DIY Cottage Chandelier – Before and After

We happen to meet a chandelier which was in appearance of worn and torn and was looking weathered. Out of 5 it survived only with only 1 light bulb after being a victim of time-worn period. We worked on it intentionally to be in our cottage as a shabby chic light fixture. Some electric wires have been replaced to lighten up the fused ones and we got the resting 4 bulbs from home. When it came to us it wan in scurfy appearance of brass which was looking fully demolished and destroyed.

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We got it painted in glittering white gloss shade which provided it the shabby chic chandelier tag. After giving it a swag appearance with a white interacting flowers it is ready to be in your shabby chic life style at home or in cottage. After and before conditions of the chandelier have been shown to analyze that what we have done in making it matching to chic antiques.


weathered shabby chic chandelier


homely updated shabby chic chandelier