New Home Reveal: The Peppy Home Office

New home peppy office reveal The Decor Guru emerald green soapstone behr chalk paint mid-century modern MCM vintage tanker desk black white gold silver decor workspace Hyllis bookshelf cork whitewashed bulletin board

The vibe: Peppy, bright, and organized.

The style: Natural, mid-century modern with contrasting touches of glam.

The palette: Emerald green, black and white, and metallics.

What I love about this room: It’s the only room in the house in which I used such a vivid color. I also love the storage–there are two closets in here, perfect for hiding my arsenal of creative supplies & decor.

What I don’t love so much: The positioning of the closets. Since they’re on the longest wall, it makes rearranging difficult on the other walls. And yes, I’ve already rearranged this room since I moved here in June.

How this space is ME: While I found my niche with neutrals, I still me some super-saturated color. This room honors that love but only in pops of color plus I tempered it with the neutrals. Also, I’ve decorated with a few pieces from my family: a counted cross-stitch piece from my mother and an old photo of my great-grandparents.

I am a very lucky lady to have the chance to work from home. I’ve done it for about 7 years now, and it’s been heavenly. No fluorescent lighting! No recycled air and the germs it contains! As little or as much noise as I want!

Of course, the best part about working at home is decorating that space however I desire. Since I’ve worked from home, I’ve always used a bright color in my office. That’s because I believe in color psychology, and want the color here to keep my brain energized and alert. I also aimed to decorate this room in a way that doesn’t feel like I’m stuck at work. I want this to feel as far away from a cubicle as possible.

My vintage tanker desk is a piece I don’t think I can ever part with. It’s so heavy but durable. They just don’t make (affordable) furniture like that anymore. I reincarnated the desk from teal into a lush emerald hue (Soapstone by Behr). To do this, I used a DIY chalk paint recipe with latex paint and calcium carbonate, which you can view here at In My Own Style.

New home peppy office reveal The Decor Guru emerald green soapstone behr chalk paint mid-century modern MCM vintage tanker desk black white gold silver decor workspace Hyllis bookshelf cork whitewashed bulletin board

My office chair also received a revamp. First, I glammed up the base and legs with several coats of a light gold spraypaint. (It’s worn off a little in spots, but I’m still content with it.) However, my fave part of the revamp is the fabric, which I scored from Joann’s. It’s a black and white crosshatch pattern that pairs wonderfully with the MCM desk.

It was very easy to recover the chair, because I only used a staple gun and hot glue. First, I disassembled the chair and traced the back (x 2) and seat onto my fabric, allowing extra inches all around. I then used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the seat.

For the chair’s back, I glued fabric onto one side of the chair back and then trimmed the excess off the edges. I then glued the other piece to the opposite side, folding the fabric edges under and over the first panel. It was a little tricky through the curved parts, but I was very pleased with the results. Plus, this was far easier and quicker than sewing a cover for the chair back.

New home peppy office reveal The Decor Guru emerald green soapstone behr chalk paint mid-century modern MCM vintage tanker desk black white gold silver decor workspace cork whitewashed bulletin board

Obviously an organized workspace also lends to the vibe of order. I have two metal bookshelves in which I store my most commonly used items in white boxes and magazine files. I also favor decorating offices with white, since it helps the color stand out and creates a feeling of cleanliness.

This table is a very cheap desk from IKEA that also a leg makeover with the same gold spraypaint. The stool is–surprise!–also from IKEA and was originally black. I painted it with the same chalk paint as the desk.

New home peppy office reveal The Decor Guru emerald green soapstone behr chalk paint mid-century modern MCM black white gold silver decor workspace Hyllis bookshelf cork whitewashed bulletin board

This piece is one of my mother’s counted cross-stitch creations. I inherited it years ago when she passed, but never found a proper home for it since it didn’t coordinate with my past color schemes. But it has a home now. It was always one of my favorites because I love birds and all the colors in it. I had to make a place for it so this room seemed best.

New home peppy office reveal The Decor Guru emerald green soapstone behr chalk paint mid-century modern MCM desk black white gold silver decor workspace parrot tropical counted cross-stitch decor

I also added houseplants like pothos, Vick’s plant, and a lemon fern to complement the bright green from the desk. While the office is not as brightly lit as my last home office, it’s still a decent place for them. A wood letter tray with a DIY whitewash treatment frames the plants nicely.

New home peppy office reveal The Decor Guru emerald green soapstone behr chalk paint mid-century modern MCM black white gold silver decor workspace Hyllis bookshelf cork whitewashed wood letter tray Vick's plant Button fern succulent houseplants

The final wall is pretty uneventful, but practical. I cut out circles of dry erase paper and applied them to the walls. These help me organize my various to-do lists. On each side, I hung various rulers I use for my projects.

New home peppy office reveal The Decor Guru emerald green soapstone behr chalk paint mid-century modern MCM black white gold silver decor workspace cork whitewashed bulletin board dry erase paper walls to-do lists

That’s all, folks! It’s a pretty small room, so with the powerful green of my desk, I didn’t want the rest of the decor to compete with it. It’s a fairly simple space that I keep cleaner than any other room because it’s my workspace.


