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3 Farmhouse Decoration Tips

In my living space, visualized here, there are a number of products that have become part of a partnership.

I am excited to be sharing more pointers for beginning a farmhouse design account on Instagram. If you have not check out the very first one discovered here, I recommend you beginning with it first.

One of my spring brand reps, Charli @motheroftheyearadventures shared this adorable outfit with our Bible verse t-shirt.

Having a farmhouse d\u00e9cor account on Instagram is so much fun, and it’s my heart’s desire to help you navigate this neighborhood in the most productive and effective method. I wish to assist you experience growth, engagement, and eventually accomplish your objectives.

Among my spring brand name representatives, Charli @motheroftheyearadventures shared this adorable outfit with our Bible verse tee shirt. Today I’m sharing these 3 thoughts to include to the ones I previously shared

… Here are 3 more things to consider when starting out a farmhouse design account on Instagram

1 Genuineness: There are many opportunities to interact with others on Instagram, with the primary ones including commenting on other peoples posts they share and responding to those that comment on your post. This is your opportunity to connect with people in a real and sincere way. When commenting on another person’s post keep these tips in mind:

  • Discuss them by name. The majority of people have their name included in their profile, so you can always examine there if you are uncertain what their name is by their account.

  • State your favorite. Pick out one product in the image they shared, and compliment it. For example, if you actually enjoy the chippy hutch in their living room, let them understand instead of simply saying something generic (i.e I love your room).

  • Motivation. Dream them a gorgeous day, and talk about something they might have said in their caption by following it up so they understand you’re interested in what they need to say.


This is one of the most often asked questions I obtain from those who are beginning an Instagram account. What is a collaboration? How do they generally work?

A partnership is when you work with a person/account/company to promote their product( s). Normally, you will get a product( s) totally free (sometimes with cash worth too) with the contract that you will use your Instagram following to present your fans and others to the business whose item it is. For example, a company that makes wood indications might send you a check in exchange for your styling it in your house, sharing a photo on Instagram about it, and tagging them in the caption that talks about it in your house.

I enjoy doing collaborations with companies, and I extremely recommend you doing them too! Oftentimes, those who do cooperations will state in their profile DM (direct message) for partnerships or Email to team up. Even if they do not have that in their profile, it does not hurt to connect through a DM or email if you love their products and see they ‘d be interested in dealing with you. The Style Twins (Jodie and Julie) have some terrific info on browsing Instagram, and one of the ideas I gained from them was to not undersell yourself. You strive to grow your account therefore a typical way I measure an excellent fit collaboration is for the product worth to equivalent $10/1000 followers you have. For example, if you have 2000 fans, a fair partnership would be a product worth $20. Obviously, there are times when you want to extend excellent will to someone who may simply be beginning their company, so despite the fact that it’s not worth what you generally work with, assisting others is always fun!

Brianna, @diyinspiredhouse, is one of my spring brand reps and styled our "Cozy Up" mug as well as our "Home Grown" sweatshirt then shared this view on her Instagram account where she talked about my products.

Brianna, @diyinspiredhouse, is one of my spring brand name representatives and styled our Cozy Up mug in addition to our Home Grown sweatshirt then shared this view on her Instagram account where she talked about my items.

3..Brand name Repping:

Because I have a store, I do enjoy having this as a way to officially promote my products (more than as soon as) with multiple people’s audiences. Brand repping is when a service owner will send out several of their products to different people who will essentially then represent your shop over a specific timeline..

For instance, you might have seen a shop marketing for brand name reps. Let’s say they sell pillows, so whoever they choose to brand name rep will be sent out pillow( s) to design in their house then discuss that company and tag them in their pictures where the item is shown. This is various from a collaboration due to the fact that brand representatives commit to a particular quantity of time to place items in their picture more than as soon as, whereas, a partnership is not as much an agent of the business as it is more like a consumer who is discussing how much they enjoy stated item..


Brand name repping is great way to grow relationships with companies and add beauty to your house. I highly advise trying to brand name representative with business also!

This shelf contains some more products that included both a collaboration as well as a brand rep opportunity I had.

This shelf includes some more items that included both a collaboration as well as a brand name associate chance I had.

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