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DIY Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

We are interested to find your taste and therefore we make some cozy motivations to embellish your home with shabby chic delights which charge a little and provide long and lasting feel of happiness. Now we are with some of ingenious and formative styled up modifications through DIY shabby chic bedroom ideas to change the tone of your bedroom into shabby chic fashion.

Here are some shabby chic bed’s ideas that yield an overwhelming and mind-boggling impact and compelled your inner to do so to have that lovely feel in your bedroom. The antique and distressed wooden factor is mixed with chic and friendly bedroom theme in plenty of significant ways like in form of shabby headboards, old aged wooden name plates on bedroom wall and in shape of wall art and paintings. The pallet wood is the best option for shabby mode of furniture and wall art.

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DIY Shabby Chic Cabinets Ideas

We are here to inform and introduce you to some of functional, decorative, systematic and storage supporting DIY shabby chic cabinet ideas to live well in shabby chic environment. The combinations of shabby furniture with chic and friendly room and home atmosphere are mostly appreciable and preferably adopted. We also love this type of marvelous and distressed wooden projects.

Here are some recycled and antique shabby looking wooden cabinets which mix-up with the room theme and cause and attractiveness and glamor. The ideas refer to different location of a complete dwelling and has been applied in kitchen, hallway, entry way, porch and living room. Some cabinets have shown as individual in standing, a few have been hanged on wall in shabby mood and some have been fixed for storage.

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Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor

If you are also a big fan of rustic and vintage garnishing of home then this kitchen decor inspiration will make you dive deep to get some amazing shabby chic home embellishment ideas especially for the kitchen decor. The furniture and utensil rack has been given chic furniture but nature is pure shabby.

The shabby chic look are mostly come up with old nature and prehistoric designs of furniture but used in smart and clever way. Every bit and piece of which belongs to kitchen speaks through vintage and rustic impressions. This wondrous and miraculous kitchen can be duplicated in certain aspects to create the same environment in home which look very overwhelming and heart touching.

shabby chic kitchen

light pink shabby chic kitchen

rutic and vintage kitchen

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DIY Cottage Chandelier – Before and After

We happen to meet a chandelier which was in appearance of worn and torn and was looking weathered. Out of 5 it survived only with only 1 light bulb after being a victim of time-worn period. We worked on it intentionally to be in our cottage as a shabby chic light fixture. Some electric wires have been replaced to lighten up the fused ones and we got the resting 4 bulbs from home. When it came to us it wan in scurfy appearance of brass which was looking fully demolished and destroyed.

We got it painted in glittering white gloss shade which provided it the shabby chic chandelier tag. After giving it a swag appearance with a white interacting flowers it is ready to be in your shabby chic life style at home or in cottage. After and before conditions of the chandelier have been shown to analyze that what we have done in making it matching to chic antiques.


weathered shabby chic chandelier


homely updated shabby chic chandelier

Shabby Chic Home Design in England

The home under discussion has only one dimensional focus toward the shabby and chic home design looking in all aspects. The white color has been admitted and adopted as the fundamental overlay tint and theme of the home. Every colleague and furniture friend of home has tremendous white shade to merge in home white symbol color whether it holds a home interior position or exterior. The furniture is based on conventional and classical style with wooden imperfections for complete vintage and rustic impacts to add a shabby chic nameplate and badge to home.

The dining plan, porch overview, the landscape of outdoor, the wall art, paintings, clock, and almost everything is under covered to the shabby and chic home design looks. The ornamental schemes, wall decorative material and layout sketches predict very well the old and aged fashion and style. The ideas in bundle and cluster form can be collected to execute a prehistoric environment to a home or a room.

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Light Blue Shabby Chic Kitchen

Shabby chic is a famous type of interior decorating and always concerns with time-worn furniture and traditional furnishing style. We have here a cozy inspiring kitchen which predicts the shabby chic atmosphere wholly and perfectly. The kitchen is working on light blue theme which describes the calm and relaxing environment so nicely. Each piece of furniture which relates with kitchen has been emerged through paint or from distressing to make a complete antique style.

This type of interior and kitchen decorating motivation supports the country yard living, cottage living style and shabby chic to be spicier in prehistoric home living. The all blue shades in delicate and pastel hue can be seen mixed with white by taking a review of whole kitchen. The whole scenery is appreciated and can be applied to any home kitchen to be in a past traditions and living style.

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