DIY Glass Schedule Design

The structure for this calendar will be a photo structure, which must have a glass cover. Select the size of a framework that is suitable for your needs, we made a decision to have huge side NOTE’S bar, so my frame is extraordinarily huge (49.5 x 37.5 in).

Diy glass calendar DIY glass calendar



  • Screwdriver
  • Leader (LONGEST you got).
  • Scissors.

Eliminate the whole back of the structure to make sure that only the glass and also frame are attached. This is an optional step however if you are not satisfied with the shade of the frame, spray paint with the color of your selection. Refer to my. picture frame remodeling message. for the tutorial.

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glass calendar

Prior to beginning to develop your board, clean the front and back of the glass. Utilizing your expo marker & & ruler measure and also extract your wanted overview on the behind of the glass. I will certainly supply my measurements and synopsis, yet yours might be different relying on the size of your framework.


Begin with precutting your 90-degree boxes (4.5 as well as 3.5-inch strips) and putting them on the front side of the glass, following your outline. If you attract out your rundown on the back side of your glass the best you can, putting on the sticker will be much simpler, and much less time-consuming.

Pointer # 1: Lean your frame to a wall surface to keep your outline secure from washing away when using sticker.

Suggestion # 2: You can additionally do this the contrary method and location your tape on the behind, which will avoid damages, yet this was is a little harder. Likewise, the tape does not look as intense on the adhesive side.

Using any sort of sticker labels you’ll like, my own are. Bubbleabilities. (. tiny. as well as. big. ) from Hobby Lobby. Arrange your sticker labels; I only needed 1 pack of large and 1 pack of small sticker labels. As always I really did not have enough A’s so I improvised with the leftover letters (f&& L), which might stop you from purchasing an entire new pack.

After preparing the letters, your prepared to hang up your calendar and also take pleasure in! Thanks for dropping in.

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