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Basement Family Room Designing Concepts

My basement embellishing concepts that included using vibrant accents– like toss pillows and wall art– that assisted made the space feel lively and fun. I selected those joyful and bright accessories at the time due to the fact that our twins were just infants when we developed the basement, and I hung out with them in our basement living room a lot more frequently than the playroom.

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But, as our boys have actually grown from babies to young children and become more independent, they’re now more comfy utilizing the basement playroom simply down the hall. That’s not to state they still do not hang in the living room with their toys (we left the train table here), however the toy turmoil is a lot better than it used to be!

basement family room ideas


Colorful basement family room decor

Given that the basement family space is now used more for TV watching and hanging out than playing, I wanted to downsize on the bright accent colors, and include a bit more ‘polish’ to the area. Our 10-year old leather furnishings will not be changed at any time soon (if ever, if my partner had the option, lol), and we only recently painted the space, so I was restricted with what I could change

Some day when I can get better shots (natural light is such a problem in basements!), maybe I’ll upgrade my basement room tour. In the meantime, here’s a little look at some of the little edits that helped change the appearance of the room. I bought extremely little; I simply went shopping your house for things I could use differently.

basement decorating ideas - toss cushions

Toss pillows: I began by moving the vibrant cushions to the kids’ playroom, and assembled these neutral ones from around the home. Do not you just enjoy how toss pillows can make the entire look of a space? I have an addiction to toss pillows, but they are the fastest and most inexpensive room remodeling around!

basement decorating ideas - mohair toss cushion

Rug: The carpet that we had in the room before was 5 \u00d7 7 and was really too small for the room. An 8 \u00d7 10 carpet assisted define the area much better, and the shag included additional texture and coziness to the space. Our pet has taken a preference to it!

basement decor - shag rug

Drape panels: I included neutral linen panels to each side of the window which helped to frame it better, and developed some additional texture.

basement decor - linen drapery panels

Black & & White Wall Art: The colorful art that was on the walls prior to was incredibly fun, but however didn’t ‘ground’ the room like white and black art can. So I added a gallery wall to each side of the window with black & & white canvases, and b&& w household photos in gallery frames. I still like my vibrant motion picture reels (which I spray painted in aqua and red), so I added one to each art grouping

basement decorating ideas - gallery wall

basement family room - art wall

basement family room - art wall 2

Reflective surface areas: Adding soft textures (like the linen drapes, mohair pillow, and a shag carpet) assisted to produce more coziness, but to up the ‘polish’ factor, I also attempted to generate some pieces that had reflective surface areas. I already had these red ceramic gourd lights down here, but I added plexiglass trays on each side table. They add a bit of modern-day style, but their practical purpose is to assist the lights remain on the tables and not on the flooring! (I put non-slip rug liner under each lamp, and under the trays too. I might even resort to my glue gun to keep them safe, lol.).

red gourd lamp


Geometric prints: To keep the room feeling modern (in spite of the decade-old furniture), I also brought in some geometric prints, like this toss cushion that I scored at HomeSense...

geometric prints - toss cushion - HomeSense

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