55 DIY Pallet Recycling Ideas and Designs

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Pallets are pre-cut, good-sized and still in good condition wood boards. It is also one of the most popular recycling and repurposing materials. Cleaned, sanded and polished, pallets can be turned into countless functional and beautiful home implements. A few hours of DIY work with a good dose of creativity, pallets can help you save money, without limiting good taste and style. Here are some fabulous and creative DIY pallet recycling ideas and designs;

1.       Recycled Pallet Bed Frame

Save on expensive bed frames with this DIY pallet alternative. You’ll need four sturdy pallet frames – cleaned and painted white. Put them together and the mattress at the centre. Add string lights for a touch of whimsy.

2.       Tiered Pallet Planters

Gardeners rejoice! These tiered pallet planters are the perfect addition to dress up your front porch. The raised boxes makes it easy to clean up the porch and maintain the plants.

3.       Pallet Wall Board

Make this your fun weekend DIY project. Grab some pallet pieces, put them together, and sand to show the natural wood grains and paint. Add colours, drawings or your favourite mantra in life. Use your imagination.

4.       Outdoor Cat House

Kitties love the outdoors. This creative outdoor cat house doesn’t cost much, but is surely a nice sanctuary for your indoor cats enjoying a day in the sun or the feral kitty wanting shelter.

5.       Pallet Shoe Organiser

Want to keep your floors immaculate and shoes off it? Build and install this simple and very practical pallet shoe organiser. Beautify the organiser with decorative touches such as flower pots or interesting succulents.

6.       Stylish Coffee Table

This is one crazy creative and expensive-looking coffee table! You can have this chic and eye-catching coffee table with just few pallet boards, wood varnish, patience and few hours of work.

7.       Creative Pallet Chandelier

Enhance your interior décor with this innovative and modern designed pallet chandelier. This piece will look best with rustic, minimalist and Scandinavian interiors.

8.       Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors are remarkable, charming and space-efficient. This recycled pallet sliding door uses the natural wood tones to create an eye-catching and modern door ensemble.

9.       Pallet Garden Fence

Wooden fences are all in the rage. They are rustic, distinctive, sturdy and easy to put up. Pallet fences are more affordable but just as striking. Click here for more adorable fencing ideas to steal!

10.   Wall Tool Rack

You don’t have to buy fancy racks and organisers to keep all your tools. You can easily build your own tool organiser for a lot less. Repurposed pallets are just as durable and attractive as any other material.

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11.   Nursery Wall Carvings

This cute pallet wall feature is both wall décor and protection. The creative wainscot protects the wall from smudges and scuffs common with young kids in the house. The dainty carved details are simply charming.  

12.   Stacked Pallet Couch

This is an easy pallet recycling project anyone can do. You’ll need five whole pallets – cleaned and dried. Cut one of the pallets in half and sand the edges. Stack the four whole pallets by twos, and then place the half pallet and the mattress on top.

13.   Mini Wooden Closet

This is perfect for your guest room. Not too big to occupy too much space, but has all the organising features an overnighter will need. This project will need advanced woodworking skills.

14.   Creative Wall Art

Recycled pallets are also great paint canvases. Spend your weekend creating your masterpiece or just dabble in painting. Perfect for any black wall or as a personalised gift.

15.   Easy DIY Coffee Mug Holder

This is the ideal project for starter DIYers. You will need few pieces of pallets. Wash, dry and sand until smooth. Assemble into a frame and then attach hooks and then secure to the wall. Viola! Your very own pallet coffee mug holder!

16.   Re-purposed Crate Shelving

Somebody else’s trash could be your shelves! Turn those used fruit crates into one awesome living room feature. The best pallet recycling ideas and designs are also the easiest. Just clean, polish, stack and secure to the wall.

17.   Shabby Chic Coffee Table

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Turn up the quaint and charming allure of your living room with this shabby chic pallet coffee table. Here is our detailed shabby chic instructions.

18.   Resourceful Towel Holders

Tired of generic and boring towel holders? Get creative with this rustic wood and iron towel rack. Distinctive style doesn’t have to be expensive.

19.   Kid’s Toy Storage Box

You can always buy one of those large plastic organiser boxes. And then you can also take the more inspired and imaginative road. With just few pallet boards, fun paint job and few hours of work – you’ll have a very delighted kid. This is one box he or she will never forget.

20.   Reclaimed Vertical Herb Planter

An herb garden in a reclaimed pallet planter – frugality has never been more inspired! Hang it in the kitchen or outside. A few hours of work will give you an unending supply of fresh herbs.

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21.   Pallet Dog Bed Box

Give your pets their own cosy bed, complete with a nice bed box. This recycled pallet bed box looks amazing and will only cost you the pallets, few nails and the time spent constructing it.

22.   Practical Pallet Bookcase

This Ikea-inspired bookcase is well-constructed and functional, but doesn’t cost as much. All you need are few pallet boards, nails and dedicated workmanship.  

23.   Home Entertainment Centre

Liven up your media room with this innovative and brilliant pallet entertainment centre. The raw bucolic charm of wood complements the modern state-of-the-art equipment.

24.   Movable Deck Furniture

This pallet deck seating ensemble is elegant, modern and luxurious, but without the steep price. Just clean and paint white several pallets, attach wheels, throw in some cushions and pillows, and you have a cosy and romantic outdoor seating.

25.   Upcycled Pallet Swing

A swing can always liven up a deck, garden, room or verandah. This easy DIY swing project won’t take more than a day. Use colourful pillows to brighten up the swing. Cuddle up!

26.   Country Pallet Bed

The best things in life are free, well, almost. This country bed features repurposed pallets for headboards, frame and drawers. You just need to invest some time assembling the pallet bed and on a really comfortable mattress.

