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10 Ways To Organize Your Pantry

I just did a small task that has actually made me SOOOOOO delighted, you guys. I arranged my kitchen. Yes, I have actually an arranged pantry. Due to the fact that traditionally I have actually NOT been arranged at all, I even surprise myself with how organized I’m becoming. But because doing little tasks here and there to get organized I’ve discovered how pleased it makes me and how exceptionally great it makes my life. Look at how this ended up.

Here is a previously image so you can get the complete impact:


And here it is now:


Yay for company! Here’s the thing … this job rated like a 2 on my tough project scale, with 10 being the hardest. So it was actually a really easy task and I have actually broken down the process in 10 simple steps.

Here’s how you arrange you pantry:

  1. Make a list of everything that is in your kitchen
  2. Decide how to group things
  3. Decide what sort of containers would be best for each group or product. Get a few different type of containers. I utilized baskets, sealing plastic containers, glass containers, metal wire baskets, and lazy Susans
  4. Purchase those containers
  5. Purchase charming chalkboard sticker label labels and a chalk pen
  6. Clear out the pantry (this is the hardest part) by removing whatever and wiping down shelves, getting rid of old gross things and getting rid of food you aren’t going to consume.
  7. Put all the remaining food in your brand-new containers that you have actually pre-washed
  8. Because sometimes you have to try a couple different containers to get it right.), put the new labels on the containers and identify them accordingly (I do this after.
  9. Put them back on the shelves in an order than makes good sense and makes it easy to gain access to, rearranging a few times if you need in order to discover the very best areas for whatever.
  10. Enjoy your organized and tidy pantry!


I can’t even tell you how an easy thing like this has actually made my life a lot happier. I discovered all this food I ‘d forgotten I had and now that it’s plainly noticeable and identified, I know exactly what I have on hand and what I require more of. I likewise am thrilled to prepare with the food I ignored.

Preferred things: Okay, everything is my favorite. Let me go over each thing that is my favorite.


Can Organizer I decided these would work quite well for my canned goods that I keep in the pantry. It helps me see what cans I have and they rotate more easily.


Cereal containers I’ve used these for a couple of years now due to the fact that I dislike having open boxes of cereal in the kitchen. They are a nice crystal clear plastic so you can easily see what’s within and how much you have of it.


Pasta containers What I enjoy about these containers is they have an airtight seal however the covers are easy to get on and off. These containers come in a bunch of different sizes. I in fact combined my spaghetti noodles with my lasagna noodles because the highest container is pretty huge.


Bread Box I likewise really love this bread box I got! I keep my bread in my pantry and it typically simply winds up in a big pile in the corner. Since I’ve forgotten about them, and there’s constantly like a couple bags with a couple pieces left that are just getting stagnant and old. So I actually desired something that will keep the bread more fresh and belong designated for it. It’s easy to close and open and holds a couple of loaves.


Lazy Susans In the corners I put some large lazy susan’s. These are the perfect option for a corner space. I have two– one for oils and cooking stuff and the other for sandwich making and other various things.


Little home appliances One of the best parts of the kitchen is that we had an outlet installed so now I can leave my toaster and blender in here. I hate the kitchen counter being jumbled up with small home appliances, so this is the best solution. And a mug filled with straws for smoothies!


Treat basket My kids preferred part of the pantry is this basket– the treat basket. And it’s nice since then I can see if we’re running low on snacks.


Grocery baskets While I was at Walmart purchasing the other stuff, I saw these very cute gold wire baskets which I got for something else but I decided to just try them out in the pantry. They wound up being the best little thing to complete off the pantry organization task– I can put the miscellaneous groceries in these baskets and see what’s in them.



Little baskets The last favorite thing are these hyacinth baskets, the media basket variation. I could get a little bit more detailed in my company and separate out various things– salad topping, nuts, packets (you know like salad dressing, pudding, instantaneous oatmeal, etc), and even potatoes. I love having my potatoes in the basket now since my potatoes, previously living in their bags, would get old and grew prior to I might utilize them.

I seriously think that cooking and grocery shopping will be so much simpler now that I can A) see what I have and B) utilize what I have because I can SEE what I have. I wish I had actually done this a long time ago!!!! If you organize anything this year, make it your kitchen. Due to the fact that opportunities are you most likely have some sort of healthy eating/weight loss resolution and having an arranged pantry will help you be successful at both!

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