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Do It Yourself Bathroom Mirror Frame for Under $10 !

Okay people. If there were only one Do It Yourself project I might share with you, I think it would be this DIY bathroom mirror frame. And if you have a builder-grade mirror, it will no longer feel so … builder-grade!

When we were preparing our restroom restoration, we began taking a look at brand-new mirrors … but they werepricey! I wished to keep our bathroom transformation inexpensive, so I had no intent to spend $50+ for a new mirror. That being said, I disliked the builder-grade mirror that was in there– you understand, it’s like a huge slate of mirror. It gets the job done, but it’s so dull.

DIY bathroom mirror frame before

As I was searching Pinterest for bathroom makeover inspiration, I stumbled upon a.Do It Yourself bathroom mirror frame.on a fun house decor blog site called.Valued Bliss. I pinned it understanding it would be something I ‘d in fact come back to later on. Would you guess that the mirror above turned into this one??

Okay, let me show you how we did it!

This post was initially released in January 2017 and was updated in November 2018.

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DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame Products.

  • 2 little plastic washers (plastic will ensure they don’t crack the mirror).
  • 2 small screws.
  • Wood., trim, or another framing product that’s the length of the border of the mirror.
  • Stain– I utilized water-based stain in American Walnut.
  • White paint– only about 1 cup of paint or less!
  • FUZE IT Liquid Nails.( or any building adhesive that bonds to glass/mirror).
  • Matte polyurethane or wax surface (optional).

Step 1: Replace the mirror clips.

At the top of the mirror, there are little plastic clips holding the mirror in place. They’re a bit large and the new frame won’t lay against it effectively, so you’ll need to replace the clip with washers.

You don’t need to fret about changing the \”tray\” along the bottom of the mirror– the frame will lay over it simply fine, even if it inclines in a bit.

Unscrew the mirror clips (one at a time), and screw in the plastic washer to hold the mirror in location. Like this:.

Step 2: Saw the boards to the appropriate length.

We wanted to discover some very thin, economical wood for the mirror. Thin, so it wouldn’t be too heavy to glue onto the mirror, and economical, because duh.for $3.48/ 6 ft.

When measuring the perimeter of the mirror, we included an inch to each piece so the outdoors edge of the frame would extend about 1/2 \u2033 past the edge of the mirror. You do not desire any mirror showing outside of the frame!

We cut the end of each board at a 45-degree angle so the boards would fit together as a frame (ensure to put them together as such before you start gluing later on). They look like this:.

Step 3: Finish the boards.

We decided to deal with the wood the same method we dealt with the.accent wall in our master bathroom renovation. I stained it, then white-washed it in a mix of 2/3 water and 1/3 paint (make sure to check your mix and change it until it’s the best color for you). I lightly sanded it once it dried. I ‘d likewise recommend waxing the boards or utilizing a matte polyurethane finish after it’s assembled to secure the wood from your tooth paste splashes. That being said, we never really put on a protective layer on our mirror frame and 2 years later, it still looks great!

Step 4: Glue the boards to the mirror.

Once the boards are finished, glue them to the mirror! Make sure the building adhesive you use bonds to glass or mirror material, otherwise you might have some concerns getting the boards to stay put. We utilized.FUZE IT Liquid Nails. Get your adhesive, caulk gun, and husband because it’s type of difficult to squeeze the glue out of television. LOL.

assembling the diy bathroom mirror frame

As soon as the glue is on, stick it on to the mirror and make sure it’s level. You may require to hold it there for a couple of minutes up until the glue starts drying and it remains in location.

assembling the diy bathroom mirror frame

Glue the rest of the frame to the mirror, nudging it around until all the edges mesh appropriately.

partially assembled diy bathroom mirror frame

And just like that, this builder-grade mirror …

Became this stunning upgraded mirror!

Wah-lah! Easy peasy and cheap! Here’s the cost breakdown …

Redwood Fencing for Wood Frame:.$ 7.50.
White paint:.On hand (~$ 5 in your home Depot for a sample size).
Stain:.On hand ($ 10.77 at Home Depot).
FUZE IT Liquid Nails:.On hand ($ 6.47 at House Depot).
Caulk Gun:.On hand ($ 2.77 in the house Depot).

If you had to buy whatever new at the shop, it would cost around $32 and you ‘d have a LOAD of products leftover– like, with more (low-cost!) wood, you might most likely frame 10 more mirrors. We had the majority of the products on hand as they’re relatively common for many home enhancement projects.


This Do It Yourself bathroom mirror frame is such a simple project to upgrade builder-grade mirrors in your home. It just takes an afternoon and will give your bathroom an entire new feel.! After I framed my parents’ restroom mirror, my dad stated he felt like he was getting ready in a fancy hotel room. LOL.

If you need me, I’ll be framing the rest of our mirrors…

learn how to make a diy bathroom mirror frame with this easy tutorial

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