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Have you seen those couple of, beautiful, realblossom wallsonPinterest? I have. How pretty to have a wall of fresh flowers in your home?! It’s not very realistic or long lasting but its swoon worthy. It’s also very easy to recreate it with fake flowers! I’ve tried a few different ways to make a flower wall and my last try was a success. I put them behind my bed and I could not be any happier! Here is how I did it:

Prep It

  • About 6 fake flower bouquets with around 12 blossoms on each (mine are from Hobby Entrance Hall).
  • Warm glue weapon.
  • Clear fishing line.
  • Tiny nails or pushpins.
  • Cord cutters.

Do It.

Start by reducing your flowers off the bouquets to make them individuals. They have cable stems so it is simplest to use cord cutters. I used my helpful dandy.needle nose pliers.with the cutter in the center as well as it functioned simply great. Attempt to reduce them as near completion (where all the stems collect) as feasible. Divide the flowers by shade for organization.

DIY Flower Wall Headboard

This is the amount of bouquets I obtained. I didn’t wind up making use of the top center flower yet this was the only picture I had of the bouquets still with each other.

DIY Flower Wall Headboard

Here are the arrangements after being cut into solitary flowers and also arranged by shade.

Utilizing your glue gun, put a bit of adhesive on the suggestion of the stem of a flower as well as after that area that stem in the center flowers of the blossom you intend to glue it to. If you have flowers like my teal ones that have the shape of sunflowers, you will require to adhesive some petals around the stem of the flower in addition to it to ensure that it remains with each other. It will certainly drop apart later on if you adhesive it to just the facility component.

DIY Flower Wall HeadboardDIY Flower Wall HeadboardDIY Flower Wall HeadboardDIY Flower Wall Headboard

I utilized regarding 8 or 9 blossoms on each hair. You can make your blossom hairs longer or much shorter depending on your wall and also where you are placing them.queen bed..

You can hang them by connecting a loop around the top flower head with angling line as soon as you have your flower strands made. Then place a small nail or press pin right into your wall surface near the ceiling and hang the angling line on it. It is hard to notice the nail as well as fishing line and it will appear like your flowers are just floating there. To secure my flowers much more, I just added an item of tape that matched my wall surface color on the really lower stem at the bottom of the hair as well as taped it to the wall. It’s not necessary but I suched as the method it kept the blossoms in one area. With my pillows ahead, you can’t even see the tape.

DIY Flower Wall Headboard

DIY Flower Wall HeadboardDIY Flower Wall HeadboardDIY Flower Wall HeadboardDIY Flower Wall HeadboardDIY Flower Wall Headboard

This is an imaginative method to make a \”head board\” or beautify a wall. To see various other headboards I have actually made you can And obviously if you recreate this DIY, tag me in it on Twitter or Instagram (@sweettealblog) or include #SweetTealDIY so I can see!

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