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DIY Floating Corner Racks – Shanty 2 Chic

Come construct these affordable and basic Do It Yourself Floating Corner shelves with easy to follow instructions by Shanty2Chic!

Thrilled about how these DIY Drifting Corner Racks turned out! I seriously now desire a set of corner shelves in every room.

This is a variation of our. initial DIY floating racks. , and so basic to construct! The very best part? Each rack cost under $40 in lumber. I will share the complete tutorial listed below!

I utilized my miter saw to cut the frames for my racks. This part utilizes 2 \u00d7 4 lumber.

As soon as those were cut, I utilized my. K5 Kreg Jig.
to develop 1.5 \u2033 pocket holes into each of my small pieces.

Building the Corner Racks.

create pocket holes on braces

Each short piece will have 2 pocket holes like below …

pocket holes in braces

Next, I utilized my Ryobi 18V drill to connect the little pieces to the longer wall cleats with 2.5 \u2033 pocket hole screws. I added a line of Titebond wood glue under each little piece before linking …

add wood glue
Building the floating shelf braces

Each cleat will have 3 little boards linked like this.

Building the shelf braces

I connected them to the wall once I had all my braces constructed. Every wall is different, however this is the method I have actually utilized on every floating rack in my home.

These are the Spax screws I utilized to attach the braces to the wall. These are self-tapping and 3 \u2033 long. 3.5 \u2033 is a terrific length too.

Spax Screws

I marked lines on the wall where I desired my shelves to sit. I utilized a stud finder to mark my studs on the wall. These are the 2 \u00d7 4 that are under the sheetrock. Anytime you are mounting to the wall, it is best to attempt to screw into these studs for assistance. I used my Ryobi Impact chauffeur to go through the braces and into the studs in the wall. Ensure to check for level so your shelf does not sit wonky. This is the level I use. … Cheap and works like an appeal!

how to attach a floating shelf to a wall

I connected the first 2 braces and it looked a bit like this …

Frames on wall
how to attach a shelf to a wall

I determined 13 \u2033 up from this brace to attach my next brace pieces utilizing the same method.

How to build corner floating shelves

I used my Ryobi AirStrike nailer to connect these bottom pieces into the braces utilizing wood glue and 1.25 \u2033 finish nails. I utilized my table saw to rip down the 1/4 \u2033 wood for this part, but you can also have House Depot rip it down for you.

Attach bottom boards
Ryobi AirStrike Nail Gun

Now I connected my leading 3/4 \u2033 boards. These are 1 \u00d7 10 typical boards I discovered at House Depot. I cut them to size utilizing my miter saw, and attached them using wood glue and 1.25 \u2033 surface nails.

Attach top pieces
add wood glue to top of shelf
attach top and bottom of shelves

I added my side pieces next utilizing the very same approach … This is 1 \u00d7 4 common pine boards from House Depot.

wood glue
side shot of floating shelves

At this point I added my front pieces. I utilized wood glue and 1.25 \u2033 surface nails for this part.

Attach front boards
add glue to front board
Nail board to shelf brace

That’s it! I stained these racks utilizing Varathane Kona stain. You can. discover it on Amazon HERE. ! I also found some. Simpson Strong-Tie metal corners. that I spray painted gold and attached using. gold furniture tacks. to each corner to dress each rack up. I ENJOY the outcome!

DIY Corner Floating Shelves by Shanty2Chic
DIY Floating Corner Shelves by Shanty2Chic
DIY Floating Corner Shelves Free Plans
DIY Corner Shelves by Shanty2Chic
DIY Corner Shelves Free Plans by Shanty2Chic
DIY Free Plans for Floating Corner Shelves by Shanty2Chic
DIY Free Plans for Floating Corner Shelves by Shanty2Chic

How charming is this wall too? I kind of love it!

DIY Feature Wall by Shanty2Chic

Hope that covers it!

If you have any concerns at all, thanks so much for stopping by!! Let me know!

DIY Corner Floating Shelves.

Come construct these very simple and affordable DIY Corner Floating Racks with complimentary easy to follow strategies by Shanty2Chic!

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  • 2.2x4x8.pine or whitewood.
  • 1.1/4 X 24 X 48 plywood.
  • 1.1 x 10 x 8′.
  • 1.1 x 6 x 8′.
  • 1-1/2 pocket screws.
  • 1-1/4 brad nails.
  • 3 Spax screws.
  • Wood Glue.
  • Cut List.

  • Drill for 2-1/2 pocket screws in the cleat braces and attach to the wall cleats as shown. Repeat with your shorter wall cleat, making sure you begin 1-1/2 out from the wall to compensate where the very first cleat will be. Utilizing a level hold the longer cleat up to the wall and drive 3 torx screws at the significant locations (above illustrations are rough estimates, your places may extremely).

  • Utilizing 1-1/4 brad nails and wood glue connect the bottom plywood panels, starting with the longer panel first and making sure you are flush on the outdoors edges.

  • Next attach the top of the rack with 1-1/4 brad nails and wood glue. Again, make sure outside edges are flush.

  • Lastly, add the trim. It is best to cut the staying pieces to fit.PLEASE SEE NOTE ON THE CUT LIST PAGE ABOUT UTILIZING 2X3 MATERIAL FOR THE CLEATS. THIS WILL ALLOW YOU USE 1X4 WOOD FOR THE TRIM WITHOUT NEEDING TO DO ANY RIPPING.You will measure the height of your shelves, from the bottom of the plywood to the top of the 1 \u00d7 10 material. It ought to have to do with 4-1\u20442. Rip your 1 \u00d7 6 product down to this measurement. Start with the sides and connect with 1/4 brad nails and wood glue. Next connect the long front trim. The short front trim. Now, tape off the wall and apply the finish of your choice.
  • Click. HERE. to get a printable variation of these plans!

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