Instead of overdone, gaudy features, it has streamlined, simple elements. Creating a rustic bathroom isn’t about one particular color scheme — you might choose dark browns and beiges or bright whites and blues — but rather about a small selection of calming, natural hues used consistently.
  4. Create rustic focal points. Whether you choose a sliding barn door entrance for your bathroom or create rustic lighting fixtures with old black lanterns, feel free to make eye-catching focal points in your rustic bathroom design. Other ideas include copper bathtubs, a chandelier with rustic shades, wood walls, iron hooks or stone bowls.
  5. Pick timeless features. Rather than picking the hottest bathroom colors or features that may change a few months from now, try instead to stick to timeless features that can highlight your room’s rustic feel. Features like beadboard or subway or honeycomb tile are choices with time-tested staying power.
  6. Incorporate natural materials. From stone or brick walls to wood floors, natural materials work beautifully in a rustic bathroom remodel. If you’re lucky enough to rework a bathroom that already has original features like stone or wood, see if you can refurbish or refinish those elements to look like new. If not, shop around for the materials that will work in your rustic design.

Whether you’re remodeling a half bathroom or a large master bath, when you’re interested in rustic style, use the six ideas above! When you’re looking for quality bathroom products — from sinks to showers to hardware — come to Modern Bathroom. Shop our online catalog to find affordable prices and free shipping on the bathroom fixtures you need!


New Home Reveal: The Happy Bathroom

August 13, 2017 John 0

New rented home reveal bathroom The Decor Guru pale yellow buttercup walls salmon pink accents batik dual shower curtains DIY shell windchimes Asian tropical vintage decor

The vibe: Happy and warm. Bathrooms tend to be neglected when it comes to decorating, thus leading to a sterile vibe. I wanted the complete opposite, for this to be a warm & happy space you don’t mind spending time in.

The style: Asian tropical with a touch of vintage. The tropical energy comes from the batik shower curtains (custom-made by yours truly), the warm wood tones, the capiz windchimes, and the plants. Small vintage touches come from the mini-stool used as a plant stand and the cut glass jars on the shelving unit.

The palette: Pale yellow and salmon. Since this is a rental home, I had no control over the wall color. But the pale yellow walls ended up pairing nicely with my last apartment’s bathroom palette, plus some of my previous bedroom’s decor. Both of these colors together make for a warmth that just feels good.

What I love about this room: The storage. You can’t see it, but there’s recessed shelving (with doors!) next to the doorway. That’s been a godsend for storing towels, cotton balls, and other items that are best covered. I also love the size. Even with the shelving, I still had room for a shelving unit, so I placed this in the corner to fill the space.

What I don’t love so much: Having more natural light would be great. But I’m happy just to have a window—it’s great for additional ventilation and, ahem, odor control.

The bathroom is L-shaped so it has a bit of an entrance, per se. My recessed shelves are on the right and on the left I placed this shelving unit from my former makeshift linen closet. And that cool little plant stand is actually a stool I scored at a consignment store for less than $10. (It had me hello with its taper legs.)

New rented home reveal bathroom The Decor Guru pale yellow buttercup walls salmon pink accents Asian tropical vintage decor abstract art Lerberg shelves whitewashed basket storage stool plant stand

Since I’m not reliant on this for all my storage, I was able to combine decor and function. The top shelf houses a DIY tray with bamboo reeds glued to the inside. The cut glass jars were thrift store finds and hold Q-tips and cotton balls. Below these are our toothbrushes, as I don’t like storing them on the sink (right next to the toilet–BLECH.) A few TP rolls are stored below that in a whitewashed basket, and the very bottom holds some plastic bins with toiletries I don’t use everyday.

New rented home reveal bathroom The Decor Guru pale yellow buttercup walls salmon pink accents Asian tropical vintage decor Lerberg shelves whitewashed basket storage glass jars Q-tips cotton balls

To the left of the shelves, I hung an abstract piece I painted a while ago for my last home’s bedroom. These colors play so nicely together, which is swell since I switched up the palette in my new bedroom.

Because of this smooth transition, I didn’t have to buy anything new for this bathroom (except plants). The windchimes, soap holders, towels, and shower curtain are all the same, complementing the buttercup walls exceptionally. You can check out my last apartment bathroom here.

New rented home reveal bathroom The Decor Guru pale yellow buttercup walls salmon pink accents shell windchimes Asian tropical vintage decor abstract art shelves whitewashed basket storage

New rented home reveal bathroom The Decor Guru pale yellow buttercup walls salmon pink accents batik dual shower curtains wood curtain rings DIY shell windchimes Asian tropical vintage decor

I’ve never been a big fan of pale yellow in the home, but I like this bathroom much better than my last. The pairing of the pink and yellow is just too good to be true. Although, after having a mint green bathroom, I could handle just about any color challenge from a rental home.


Do you have an unexpected color duo in your home? Have you ever decorated with yellow and pink together? Does your bathroom feel homey or sterile?


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