11 Things Every Middle-Aged Person Should Have In Their Bedroom

Bedrooms are our personal sanctuaries. By the time you hit middle age, there are some things every bedroom should have in it. And no, the government is not one of them.

 1. A view.

Home builders got it partially right when they began situating homes on lots to provide a view from the public rooms — living room, dining room, kitchen. But they often forget the master bedroom.

A view brings you calm and peace, precisely what you want for your sleeping environment. It also sparks romance. How many ads do you see of loving couples with the ocean or mountains behind them? There is even some science at work here. When an Australian researcher measured the value of a “scenic amenity” — in other words, a view — on a 10-point scale, he found that, on average, respondents were willing to pay approximately AUD$14,000 (more than $10,000 U.S. dollars)  for each one-point jump on the scale.

2. A real reading light.

 As you age, eyes will fail. Even if you’re not there yet, you eventually will become a person who walks around with glasses on top of their head, shoved in every purse or pocket, and stuffed in a different drawer in each room. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good reading lamp. Beds are a great place to read before you fall asleep, but it makes no sense to strain your eyes.

3. Mood lighting.

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For when you don’t read. By 50, lit candles by the bedside feel like a cliche that screams out “Tonight’s the night.” You can do better than candles.

4. A mattress that’s big enough.

5. A door lock to keep out unwanted visitors, usually of the feline variety.

6. Seriously expensive sheets.

This is a some-like-it-hot-and-some-like-it-cold kind of thing. Are you a person who likes flannel sheets and sleeps under a thick down comforter 12 months a year? Or are you the one who needs her sheets cool and soft and hates it when the dog warms up your side of the bed for you. Expensive sheets just feel better. It’s one of those splurge items that really are worth the money.

7. Electric blankets with separate controls.

See above.

8. Photos of loved ones.

 Photos don’t belong solely on your phone or in a photo album tucked away somewhere. Surround yourself with pictures of the ones you love. You’ll sleep better.

9. A deck.

For a bedroom to be your personal cave, you need different spaces within the space. An outside deck that you can step out on is the best way to greet the morning and say goodnight to the stars.

10. A master bathroom.

Mine, all mine! That’s why.

11. Window-coverings that let the sun in.

Late-sleepers miss the best time of day! Rise with the sun and you’ll feel like you have the planet to yourself.

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