Plumbing Pipeline Closet Organizer

May 22, 2019 John 0

Okay first off? Christina gets an A+ for design. Hers puts my weenie little closet organizer to shame. Second? I’m having major wardrobe envy right now. I’ve been wanting to update my look, and I […]

How to Build Industrial Shelves

April 29, 2019 John 0

This was a new experience for me, so I just learned as I went along. But first let me show you the inspiration that got my wheels a turnin’ for this project….Boys Room Shelves @Jessica […]

15 Fascinating Conventional Living Area Designs

April 28, 2019 John 0

Funny how’d we thought that we already featured a list of traditional living room designs. We were wrong. Today, we are pretty excited in showcasing modern samples of traditional living that designers or home-owners tend […]

Fixer Upper Motivated Wall Surface Style

March 20, 2019 John 0

This Fixer Upper influenced wall design utilizing random letters added an enjoyable and personal touch to our household area.The evolution of this wall started when I understood just how despite having a 60 \u2033 level […]

How to Create Plumbing Pipe Shelves

March 17, 2019 John 0

Feast your eyes on these Plumbing Pipe Shelves that may inspire you to do yourself!The only wall in our living room has been begging for some shelves. Check out some of our inspiration below.There were […]

40 Plumbing Pipe Furniture Ideas

March 17, 2019 John 0

Here is some awesome inspiration for you. ideas can shock us and in some instances, we wonder why we did not think of the concept ourselves. We are sure that most of us will take […]

How to Make Curtain Rods with Black Iron Pipe

March 9, 2019 John 0

Here we show you how to construct both standard and extra-long curtain rods throughout your living-room using Black Iron Pipe!Standard Length Drape RodsCurtain rods are never ever tough to discover in a big box store. […]

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