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For your 2018 interior design look, start with the floor

The New Year is the perfect time to overhaul your home with a fresh new look and probably the most transformative thing you can do with your interior is to change the flooring. Sometimes we obsess over the details and miss the bigger picture when it comes to interior design and while it’s always good…

Easy Steps to Clean Your Hardwood Floors This Fall

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As the seasons change to fall, now is a good time to think about giving your hardwood floors a good cleaning. Summer dust, sand, and dirt need to be removed before you close up the home for the winter. Not all hardwood is the same, and different types need different cleaning solutions.

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Surface-sealing is a urethane or acrylic coating permanently placed over the surface of the hardwood floor, making it very resistant to spills and stains. Sweep first then use a slightly damp mop or cloth. No other cleaning products should be used.

Penetrating sealants are absorbed into the wood fibers, where they cure into a permanent coating. This is one type of wood flooring that needs to protected with paste or liquid wax to avoid damage to the wood floor surface.

Lacquered and varnished floors are surface sealed, but they aren’t as wear or spill resistant as urethanes or acrylics. They also need to be waxed like penetrating sealant floors to prevent damage and wear.

Never use ammonia, abrasives, or harsh chemical cleaners on any wood flooring. You can permanently damage it. Also never use oils or waxes on surface-sealed floors. You will leave a residue that will attract dirt and make the floor dangerously slippery. Do add a little soap to the water you use to damp mop, it will help remove dirt that water alone won’t remove, and keep the floors from looking faded or cloudy. Remember that too much water can damage the floor, so wring out your mop well, and keep rinsing it often to avoid dirt scratching the floor as you clean.

Check with the floor manufacturer about using commercial cleaners. There are cleaners designed specifically for wood floors which won’t damage the finish. They can be handy if you have a stubborn food spill or other stains that soap and water alone can’t remove.

When it is time to wax penetrating sealed or lacquered floors, you may wish to use a wax stripper first to remove old layers of wax. This can really help brighten up the floor. Don’t use any waxes that are acrylic-based, which will leave a white residue, furniture waxes, which will cause a slippery residue, or one-step waxes claiming to strip and clean in a single step, because they can leave a dirt-trapping residue.

If you have any questions about hardwood flooring or proper care of your floors, contact us at and let us help you get the right products for your floors, or even introduce you to some amazing new flooring products to make your life easier.

Hardwood Floor Installation a Good Investment?

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When it comes to renovating or just updating a home, there are a lot of decisions to be made. One of the biggest homeowners often face is their flooring choice. Tile or carpet? Laminate or hardwood? Here at we specialize in hardwood floor installation and are here to help you decide if it’s the best choice for your home, and your wallet.

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No matter what type of flooring you’re starting with, installing new hardwood floors is always a positive upgrade that will not only increase the value of your home but also make it more enjoyable to live in day to day. Hardwood floors provide an aesthetically pleasing, relatively easy to clean, warmth aspect to any room. Big rooms feel cozier, and tiny spaces feel elongated thanks to the clean long lines of wood flooring. They can also be customized in a variety of plank sizes, stains, and colors. They may seem like a large investment, but they’ll last a lifetime and provide your home with a richness and character other flooring options just can’t.

Hardwood floors are far more hygienic than carpet and much simpler to clean on a day to day basis. They also make your home feel like a sanctuary thanks to the way they improve acoustics. If you feel as though your floors are looking a little dull, rather than having to re-grout with tile or replace an entire carpet, all you need to do is refinish or reseal your floors, and they’ll look brand new! is a family owned business and we’re here to help you get the best quality flooring for the best price. Our website is designed specifically to help you save money while enjoying the process of shopping for new floors. We offer great deals with hardwood flooring starting as low as $0.99 a square foot and will work with you to create the floors of your dreams.

Pets and Hardwood Flooring: Conflict or Coexistence?

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Anyone who has both pets and hardwood floors know that these two things don’t always go hand and hand. However, nobody wants to give up their family’s four-legged friend or their home’s striking hardwood flooring. Can you have both and allow them to exist in harmony? Read on to find out.