27.   Pallet Laundry Organiser

Brighten up your laundry room with this remarkable recycled pallet organiser. Warm tones, rustic charm and efficiency – for few dollars.

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28.   Rustic Verandah Bench

This awesome piece of furniture is entirely made of recycled pallet boards. Cleaned, sanded, polished and put together lovingly. Extra care was taken in matching and putting together different toned wood to create this incredible bench.

29.   Easy DIY Study Desk

Another easy DIY pallet project. This simple study desk is also practical and just the right size for small apartments or for the bedroom. 

30.   Vertical Garden Planters

Beautify boring stone or concrete walls and fences with a vertical garden. It doesn’t have to be expensive too. Just put in a generous dose of labour of love constructing the boxes and nurturing the garden.

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31.   Mason Jar and Pallet Chandelier

Rustic, unique and innovative. Never throw away your used mason jars and pallets. Instead, get busy putting together this amazing chandelier. You might need help with the wirings.

32.   Pallet Box Shelves

Get a lot of organising help from few pallet boards. The boxes and the rope attachment add a whimsical and nautical touch. This DIY project is easy enough to complete.

33.   Recycled Pallet Room Divider

This delightful pallet room divider is another one of the popular pallet recycling ideas and designs. Simple, no-fuss and efficient. Just put together six cleaned pallets in an alternate pattern. Hinges are used for more flexibility.

34.   Rustic Mirror Frame

Amazing how a simple upgrade can entirely change a thing. This mirror could be one of those store-bought forgettable bathroom mirrors. Not after its pallet frame upgrade. Now you have a remarkable and unique bathroom feature.

35.   Pallet Kitchen Island

A kitchen can always use extra work space and storage. This pallet island can fit into even small kitchens, thanks to its wheels. Very efficient and eye-catching too.

36.   Colourful Coat Rack

This is one easy and artsy project. Coat hangers and racks help your home organisation and keep coats accessible and aerated. Make one yourself. Hammer together few pallet boards and get wild with colours.

37.   Rustic Pallet Planter Boxes

Huge planter boxes are trendy, eye-catching and posh. Add a few dazzling planters to your front without having to spend a ton. This modern rustic planters are made of recycled pallets.

38.   Pallet Storage Chest

Don’t have an attic or an extra closet for all your stuff? A pallet chest can keep all important but unused items in the house safe and organised. It’s very affordable and easy to build too.

39.   Garden Bed Swing

Don’t you just love those idyllic warm afternoons, spent in the garden, cosily curled up on a bed swing! It’s affordable and easy to build. Just add colourful mattress and pillows. Bring out the books!

40.   Easy DIY Pallet Serving Tray

This is an ideal starter DIY venture. Easy and small enough with just few inexpensive materials needed, but very functional and beautiful project.

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41.   Pallet Mudroom Organiser

Every mudroom needs this pallet organiser. This is one of the more advanced pallet recycling ideas and designs. But the end result is one exceptional and distinct piece of furniture.

42.   Pallet Dining Table

You can build your own Ikea-inspired dining table. Secure some light toned pallet boards, and carefully put them together into a table. Just sand the rough parts. No paints, no varnish, no cover ups.

43.   Unique Tiki Wall Art

Got some odd wood pieces you’d like to throw out? Not just yet. How about turning those into this Tiki wall feature. Striking, fun and unique. Perfect for any wall in any room.

44.   Window Flower Box

Dress up your windows with some charming window flower boxes. No need to shell out cash for the project. Use reclaimed pallet boards – cleaned, sanded and varnished.

45.   Pallet Reading Chair

Every reader would love to have his or her own reading chair! Comfy, spacious and comes with its own slots for reading materials. A fun and unique gift idea for the readers in your life.

46.   Kitchen Trash Box

Trash boxes shouldn’t have to be…well, trashy. Camouflage your trash cans or bins with this adorable and striking recycled pallet box. So pretty, you might even show it off.

47.   Rustic Picture Frames

An amazing idea for a seaside themed wall photo collage. The weathered charm of bare wood works perfectly with the seaside photos. Reminds you that the best moments in life include the sea, sand, sun and loved ones.

48.   Gardener’s Potting Bench

This is every gardener’s dream! A delightful potting station in the shaded garden nook. With a special place for all the pots, shovels, seedlings and other garden implements. This is one of the things that makes gardening fun!

49.   Multi-Purpose Entryway Side Table

You can make something classy and functional as this black and white entryway side table out of pallets. The glossy black tabletop brings in the elegance, while the basket and boxes add the charm.  

50.   Rustic Headboard

Transform an ordinary bedroom into an unforgettable personal lair by adding this rustic headboard. Let the wood go bare and rough, better to inject a calm and bucolic vibe to your bedroom.  

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51.   Sailor’s End Tables

Shabby chic, nautical, colourful and effusively delightful. These end tables are perfect for smaller bedrooms or hallways. Big on charm, not on bulk.

52.   Charming Garden Seat

Smart, creative and functional. This lovely two-seater is a welcome addition to any garden or lawn. A basic white of black paint will highlight bright and colourful cushion.

53.   Rustic Bathroom Organiser

This weathered pallet bathroom organiser is all you need to infuse that country cottage ambiance. Unpretentious, charming and well-designed. Easy DIY project for everyone.

54.   Easy DIY Console Table

Console tables are purposeful, decorative and exquisite pieces of furniture. We add a console table not only for additional storage, but also to enhance the room. This pallet console table is lovely, well-designed and easy to build.

55.   Lattice Privacy Screen

This pretty privacy screen is surprisingly cheap! You just need a few recycled pallet boards, few hours of work and lush plants to complete the look.

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