DIY Floating Racks For Living Space Ideas

Hey people !! I am so thrilled concerning this job that I’m sharing today!!!

DIY Floating Shelves I constructed the 8 floating racks you see there for only $120!!! Each shelf is 4 ft. long as well as 12 in. deep! Exactly how amazing is that.

I was motivated by the drifting racks that Whit constructed in her restroom! , if you missed them you can see them right here.

I primarily followed the exact same installation instructions as well as just made a few adjustments to the dimension!


Right here’s just how I developed my own! I had the wonderful guy in the house Depot slit 1 sheet of 3/4 inch. Purebond Plywood. ( in Birch) right into 4– 11 1/4 inch boards as well as 1 sheet of 1/4 inch. Purebond Plywood.

You will primarily have 4– 8ft.( My little girl’s residence away from house ).

measurements I additionally acquired 6– 2x4x8 and also 6– 1x6x8.

build-e I came residence and also reached function! I reduced 1– 2\4 @ 46.5 inch and also 2– 2\4 items at 9.75 inch, for every shelf. I built the E’s similarly Whitney did by drilling pocket holes right into the short 2\4 items. You can discover the Kreg Jig. HERE.

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plywood-measurements on

After that, I cut the 3/4 inch plywood items and the 1/4 inch plywood items at 46.5 inch (amounting to 8 boards per dimension). These will certainly be the top as well as base of the shelves.

drill-pocket-holes-in-shelf-tops I additionally cut 16– 1\6 items @ 11 1/4 inch as well as 8– 1\6 pieces @ 48 inch yet I missed out on obtaining photos of that! (these will be the sides and fronts of the shelves). I utilized my. Kreg Jig.

to drill pocket holes into each end of the 3/4 inch boards and also connected them to the 1\6 items to develop the leading and also sides of the racks. (once more missed out on pics of that– I criticize summer.

draw-a-level-line Time to install!

find-studs After determining where I desired my shelves (I made a decision to provide 13 inch between each shelf) I used my level to draw a 4 ft. line where I wanted each shelf to rest.


Next, I used my stud finder to mark where the studs were. This is my FAVORITE stud finder as well as I bought it on! Connect below.

ashley-installing-shelves To attach the E’s to the wall surface, I made use of 3 1/2 inch spax screws and pierced them right into the E and after that right into a stud with my Influence Chauffeur. I did 2 screws per stud.

attach-shelves I mounted 4 on one side of the fireplace and 4 on the other.

attach-bottom-with-nailer As soon as the E’s were set up, I dropped the put together racks in addition to every one and affixed them with my brad nailer and also 2 inch nails.

I followed-up with the 1/4 inch sheets beneath.

tape-off-for-stain I attached the 48 inch 1\6 items to the front with my nailer also (and surprisingly really did not obtain pictures of that component either)!

Varathane-Carrington-Wood-Stain-500x740 I taped them off before staining! I cleaned on 1-coat of Carrington tarnish, allow it sit for 5-minutes and also then wiped it with a tidy fabric and also that was it! You can discover Rust-oleum tarnish. RIGHT HERE.

before-shelves on Amazon. Right here is my before … I’ve been starring at this space considering that we relocated into our. brand-new residence.

DIY-Floating-Shelf-how-to 4 months back as well as lastly chose exactly how to fill up the space.





How-to-Build-Floating-Shelves and did it for regarding $120!!! That provided me great deals of dough to invest on accessories.

I purchased most of the accessories from Homegoods and also Marshall’s, and a few pieces from Leisure activity Lobby! Seriously LIKE my new area and also $120 for 8– 4ft. shelves is a great deal of bang for my buck.

Many thanks so a lot for dropping in!

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