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Fortunately, the answer is yes. However, you must make sure you’re purchasing the best hardwood flooring for the job. Choose hard hardwood or hardwood that ranked high on the Janka Hardness Test. Engineers use the Janka Hardness Test to measure the force needed to dent wood with a small steel ball. Some woods hold up great, others not so well. The higher a wood’s Janka rating, the tougher the wood is against forces, scratches, and stains. In other words, a hardwood flooring with a high Janka rating will hold up well against your pets.

The following floors are some of the most popular hardwood flooring options used in homes across the country. Below they are ranked by hardness based on their Janka rating. The list goes from softest to hardest:

  • American Cherry: 950
  • Heart Pine: 1225
  • Red Oak: 1290
  • White Ash: 1320
  • White Oak: 1360
  • Hard Maple: 1450
  • American Hickory: 1820
  • Golden Teak: 2330
  • Bamboo: 2789
  • Bolivian Rosewood: 3280
  • Brazilian Walnut/Ipe: 3680

Bamboo, Bolivian Rosewood, and Brazilian Walnut/Ipe are some of the best hardwood flooring options to have in your home if you have a pet (or heavy furniture, accident-prone children, etc.). If you already have hardwood flooring in your home and have one of these flooring options already, you’re good to go. However, those with American Cherry flooring, or another low-ranking hardwood floor option, may want to reconsider their home’s flooring.

At, we have a wide selection of hard hardwood floors that will hold up well against just about anything, including the family pet. Our affordably priced flooring options and fantastic customer service team will gladly work with you to pair the perfect floors with your home and your family’s needs. To get in touch with us, please give us a call at 1-800-689-9006, or send us an email at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions About Hardwood Flooring

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Can hardwood flooring be placed over an existing floor?

Engineered wood flooring can sometimes be placed atop an existing floor by ‘floating’ it, which is a process by which it is glued to the underlying surface. The existing floor has to be very stable, however, and must itself be firmly secured. Additionally, some floor manufacturer’s warranties will not cover this process or will have specific guidelines.

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Can hardwood flooring be placed over a concrete slab?

It is possible to float an engineered floor directly onto a concrete slab if certain conditions are met. The slab must be clean and dry and preferably in an environment where moisture is low year-round. Additionally, the slab must be on or below grade and fully-cured, to ensure an optimal seal is made when the hardwood is applied.

Can a radiant heat floor be covered in hardwood?

It is possible, although it is important to check the warranty information for your specific flooring because this often has implications for coverage. If the process is covered, hardwood flooring can be floated above a radiantly heated sub-floor as long as the surface temperature of the floor doesn’t surpass 85 degrees.

Is engineered wood flooring better than solid?

Yes. Engineered wood is of higher quality and made to exact standards that allow for greater precision in projects. Engineered wood is factory-produced and finished with an exceptionally tough UV-cured urethane with melamine. In short, engineered wood will last longer and fit better than solid flooring.

Can a kitchen have hardwood flooring?

It is possible to apply hardwood flooring to any room, but caution should be used in the kitchen. Extended contact with liquids is a serious problem for all wood floors and kitchens are prone to spills.

What hardwood floor has the most durability?

While all modern hardwood flooring is exceptionally durable, certain species of hardwood are tougher than others. The Janka Hardness rating can be used to gain a perspective on which species are the hardest and most durable.

Are indoor pets a problem with hardwood flooring?

Indoor pets are not inherently a problem, although there are some things to take note of. Pet’s with claws can damage hardwood surfaces over time and this damage is rarely covered by manufacturer warranty. Additionally, liquid exposure from pet water and food dishes, or pets themselves, can damage flooring over time.

Can paste wax be used on hardwood flooring?

Modern hardwood flooring has generally been treated with urethane that is not compatible with paste wax.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts.

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After you’ve purchased your elegant and beautiful hardwood flooring, you’ll want to be sure you’re taking exceptional care of it. Maintaining your hardwood floors will keep them looking like new for years to come, and can even improve their longevity. Cleaning your floors on a routine basis can keep them looking great, but cleaning them incorrectly can actually damage them. To be sure you’re helping, not hurting, your floors, check out the following do’s and don’ts for cleaning hardwood floors.

