4 Ways to Fight Cabin Fever

Winter is here, and cabin fever is setting in. Feeling a little S.A.D.?  There’s a reason. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing, probably known best by its other name, the “winter blues.” The best way to chase away your funk is by getting started on brightening your space for spring. Read on for five home decorating ideas that will help you fight your cabin fever.


1. Color Play

Want to make the gray skies go away? Bring in some color play! A surefire way to elevate your mood is to surround yourself with home accents in a variety of bright and cheerful hues.


  1. Orange Tear Drop Finial
  2. Lime London Studded Accent Chair
  3. Aqua Blue Glass Geometric Lantern

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2. Lighting

Winter days are especially short, and all the extra darkness sure is a bummer. Swapping out your old lamps for new, stylish lighting can help uplift your room’s vibe and give it a new look.


  1. Antique Cream Spindle Floor Lamp
  2. Silver Mosaic Uplight
  3. Silver Mercury Glass Table Lamp (shade sold separately)



3. Greenery

Being forced to stay indoors keeps us from experiencing nature, which can really kick start the winter blues. Since spring won’t be here for a few more months, bring some greenery indoors with gorgeous faux succulents and spring and summer floral.


  1. Succulent in White Pot
  2. Hanging Succulent in Glass Ornament
  3. Mixed Succulents in Concrete


4. Florals

There’s nothing like a little flower power to kick you out of the winter doldrums. Iconic floral prints invoke the feeling of spring while refreshing any room.


  1. Rosie Lagoon Throw Pillow
  2. Forest Bird Comforter King Set- 8-Piece
  3. Red & Teal Floral Area Rug


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