  • Table: IKEA/DIY
  • Desk: secondhand find/DIY
  • Desk color: Behr Soapstone MQ4-14
  • Wall color: Sherwin Williams Divine White #6105
  • Office chair: IKEA
  • Magazine files, storage boxes: IKEA/Michaels
  • Bookshelves: IKEA
  • Table: IKEA/DIY
  • Stool: IKEA/DIY
  • Parrot counted cross-stitch – secondhand/DIY
  • Dry erase paper: Joann Fabrics
  • Wood candle holder: Lowes
  • Paper tray: Target/DIY whitewashing
  • Fox: secondhand
  • Curtains: unknown

Do you have a space dedicated in your home for an office? How do you like it decorated? Do you prefer neutral colors or bold colors for decorating?










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Awesome Small Backyard Playground Ideas

Small Backyard Playground Ideas – Landscaping tasks, regardless of just how huge or tiny they are, require thorough research study and preparation ahead of time. This is specifically real when landscape design tiny lawns. One should be meticulous in doing a good work in advance due to the fact that with the limited room, you need make certain that of your landscape design architecture aspects are design and fitted to optimize the influence of your job despite its dimension.

Elegant Small Backyard Playground Ideas Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Kids With Playground Sets OnElegant Small Backyard Playground Ideas Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas For Kids With Playground Sets On

When you have a tiny yard, maximize just what you have. You might pick to mount a ornamental fencing to produce a comfortable ambience. If you like plants, see to it you do not choose bushes as they are bulky and might take a great deal of room. Prevent picking various plants and adhere to the dwarf selections. You do not wish to overcrowd a tiny area when your main objective is to in fact produce even more room, or provide an impression of a bigger yard. Keep the designs as straightforward as feasible. If you desire blossoms, do not experiment and be tempted to discard the location with blossoms of various colors. Prevent aesthetic mess by choosing a single leading color in differing shades. The exact same idea relates to your choice of exterior furnishings; choose a one color and ensure they are made from the exact same sort of product as well. If you like timber, choose timber all throughout. If you like steel or iron, after that stay with it for the remainder of the furnishings and exterior fixtures. In this article we also consist of some photos of small backyard playground ideas and might be your decor concepts.

Awesome Small Backyard Playground Ideas 1000 Images About Kid Friendly Backyard On Pinterest KidAwesome Small Backyard Playground Ideas 1000 Images About Kid Friendly Backyard On Pinterest Kid

Changing your tiny yard right into something remarkable and practical would just require some good imagination. You could also seek concepts and motivations from magazines and on-line sources. Do not restrict your creativity just due to the fact that you have a limited room. You could have an exterior room that will be the envy of your neighbors if you make the effort do a bit of research study and consult the professionals.

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Creative DIY Bathroom Vanity Projects

Remodeling a bathroom comes right behind a kitchen with home projects that pay off, but it can be expensive to get a look that isn’t builder boring. One of the most expensive purchases when remodeling either of those rooms can be the cabinetry. Lucky for us, if a bathroom redo is in your future, you can save some serious cash and make your bathroom look high end custom with these DIY bathroom vanities! Easier than they look and much more charming that a vanity from some big box store, these are one of a kind projects.

Turn a vintage dresser into a bathroom vanity with this tutorial from ‘HGTV’. Make sure you choose a sturdy piece, and obviously one you don’t mind cutting into the top for the sink. We like the square sink with this antique piece!

DIY bathroom vanities-2


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This DIY open shelf vanity from ‘H2O Bungalow’ was made for less than $100! You couldn’t touch a cheap box store cabinet for that. Great tutorial with photos for each step.

DIY bathroom vanities-3


Learn how to build a butcher block vanity from ‘Beneath My Heart’. LOTS of photos in this step by step tutorial. This would be the perfect size for a powder room!

DIY bathroom vanities-4


Below is a DIY rustic vanity from ‘Build Something’. Perfect for the modern farmhouse trend, can you picture this with white subway tile?

DIY Bathroom Vanities


From one of our favorite woodworkers ‘Ana White’ comes these free plans and instructions for this simple gray bath vanity. She even tells you what kind of hinges to get for the doors!

DIY bathroom vanities-5


Here is another tutorial on how to turn an old dresser into a bathroom vanity from ‘Little Vintage Nest’. This one has a vessel sink, which saves room insider the dresser for storage. Love that!

DIY bathroom vanities-6


From ‘Addicted 2 DIY’, this DIY double bathroom vanity isn’t freestanding like the others, but is all DIY! Made to replace an old one that fell apart, this tutorial has tons of step by step photos.

DIY bathroom vanities-7


From ‘DIY Network’, this mid-century bathroom vanity was a DIY project, though unfortunately, there is no tutorial! Which is no big deal, since by now you’ve read enough of these tutorials to have this down, right? This is the same project as the dresser ones above, just with a different style of furniture. My daughter and son in law inherited this exact dresser from his Grandmother! Love!