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You do want to clean your floors on a routine basis. Staying consistent with a schedule is a great way to be sure your floors are getting the attention they need. The specific cleaning routine you will need depends on the flooring you have, as well as how often dirt tends to accumulate, and if you have pets or children.

You don’t want to use a wet mop on your hardwood floors. Water actually damages flooring, so wet mops can lead to water damage, which is expensive and difficult to repair.

You do want to use a vacuum or dry mop to clean your hardwood floors. These tools are the perfect way to remove dust or dirt, without leaving behind any damaging water or liquids.

You don’t want to use harsh cleaners to clean your floors. While harsh cleaners may seem like a great way to aggressively attack dirt and bacteria, these cleaners will actually attack your floor’s finish, taking years off of its longevity and aging its design.

You do want to use ice to remove tough substances. Yes, ice. Ice will harden these substances, like chewing gum, and make them easy to scrape from the floor, without scratching or being too aggressive during the removal process.

You don’t want to use abrasive tools. Hardwood floor can be easily scratched or dulled with abrasive tools, including steel wool. Avoid these tools when cleaning to maintain the beautiful appearance of your flooring.

You do want to clean up spills ASAP. Letting a spill sit on your flooring for an extended period of time will increase its ability to stain. Unflattering stains, that have seeped deep into the layers of your flooring, are unattractive and potentially damaging. To be sure this doesn’t happen, tend to a spill as soon as it happens.

By following these tips and tricks, you can maintain the stunning quality and design of your hardwood flooring for years to come. If you’re interested in purchasing new hardwood flooring for your home, consider We supply a huge variety of attractive hardwood flooring options at affordable prices you’ll be sure to love!

Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

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Whether your flooring is brand new or years old, it is important to consistently maintain it. Taking care of your floors can improve their appearance and longevity, while also keeping your home clean and safe. Your hardwood floors can maintain their attractive appearance when you follow the advice below. For more information on how to maintain your hardwood flooring, keep on reading.

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One common problem those with hardwood floors can experience are scratches. Scratches can happen from furniture, shoes, dust, accidental drops, routine wear and tear, and more. To prevent these scratches from occurring, consider using mats and rugs at all entrances and under heavy pieces of furniture. This will minimize the scratching effects of shoes, dirt and heavy items.

Dulling is another bothersome problem that hardwood floors can experience. If you want to preserve the stain of your hardwood floors and keep them looking clean and like new, you can also benefit from using rugs and mats. It is additionally recommended that you vacuum your floors with a suction action or dust with a mop once a week. This will keep dust and dirt from eating away at the vivid finishes of your flooring.

Be aware that dusting products can actually worsen any dullness of your floor’s finish. Oil, soaps or ammonia products can also cause damage or dull hardwood flooring finishes. Polyurethane and similar surfaces should be maintained with a damp mop instead. However, you should never use water or a damp mop to clean wax finished floors. These finishes can be worn away with water. Hardwood flooring manufacturers usually supply directions on how to maintain these finished floors and how to take care of clean-ups.

Now that you know how to take care of hardwood flooring, check out the wide selection of hardwood floors available at You can find the perfect flooring for your home at unbeatable prices. To get in touch with, feel free to call us at 1-800-689-9006 or email us at [email protected].

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

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When it comes to flooring options, hardwood is considered by many to be king. Hardwood flooring benefits from long-term and short-term practicality, not to mention its numerous aesthetic qualities. Let’s take a look at some of the hardwood’s features.

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The most recognizable advantages to hardwood are apparent immediately, such as its durability. Hardwood floors resist wear and tear and are impervious to spills and stains, which means they will continue to look the same as the day you installed them. When accidents do happen, cleaning a hardwood floor is a simple matter of sweeping or mopping the mess away. The lack of a porous surface means hardwood won’t capture dust and dirt either, which will leave you with better overall air quality in your rooms. This feature is particularly valuable to those seeking hypoallergenic solutions, as a simple cleaning regimen will keep your floors free of irritation-inducing particles.

