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15 Contemporary Living Space TV Ideas

Anybody you ask would probably state that they ‘d love to have a brand new LCD TV in their living space or den. Aside from amusing you and your household; sometimes, the larger your TELEVISION screen is, the more fun it is to welcome your pals over to watch a fantastic movie or have a TV series marathon with them. Well, generally, having a tv in the living room help us from truly simply hanging and chatting out at home.

Today, we will be showcasing 15 Modern Day Living Space TELEVISION Concepts which assist us with how we can show the lovely LCD TVs we have at home; and even the older models– a few of the designers or the homeowners flaunt their TV screens or clearly put a painting on top of it to conceal it when it is not required or being used. You will see the Televisions being placed above a mantle, in the middle of the bookshelf and even by the cabinet. Check them out!

525a Upper Changi Road

modern TV room ideas

The interior place

The white panels are made from acrylic panels whereas the black material is black colored shiny laminates which truly draws out the appeal of this living-room. Utilizing the timeless black and white color combination made a great deal of distinction.

Art Deco Influence

dual bookcases

Dan Waibel Designer Home Builder

Flanked by dual bookcases, this corner fireplace vies for attention with a flat-screen tv. Because it sits on a pedestal and maintains a gorgeous mirrored panel, it’s a winner each time.

Calgary Contemporary Living Space

television screen

Johnson & & Associates Interior Decoration

We can see that the homeowners chose to really position the television screen above the fireplace. It was recessed to the wall for it to just plainly blend with the wall design. The regular color of the TELEVISION complements well with the color combination of the living-room.

Delaware Location

contemporary living room

Michael Abrams Limited Interior Decoration

This Chicago contemporary living-room appear really manly due to the fact that of the darker colors used for it– from the dark wood for the TELEVISION console, the color of the seating and coffee table, even the drapes seem dark; however of course, they all match the walls, the flooring and the ceiling.

Glasgow Living Room

console tables

The Couture Rooms

The introduction of flat screens triggered console media and tables cabinets. This released up space and allowed for airier, lighter spaces. At the same time, good-looking TVs made it more appropriate to keep them out in the open.

Green Dream Home

TV cover

Digiacomo Houses & & Renovation, Inc

. In this living room, we see how wisely the property owner and the designer would cover up the television when it’s not in use. And during events, you can constantly let the TV covered while you add decorations on the mantle.

Lima House

wall paneling

Abramson Teiger Architects

Putting up your tv above a console might be the easiest thing to do however due to the fact that of the terrific wall paneling carried out in this area, we can absolutely say that it was well-thought of. Good task Abramson Teiger Architects!

Montreal Media Room

modern TV room ideas

Maria Deschamps Design

A warm inviting practical household space with a custom-made developed wall unit for motorized plasma bracket and integrate Bose stereo and speakers. Storage location was created for DVDs and video games and equipment. The Italian oak custom wall unit is floating with a chrome frame and LED lighting above and listed below.

Northbrook Home

wall-mounted TV

Wheeler Kearns Architects

If you have a tv, consider installing it to the wall. Using swing arms and wall installing a television eliminate the need for a troublesome media console and free up floor space from entertainment units.

Presidio Heights Home

sliding rail

Marla Schrank Interior Design

Here is another great example of keeping and at the same time showing off you tv. You are essentially putting the gadget in a hole and including in an art work in a sliding rail to utilize it. Pretty wise, don’t you think?

Spire Theater Room

media room

Iron Mountain Renovation

This media space is one techy area, not everybody can live in. However reality be told, that this is an area all teenagers would probably take pleasure in being in– its state-of-the-art, its design is simple, its decor is incredible and it is not constrained.

Sunny Flat

stained dark wood

KYZLINK Architects & & Interior

Neutrals, neutrals and more neutrals. Including a stained dark wood behind the tv cut the light color charade on the wall– it’s smooth, truly livable and clean.

Tailor Made

living room appliances

Jefferes Style Group

Knickknacks spread around a space look more like clutter and tends to lose their significance. When organized together they make a statement and end up being more relevant to the house owner.

Small Wonder

shelves design


Use a number of shelves together to cover the complete wall above the TELEVISION, and shorter lengths beside it; cabinets listed below offer closed storage for media and extra cables. Placing the screen off-center looks fresh and can really be more practical than a centered TELEVISION, depending on your seating plan.

South Penthouse in Dallas


modern TV room ideas

Design + Develop

For our last living room space, we have an all-white and beige area which is highlighted with the huge LCD TV screen and an incredible accent chair with a brown-colored coffee and a charming footrest table. Minimalist area for a sensational lifestyle.

Like the grey and green living spaces , the 15 Contemporary Living Room TV Concepts are however living room interiors that can help us in all the designs and layouts we in fact require or want in your home. Due to the fact that it offers us more motivation with our day to day work, re-arranging and remodeling our living spaces is constantly an excellent thing. Keeping one look for the living room is alright, but sometimes it gets uninteresting, so include a little spice on your spaces similar to the images we have above! Hoped that this list aid you one bit!

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