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10 Original Ways Of Displaying Pictures In Your Home

Decorating with pictures is a great and very simple way of personalizing a room and making a space feel like home. The way in which you display these photos, however, reveals a whole new set of possibilities. Check out our top ten list of picture hanging ideas to find the one that best suits you and your home.

Perfect world map designed to keep memoriesView in gallery

If you want to display memories from all your trips and vacations around the world, the idea was designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury and should offer you plenty of inspiration. It’s an abstract world map display that lets you point to the area a picture was taken in by choosing where to hang it.

Modern copper and wire photo frame displayView in gallery

You can customize a simple picture frame to make it an interesting display frame for several pictures which you can print out. Remove the back of the frame as well as the glass. Take some copper wire and staple down one end to the back of the frame. Then staple the wire to the other side of the frame and continue back and forth. Create a random pattern and use clothespins to display your photos there.{found on hawthorneandmain}

Use twine to create a hanging photoView in gallery

A somewhat similar idea is offered on Findingnana. In this case, however, twine was used instead of wire. The idea is basically the same. You can tape the ends of the twine to the back of the frame creating lines on which to attach the photos.

Instagram Polaroid BlocksView in gallery

Want to use your Instagram photos to decorate your home? Combine those with polaroids as shown on Ajoyfulriot and you’ll be able to create a beautiful and simple display for one of the walls in your home. Decide how many pictures you want to display and then measure and cut small wood blocks, one for each photo. Put them up on the wall using velcro strips.

A well dressed wall with picturesView in gallery

The same type of square-shaped photos can also be displayed in a variety of other ways. A nice option is offered on artifactuprising. If you want to create a similar display, use small wood stumps and string. Create as many rows and columns as you’d like.

Tree branch picture displayView in gallery

You can do something simple using a simple tree branch. You can paint the branch black or any other color. Attach it to the wall and then use string to display the photos. The idea suggested on Kellimurray is to create a black and white display.

Twine and clothes pins to hang some picturesView in gallery

String or twine and tiny clothespins is a popular combination which you can use in a lot of cute ways. Check out Voyagesofthecreativevariety for a design sure to put a smile on your face. For this project you’ll need some fabric, wall hooks, mini wooden pegs, string and masking tape.

Family memo board DIYView in gallery

You can also use mini pegs in a rather different way. Instead of hanging the photos directly on the wall, you can display them on a framed background. It can be a memo board or a chalkboard. The frame can be made of reclaimed wood for a rustic look, as featured on shanty-2-chic.

Turn an old pallet into a family picture spotView in gallery

Everyone knows how versatile wooden pallets are so it’s no wonder you can also use them as a display frame for pictures. You can use this idea for a party or simple as a way to decorate a space in your home. Use mini pegs and string and feel free to add your own touch to the design.{found on karaspartyideas}.

Photo clipboardsView in gallery

A different and quite interesting idea is offered on Lovegrowswild. The photo clipboards featured here let you decorate a wall in a casual and unusual way. The photos are attached to a wall0mounted wooden board using metal clips. You can easily take down a photo and replace it with a different one without having to take apart the whole display.

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