While the short-term applications of hardwood are immediately apparent, there are long-term implications that pay dividends over time as well. Hardwood floors are generally considered to be more valuable and will usually add to the value of a property when it comes time to sell. Not to mention, hardwood is sturdier and doesn’t require the periodic upkeep and replacement of other flooring options. One-time installation, which tends to be very simple, is all you need to have a long-lasting floor that not only looks great but increases the value of your home.

When reviewing all of the practical reasons to have hardwood, sometimes it’s easy to overlook its most appealing aspect: It looks nice! Hardwood flooring lends a natural appearance to any space, lending the warmth and beauty of wood to the existing decor. Hardwood comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, stains and even species, allowing you to choose from a nearly limitless combination to find the perfect option for your space. In addition to its visual qualities, hardwood will also balance the acoustics of your rooms and prevent them from sounding hollow and unnatural.

Between its wide aesthetic choices, long-term value and short-term practicality, hardwood is likely to be the premium choice for any project.

Is Hardwood or Carpet Easier to Maintain?

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There has been a long-standing debate amongst homeowners regarding a topic that most of us feel very strongly about – Which is easier to maintain, carpet or hardwood flooring? While it really comes down to personal preference, there are certainly pros and cons to each type of material, and we’re here to break it down for you!

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Most often times, we only consider this question when it’s time to renovate a home or business. While aesthetics always play a major role, it’s also important to consider costs of materials and installation, as well as maintenance, upkeep, and longevity of your floors.

First on the agenda: carpeting. Carpets are great; they’re softer underfoot and can eliminate the need for pricey area rugs. They do require a good amount of maintenance, however. You’ll need to vacuum the carpets regularly to remove any dirt, dust, hair, fur from animals, and dander just from everyday wear and tear. It’s also a good idea to have all your carpets shampooed a couple times a year to sanitize them and get deeper layers of grime than just spot cleaning and vacuuming can provide. If your home’s high traffic, meaning lots of people and animals are constantly coming and going and walking on your floors, stains, and damage will be more apparent, so keep in mind that you may have to deep clean more frequently.

Now, let’s talk hardwood. Due to the fact that wood floors are solid, they’re generally easier to clean. You’ll need to sweep or vacuum your floors every few days to pick up the same dirt, hair, and fur that gets caught up in carpets, but you’ll want to mop your hardwood with a wood safe cleaner about once a month. Your floors will look better and last longer. Liquid spills are much easier to deal with when cleaned up quickly but beware of dragging or dropping things, as wood will scuff and dent.

No matter what you choose, as long as you properly care for your floor it should last for years to come and create the perfect surface for you and your family. Interested in making some upgrades to your current flooring situation? Give us a call today at and we’ll be happy to help!

Answering Your Questions About Laminate Wood Flooring

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As you shop for laminate flooring for your home, you may ask yourself a few questions. There’s no shame in being curious about laminate flooring, we understand that you want to make the best possible investment in flooring for your home. If you find yourself asking questions about laminate flooring, we have answers. Here are some of the most popular laminate flooring questions and the answers you’re looking for.

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How is laminate flooring made?

Laminate flooring is man-made, which allows it to be tougher and more resistant than natural flooring counterparts. Most of the laminate flooring you will find is crafted from resin and fiber, then coated with a top layer and printed with an attractive design.

What are the benefits of laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring has many perks, including its simple maintenance. Laminate flooring can effortlessly be cleaned, allowing your home to feel bright and relaxing with ease. Laminate flooring is perfect for active households for this reason. Laminate flooring is also durable, allowing it to stand up well against heavy traffic.

Are laminate floors easy to install?

Before you purchase your flooring, you want to be sure you can install it with ease. Fortunately, you can do exactly that with laminate flooring. Laminate floors likely come in interlocking pieces, which make them notably easy to install. If you hire a trained technician to install your laminate flooring, they can install this flooring in your entire home over the course of one or two days.

Now that your questions about laminate flooring have been answered, you’re ready to shop. Find the perfect laminate flooring for your home at We have an extensive selection of laminate flooring perfect for each and every room in your home. Feel free to check out our selection on our website or give us a call at 1-800-689-9006 for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!

