2017 Color & Pattern Trends

This year’s trending colors and patterns are inspired by nature. From refreshing greens to wood and stone finishes, it’s all about bringing a little bit of the great outdoors…indoors.


This happy hue is Pantone’s Color of the Year. Greenery is a refreshing color inspired by nature and meant to symbolize a fresh start. It looks beautiful in indoor and outdoor spaces and is a great complement to a springtime dining table. Incorporate this color into your home with linens and accents big or small.



  1. Jute Glass Sphere
  2. 4-Pack Madison Sage Placemats
  3. Ceramic Pineapple Lantern

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Lavender & Light

This hue brings serenity to any home. From light purples to deep plums, layering in different shades will add a fresh feel to your décor. Bring this look to life using throw pillows, candles and even real lavender.



  1. Plum Scented Candle
  2. Agate Decorative Box
  3. Ombre Plum Pillow

Neutral & Natural

These shades of beige are anything but boring. Place neutral pieces into your home to bring the outdoors in, and pair them with succulents and other greenery. The key to this trend is textures – embroidery, fur and jute will add dimension to this monochromatic look.




  1. Natural & White Embroidered Pillow
  2. Round Metal Tray with Cork
  3. Oatmeal Faux Fur Pillow


 Faux Finishes

Faux finishes inspired by natural elements like wood and stone will continue to be a big trend for 2017. Decorative bowls and vases in wood, cement and marble are easy ways to incorporate this trend.



  1. White Ceramic and Wood Vase
  2. Wood Paulowinia Tray
  3. 2-Tone Marble and Cement Vase

Tropical Touches

Bring balmy beaches home with this pattern trend. Tropical leaves are making their way on to all kinds of décor, from canvas prints to vases and linens, in all kinds of colors. This pattern goes great with bright colors and with a range of wood tones, so your home can feel like a resort.



  1. Ceramic Palm Leaf Vase
  2. Faux Tropical Leaf Paradise Palm Accent Plant
  3. Tropical Leaf Table Runner

What trends are you bringing home in 2017? Share your new look with us using #AtHomeStores.

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