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DIY Tabletop Fire Bowls | The Garden Glove

Sometimes you don’t want to build a whole “fire pit” adventure in your backyard, but you still want that fire factor. No problem, we found some easy DIY tabletop fire bowls (sometimes called tabletop fire pits) for you that fit perfectly in any garden space! Whether you don’t want to smoke out the neighbors, or…

8 Transformation Ideas To Alleviate Empty Nest Syndrome

Contribution by Andrea Davis Your last child is off to college — now what? The empty nest syndrome is starting to set in with a bare room looking you in the face every day. While your child may come home sometimes, their room is more or less uninhabited throughout the year. So why not transform…

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For your 2018 interior design look, start with the floor

The New Year is the perfect time to overhaul your home with a fresh new look and probably the most transformative thing you can do with your interior is to change the flooring. Sometimes we obsess over the details and miss the bigger picture when it comes to interior design and while it’s always good…

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A Modest Sized Apartment That Makes The Best Use Of Available Space

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us… Whilst we all love to stretch out and wander around an enormous home tour, or drool over a cool cutting edge interior, sometimes we crave a bit of cosy home comfort. The nesting instinct in us appreciates the beauty of a more compact bolthole, with cushiony furnishings and…

10 Tips to Help Your Houseplants Survive Fall & Winter

With end of Daylight Savings near, you’re not the only one anticipating (or rather dreading) the harshest months of the year. Pretty soon, your houseplants will be busy dodging drafts and soaking up every last ray of dwindling sunlight. To give your ferns and fiddle leaf figs a fighting chance at survival, follow these ten tips for winter plant care to get your plants through the worst of it.


Light It Up: Where To Get Everything You Need for Your DIY Lighting Projects

The simplest pendant lamps run on just three ingredients—a cord, a plug, and a socket—along with a little bit of wiring know-how. To make creating a custom lighting fixture as easy as possible, we’ve done the hard part for you: Finding the best sources for the supplies. Our shopping guide covers all the basics, plus some decorative extras, like lightbulb cages and glass shades. All that’s left for you to do is mix and match your favorite parts to design a one-of-a-kind creation.


Yes Your Home Can Smell Like SoulCycle, Here's How

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a SoulCycle studio (it’s okay to admit it, this is a safe place…), you’ve been hit with the alluring, invigorating, and obviously soulful scent of Jonathan Adler’s citrusy grapefruit candle. If you’re more like me and consider your daily exercise doing lunges with bags of groceries up 6 flights of stairs at the end of each day, then maybe you haven’t experienced this tantalizing scent…at least not yet.


Easy Steps to Clean Your Hardwood Floors This Fall

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As the seasons change to fall, now is a good time to think about giving your hardwood floors a good cleaning. Summer dust, sand, and dirt need to be removed before you close up the home for the winter. Not all hardwood is the same, and different types need different cleaning solutions.

compare hardwood flooring

Surface-sealing is a urethane or acrylic coating permanently placed over the surface of the hardwood floor, making it very resistant to spills and stains. Sweep first then use a slightly damp mop or cloth. No other cleaning products should be used.

Penetrating sealants are absorbed into the wood fibers, where they cure into a permanent coating. This is one type of wood flooring that needs to protected with paste or liquid wax to avoid damage to the wood floor surface.

Lacquered and varnished floors are surface sealed, but they aren’t as wear or spill resistant as urethanes or acrylics. They also need to be waxed like penetrating sealant floors to prevent damage and wear.

Never use ammonia, abrasives, or harsh chemical cleaners on any wood flooring. You can permanently damage it. Also never use oils or waxes on surface-sealed floors. You will leave a residue that will attract dirt and make the floor dangerously slippery. Do add a little soap to the water you use to damp mop, it will help remove dirt that water alone won’t remove, and keep the floors from looking faded or cloudy. Remember that too much water can damage the floor, so wring out your mop well, and keep rinsing it often to avoid dirt scratching the floor as you clean.

Check with the floor manufacturer about using commercial cleaners. There are cleaners designed specifically for wood floors which won’t damage the finish. They can be handy if you have a stubborn food spill or other stains that soap and water alone can’t remove.

When it is time to wax penetrating sealed or lacquered floors, you may wish to use a wax stripper first to remove old layers of wax. This can really help brighten up the floor. Don’t use any waxes that are acrylic-based, which will leave a white residue, furniture waxes, which will cause a slippery residue, or one-step waxes claiming to strip and clean in a single step, because they can leave a dirt-trapping residue.

If you have any questions about hardwood flooring or proper care of your floors, contact us at and let us help you get the right products for your floors, or even introduce you to some amazing new flooring products to make your life easier.

The Beautiful Upgrades Your IKEA MALM Bed Deserves

There seems to be a clear divide between those pro-headboard and those pro-blank space, to which I say, you do you. Whether you’re a fan of something more alternative, something more boho, or something that really makes a statement, your bedroom needs a focal point. And that focal point is often more times than not, a headboard. So let’s start with the basics – the IKEA MALM. It’s affordable, simple, and unassuming. It’s also very hackable. See what I mean…


Houseplant Help: How to Save a Plant Whose Leaves are Turning Yellow

If you’ve ever been a concerned plant owner, then you probably know that yellowing leaves are one of the first signs that your plant is distressed. But with possible root causes ranging from underwatering, to overwatering, to a pest problem, it can be hard to get to the bottom of your plant’s ailment. The next time you need to diagnose a sick houseplant, consider this your step-by-step guide.