Congoleum Triversa Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring

Congoleum Triversa Rigid Vinyl Plank is an innovative waterproof flooring which brings the natural beauty of hardwood to any room in your home.

Seven of the colors are in super wide 9-inch planks while the other five colors are 7 1/8-inch wide planks. The subdued colors, natural texture and low sheen make for a refined and sophisticated floor. The added advantage of a pre-attached natural cork backing make it quiet and comfortable underfoot.



  1. • Long lasting surface with lifetime residential warranty
  2. • Easy to clean and impervious to stains
  3. • Ultimate scuff resistance


  1. • Authentic natural designs highlighted by realistic texture
  2. • Luxurious low luster finish



  1. • Better looking end results
  2. • Prevents subfloor telegraphing
  3. • No transition strips needed in large installations
  4. • Stable construction, no expansion or contraction


  1. • No need for product acclimation
  2. • SmartLock TM Clic locking system
  3. • Minimal subfloor preparation



  1. • Mitigates hollow tap noise often associated with laminate floor
  2. • Installs over virtually any subfloor
  3. • Helps mask subfloor imperfections
  4. • Meets ASTM standard for sound dampening
  5. • Mold and mildew resistant

View all of the colors

Comparing Linoleum and Vinyl Flooring

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Busy homes need durable flooring, and carpet may not cut it in high-wear areas. At the same time, many homeowners can’t afford or don’t want hardwood or engineered flooring. So they start looking at linoleum and vinyl flooring, but don’t understand the similarities or differences. Let’s look at these two flooring types and compare them.

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How they are produced — Linoleum is produced by combining linseed oil with solid fillers such as cork or wood dust. Vinyl is produced by combining synthetic materials including polyvinyl chloride, or PVC.

Ongoing maintenance — Cleaning and maintenance are similar to the two products, but linoleum requires a sealing coat when installing because unsealed linoleum is not waterproof and can be damaged by liquid spills. Vinyl flooring is chemically waterproof, so no sealing step is required.

Appearance and effects of time — Linoleum flooring have an appearance that is unique to the product, and over time will take on different colors and patterns with the natural wear and tear which occurs on all floors. Vinyl is typically manufactured to mimic other products, such as hardwood floors, and wear won’t create any positive changes in the look.

In summary, if you are looking for a natural product that takes on a unique character over the years, linoleum flooring may be your best choice. If ease of maintenance using a man-made product is preferred, then vinyl flooring may be your best bet.

Regardless of your choice, come to first to have access to a wide selection of flooring materials. We have a huge selection of vinyl flooring materials, as well has hardwoods floors, engineered flooring, and renewable materials such as bamboo and cork. We have excellent prices and a knowledgeable staff who can help answer all your questions about choosing the right flooring for your needs.

5 Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors may not be as easy to maintain as you think. Hardwood flooring requires attention to detail, so be sure you’re meticulously caring for your flooring. To keep your hardwood floors looking polished, clean and like new, check out the following information provided by Reader’s Digest. The guide below contains five tips for cleaning hardwood floors.

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  1. Vacuum every week
  2. Believe it or not, dust contains fine grit that acts like sandpaper on hardwood flooring. This dust can wear through your floor’s finish, so be sure to perform a good vacuuming every week to protect your floors and keep them clean.

  3. Keep rain away
  4. Water is damaging to hardwood flooring, so, if rain is in the forecast, keep your windows closed. Accidentally keeping your windows open, or allowing moisture to come in contact with your hardwood flooring, can damage your floors. You should also be sure you have trays under potted houseplants, and wipe up any water that may drip on your flooring right away.

  5. Use no-wax wood floor cleaner
  6. If residue accumulates on your flooring, keep a no-wax cleaner on hand. Liquid-based cleaners are damaging to hardwood, but wiping up spills, dirt and debris with a no-wax cleaner right away can protect your flooring from damage.

  7. Know waxing rules
  8. It is possible to rejuvenate wax finished floors with more wax, but know that you should never use wax on shellac, varnish or polyurethane surfaces. These floors will become far too slippery, and the wax will interfere with the finish of the flooring.

