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13 Simple Living Room Shelving Ideas

These living room shelving ideas will give you maximum storage space no matter how big or small the room. Get your dose of DIY inspiration today!

Whenever our family travels, we tend to pick up little souvenirs here and there to commemorate our adventures. I like displaying these little trinkets in our living room, either on a shelf or a coffee table. Speaking of shelves, if you’re in need of some living room shelving ideas, then this list is right up your alley!

1. Hanging Shelves

Hanging Shelves | Simple Living Room Shelving Ideas
image via Why Don’t You Make Me

Begin by drilling your board with 2 holes on each side. Gather your cords and loop a knot through the ring. Then, grab one strand, insert it through one of the board’s holes, and tie a knot at the end. Repeat this with remaining strands.

These DIY crate shelves are really simple to make. All you have to do is sand and stain your crates. Once they’re dry, drill the crates into your wall. By the way, make sure the crate is lined straight before you drill it in.

3. Small Corner Shelves

Small Corner Shelves | Simple Living Room Shelving Ideas
image via 4 Men 1 Lady

Don’t let small nooks go to waste by installing these small corner shelves to maximize your storage space. If you’re planning on staining your corner shelves, line the areas around it with strips of tape first. Trust me, your wall will thank you for the extra step.

You’ll need a variety of shelf supports for this unique ladder shelf. Just remember to measure from the wall to the front of the leg when marking for your shelf supports.

5. Leather Strap Hanging Shelf

Leather Strap Hanging Shelf | Simple Living Room Shelving Ideas
image via Burkatron

Love leather? Try this DIY for size. Simply punch holes on either end of your leather straps, and run a hook through the holes. Then, it’s all a matter of placing your wooden board in and putting your items on display.

6. Floating Corner Shelves

Floating Corner Shelves | Simple Living Room Shelving Ideas
image via A Beautiful Mess

The secret to attaching these floating corner shelves is to place little dowels on one side of the shelves and to drill holes to match on the other side. Doing so will reduce any instances of your shelves moving around.

7. Honeycomb Shelves

Honeycomb Shelves | Simple Living Room Shelving Ideas
image via A Beautiful Mess

These honeycomb shelves are not only adorable but its design will also make it easier to add shelves as needed. Remember, the key to getting this DIY right is to mark your miter saw’s angle at 30 degrees, to make those nice honeycomb edges.

8. Distressed Pallet-Like Shelves

No one will have to know your distressed shelves aren’t really made from pallet boards. At least, I won’t tell anyone anyway! Don’t forget, the secret is to cut the boards in different lengths for a more pallet-like look.

9. $20 Shelves

$20 Shelves | Simple Living Room Shelving Ideas
image via Ana White

You’ll need 2 1×4 pieces of wood and 1 1×2 piece of wood for this DIY. Start by gluing and drilling your 1×4 pieces together, making a right angle form with the 2 pieces. Once you’re done, simply attach the remaining board on the side with the longer width. And that’s it!

Tip: You can choose to stain the boards as well.

10. Pallet Wall Shelves

I’ve included this in the roundup, just in case you wanted a real pallet wall shelf. By the way, don’t forget to attach the braces in. Not only will they hold the pallet boards together, but they’ll also help in strengthening your shelves.

11. Industrial Pipe Shelves

Make the iron pipe fixtures for your shelf by attaching them in this order: flange, long nipple, 90-degree elbow, smaller nipple, then another flange. Two pipe fixtures per shelf are enough, but of course, this still depends on your preferred shelf length.

12. Farmhouse Style Shelves

Farmhouse Style Shelves | Simple Living Room Shelving Ideas
image via Kelli Mullins + Kristi Jansen and Lolly Jane

Grab some corbels from the nearest homeware store and stain the edges with your favorite wood stain. Then, with your finger, place petroleum jelly on the areas you wouldn’t want the paint to stick to. Once that’s done, mix together some chalk paint and regular flat paint, and apply this on your corbels. Sand the edges until you’re happy with the outcome, then finish off with a wax to seal everything in place.

13. Home Word Shelves

Home Word Shelves | Simple Living Room Shelving Ideas
image via A Crafty Mix

This shelf gives a nice homey (did you see what I just did there?) touch to a living room. Don’t worry too much about the 45-degree angle of the letter M. Simply adjust your miter saw’s setting and you’re all set.

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I sure hope these living room shelving ideas help you with your storage and display! Personally, I’ve got a couple of favorites from this list, so I might just get Dave to help me make another shelf for our home. We have a couple of souvenirs leftover from our last trip anyway!

Which of these living room shelving ideas do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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