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Steal This Look: Mid-Modern Luxe Guest Room at Hotel Sanders in Copenhagen

When we first featured the new Hotel Sanders in Copenhagen with interiors by London-based Lind & Almond, a reader commented, “PLEASE do a Steal This Look for that guest room.” Here, our answer, with a list of sources kindly shared by the designers—including their new line of Hotel Sanders furniture available through Lind & Almond….

Soothing Wall Lamps For Bedrooms Full Of Style

The lighting in a room influences the whole mood which is why we have different types of fixtures and different system options to choose from based on the function of a space and the intended ambiance. Wall lamps, for example, are quite common in bedrooms where they look cozy and relaxing. They usually also have…

Sofa Bed Versus Wall Bed: What’s Best For Your Small Space?

In recent years, consideration for bedroom space has often trumped other factors, like look or price. After all, people living in small spaces don’t have room for the king-size bed of their dreams—even a full-size bed may be too much of a space hog. That’s why people have become interested in transforming furniture, particularly with…