  9. Use an extra doormat, furniture pads and area rugs
  10. Family, friends and guests should remove their shoes when walking on your hardwood floors to prevent water, dirt and salt damage. A great way to prevent this damage from occurring is having an indoor doormat, which guests can remove their shoes on. Furniture pads can also come in handy to keep your hardwood floor’s finish from wearing under the heavy legs of couches and tables. Finally, area rugs can keep your floor save in high traffic areas, such as living rooms or playrooms.

Now that you know how to care for your home’s flooring, consider purchasing hardwood floors from We have a wide range of flooring that can save you hundreds when you buy, so check out our website today!

The Best (and Worst) Rooms for Hardwood Flooring

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Yes, hardwood flooring looks chic, elegant and gives your home a royal look. But, no hardwood flooring is NOT a cure-all to increase property value. While hardwood flooring does look amazing, lasts for decades and needs little maintenance, it is not suitable for all rooms. There are certain areas in your home where hardwood installation may not be ideal. Read on to know which are the best and the worst rooms for hardwood flooring before you invest your savings in renovating your flooring.

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Rooms You Can Install Hardwood

Living room

The living room is the most lived in a room in any house. This is the space where you meet and entertain guests. It is also that room of the house that reflects your taste, style, and personality. Do not hesitate to install hardwood floors in your living room. Hardwood can withstand heavy traffic and soak in an occasional spill without sustaining damage if promptly cleaned. You may place a doormat at the doorway to trap moisture and dirt that visitors may carry into your house.

Home office space

If you work from home, it is a good idea to install hardwood in your home office space as it is said that it can generate positivity and boosts productivity.

Master suite

Whether you want to give your master suite an elegant look or add a touch of romance, you can do so by installing hardwood. Throw in a matching rug, and restrict the amount of light that enters the room by using thick drapes, and your bedroom will be transformed into a cozy haven. The floor too will remain in immaculate condition for years to come.

Rooms You Should not Install Hardwood

Bathroom: Water is the biggest enemy of hardwood floors. The moisture and wetness will destroy the flooring before you know it. And, if you have kids, imagine potty training them in a bathroom with hardwood flooring. This spells out disaster for your hardwood flooring. Your bathroom is a big No for hardwood flooring.

Laundry room: Hardwood horror again. Your laundry room is another room in your home where there can be leaks, water puddles, and detergent spills. Unless you never hang clothes to dry or throw wet towels in, it is best you steer clear from installing hardwood in this room.

Whether you are on the lookout for solid hardwood or engineered hardwood floors, simply shop at Flooring – your one stop destination for laminate, flooring and other accessories.

Refinish or Replace: Which Is Right for Your Hardwood Floors?

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When it comes to refurbishing your floors, the decision to refinish or replace can be difficult. Refinishing is a technique that allows you to save your current wood flooring, but you don’t get the opportunity to have a clean slate. On the other hand, replacing your hardwood floors gives you a brand new start and fresh flooring for your home. Choosing between these two options may be difficult, but the following guide contains information that can help you make a decision.

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The first step in deciding to refinish or replace your flooring is gauging the repairs. Sometimes making this decision comes down to how badly your floors need repairs. Minor repairs, such as stains or damaged planks, can be an easy fix, which doesn’t demand an entire replacement. However, floors with rotting or structural problems will require a lot of work, which may cost more than replacing the floors altogether.

Another step you should take in making the decision to refinish or replace is checking your budget. Choosing between the two options can come down to something as simple as cost. Refinishing floors tends to be less expensive than a total replacement, but there are some situations where this circumstance can be reversed. Determining your budget can help you decide if a refinish or replacement is best for your needs.

Finally, establish the age of your flooring. The older the floors, the more valuable they can be in your home. However, the older the floors, the more likely they are to have damage or mismatch the interior of a home. When you establish the age of your flooring you can better understand its value and aesthetic appearance in your home, which can lead to a decision in the refinish versus replacement debate.

If you decide that a flooring replacement is best for your home, consider Our extensive selection of unfinished flooring, prefinished flooring, parquet flooring and more can be right at home in your home. For more details on what we have to offer, give us a call at 1-800-689-9006.