DIY bathroom vanities-8


Last, from ‘Living Vintage’ is another example of a vintage dresser as a bathroom vanity. This one was large enough for two sinks!

DIY bathroom vanities-9


Bathroom vanity projects

Image Credits: Build Something, HGTV, H2O Bungalow, Beneath My Heart, Ana White, Little Vintage Nest, Addicted 2 DIY, DIY Network, Living Vintage


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10 Clever DIY Towel Racks

Bathrooms can be pretty utilitarian spaces, but adding a touch of the unexpected is always an easy way to shake things up. (Decorating, that is. :)) Towel racks are something everyone needs, but instead of sticking with the basic chrome builder’s choice, try these DIY towel racks to add some character to what can otherwise be a boring (or expensive) room to decorate.

From ‘Lil’ Luna’, this DIY bathroom makeover included this old window towel rack they made by screwing the window into studs in the wall, then adding hooks to the bottom edge of the window. This is so charming, and easy!


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10 Clever DIY Towel Racks


Carley Kelley‘ took this shot of a towel rack at Joanna and Chip Gaines’ (HGTV) Magnolia Market. They are simply frames overlapped and attached to one another with screws, then attached to the wall. Clever and full of fun!


This DIY Lucite towel bar from ‘A Beautiful Mess’ is a perfect project for the glam in us… A little modern, a little metallic, and so pretty! Made from an acrylic rod and ceiling curtain hooks, easy!


This is not a tutorial, but we think it’s a pretty simple DIY that we are wanting for our own! River stones, a wood plaque from the craft store and some copper piping. You would need a masonry bit to drill into the stone, and some Gorilla Glue or something similar. Don’t forget to weight or clamp the piece together as the glue cures. Photo by ‘Viva Terra‘.

10 DIY Towel Racks


Alicia at ‘Thrifty & Chic’ updated her old hardware with a DIY framed towel holder. This project is simply a picture frame and some leftover fabric! Cute AND cheap!


Lovin’ on this DIY copper pipe ladder rack from ‘Brittany Makes’. This is one of those projects that can be used in almost any style bathroom and look amazing…


Ok, so you know we love projects that embrace nature. We just do. This DIY branch towel bar is such a conversation piece, but not in a “why is there a tree in your bathroom” kinda way. Great tutorial. You can get your hands on a branch, right? Come on! From ‘Pretty Handy Girl’.


From ‘The Rugged Home’, this DIY rustic ladder rack cost only $7 to make. Full tutorial to building this beginners project.


From ‘Dwelling in Happiness’, build this DIY towel rack with a shelf from scrap wood and some hooks. Another perfect project for beginners.


Last, from ‘Strawberry Jam House’, Tara made this completely awesome towel rack from an old window. She walks you through how she did it, including some great tips for the “details”. Love the fabric backing!

Image Credits: Viva Terra, Lil' Luna, Carley Kelley, A Beautiful Mess, Thrifty & Chic, Brittany Makes, Pretty Handy Girl, The Rugged Home, Dwelling in Happiness, Strawberry Jam House


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Little girl’s bedroom furniture sets

Little girl’s bedroom furniture sets, Sharing is caring and nothing indicates more sharing, caring and teaching such as consulting your little girl on decorating her own heaven, her bedroom. The first steps of decorating a little girl’s bedroom would be painting and flooring and don’t need a lot of choosing effort, but picking the right little girl’s bedroom furniture set might be the tricky stage. This step needs consideration of your little girl’s flavor and life style, and the size of the bedroom.

Fortunately, numerous furniture sets shops have developed mesmerizing bedroom furniture sets specified for little girls. These girl’s bedroom furniture sets come in many colors especially concentrating on girly colors such as pink, pale violet and white; and with many designs such as the shapes of hearts and diamonds. Many little girl’s bedroom furniture sets also feature little girl’s favorite cartoon princesses and kittens to make the girl’s bedroom even more charming. These types of fancy furniture sets can be made of wood, metal or wicker.

Little girls’ bedroom furniture sets can be bought for really cheap prices when you know where to look. You can find discounted furniture sets when a line is going to be discontinued or having minor defects. Great deals on furniture sets are abundantly found online on different websites specialized for bargains or furniture. A lot of money can also be saved by sticking to the needs of your little girl rather than the extras.

A nice example of a little girl’s bedroom furniture set would be a set with a bed made of white wicker with matching dresser, nightstand and vanity. This can be further beautified by using pink, yellow or lilac bedding. Other than just attractive looks, modern little girl’s furniture sets are made to match functional bedroom needs of little girls. Due to compact living style, more than one girl might share a bedroom that is why bunk beds and transformable bedroom furniture are very trending these days.

Transformable little girl’s bedroom furniture sets can include a bed with a section that can be turned into a work space or a part of the wardrobe. Many girls’ beds still have the standard platform style but are supplied with shelves underneath them for usable storage space. Another idea for a little girl’s platform bed is having a sliding mattress underneath it in case of sleepovers. Further models of little girl’s bedroom furniture sets are indicated in the next photos.