The 21 Coolest Things To Do With A Kitchen

February 24, 2018 John 0

Kitchens are often seen as an “investment” in one’s house. If you’re looking to sell, a relatively neutral (granite counters, stainless steel, etc.) kitchen will often make your property more attractive to potential buyers. But […]

Going Green In The Kitchen

January 3, 2018 John 0

Erin Carlyle, Houzz The white kitchen may still reign supreme in terms of popularity, but a surprising color also ranks among the top choices for kitchens these days. Green is making its way onto kitchen […]

Get an Organized Kitchen in 7 Days

December 13, 2017 John 0

Laura Gaskill, Houzz Contributor Have you noticed that the state of your kitchen can make a huge difference in how your entire home feels? When things aren’t running as they should, the smallest tasks (making […]

8 Kitchen Organizing Ideas for Messy Cooks

December 12, 2017 John 0

Lisa Frederick, Houzz Contributor I’ve always loved to cook. My stove gets a daily workout, my recipe books number in the hundreds, and I have so many pots, dishes and kitchen gadgets that I rotate […]

How to Spice Up Your Neutral Kitchen

December 10, 2017 John 0

Mitchell Parker, Houzz Editorial Staff Despite the benefits of neutral kitchens, such as enhanced natural light and an emboldened sense of cleanliness, many homeowners find neutral kitchens so boring. Never fear. With a few design […]

How To Create A Charming Vintage Kitchen

December 9, 2017 John 0

By Laura Gaskill, Houzz Editorial Staff From the slam and squeak of a screen door to the scent of berry pie wafting from its windowsill cooling spot, summer in the kitchen can stir up cravings […]

5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Less Boring

December 8, 2017 John 0

Designer Ken Fulk isn’t typically one to break with tradition. Especially when it comes to kitchens. “I try to avoid trends. You want to build something that’s going to last for a while and not […]

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