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Do It Yourself Nursery Mobile Tutorial by Melanie from Nestworthy

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Nursery Mobile |

Whether it’s a relative, a buddy and even your fortunate self, anticipating a new arrival is such an interesting time!

Among the most enjoyable things for numerous is taking the time to embellish the nursery, and having a handmade nursery piece is such as popular option. I have actually discovered that lots of people shy away from nursery DIY because they do not consider themselves ‘crafty’ or ‘creative’, which is such a pity. I wanted to show you my tutorial for a DIY nursery mobile in the hopes that with all the design and products planned for you, it may motivate a couple of more people to have a go at making their own nursery piece. These mobiles likewise make the most thoughtful gifts for an infant shower and are a surefire way to offer something special to the lucky mum-to-be.

I would state that none of the methods explained in this tutorial are especially hard, however you will need to have perseverance since they can be fiddly, repeated and it’s a fairly slow procedure. Have actually a checked out the entire tutorial before you get going and make sure to read my hints and pointers at the end to ensure things run as smoothly as possible!

If you’re going shopping online for some of your mobile materials, feel totally free to search the ever-changing variety of cruelty-free, handpainted feathers and handmade polymer clay beads available in my online store .

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Baby Mobile |

For your materials, you’ll need:

  • 24 plumes
  • Beads– I used 2 per plume, and some on top (78 total) which is an additional pack of small wood-look beads to those imagined here. You can easily get away with 24 little and 24 medium if you don’t want to add beads to the top. I likewise used a large one to complete off the top, however there are numerous ways you can do this, so to avoid confusion I haven’t included it in the picture
  • Metal craft ring– the one imagined is roughly 30cm size
  • That bit is apparent, but keep in mind the cost if you’ve picked a leather string or similar!
  • A role of white string– I used hemp twine. Absolutely a good idea to buy a whole roll due to the fact that you require LOTS and it’s difficult to recommend on lengths due to the fact that you will adjust them later on.
  • Craft glue
  • Sharp scissors– uncertain what excuse to utilize here however I merely forgot to include them in the image
  • A determining tape

OK, time to get going!

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Baby Mobile |

This is where I entirely regretted my choice of 4mm wide bamboo cord which gets thinner when you pull it tight! Double up about 1cm over the beginning point and glue the end down securely with another dab of craft glue.

Next, cut 24 pieces of twine. Mine were primarily around 100-110cm and I adjusted a few of the lengths later to give the mobile some variation between strands. They may appear long to begin with but you will need rather a lot of length for the top part of the mobile

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Baby Mobile |

Turn your feathers over and put a thin layer of craft glue onto the stem. Stop your glue line about 1cm from the end, as you won’t cover this area. Next, place a piece of twine on top of the stem, with about 5cm running over completion (as pictured above). While this is drying, you can prepare a few more.

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Baby Mobile |

When the string is connected to the stem, you need to wind it over the stem and continue covering up until you are about 1cm from completion. This is where your 5cm additional length is used to tie both ends together and stop it from deciphering. Give it a tight double knot and then you can feed on 1 medium bead over both ends, pressing the unwrapped section of the stem inside the bead.

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Baby Mobile |

If adding a little bead on top, cut the much shorter end and feed upon your bead over the 2 ends to cover any raw ends. Now you should have a single strand with 2 beads and a safely covered feather. The next job is to duplicate all of the above to make 24 of these hairs … good luck!

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Baby Mobile |

When again, it’s a quite slow procedure and you need a lot of space to spread out the strings, which is why I didn’t take a picture of the twisted looking mess I had on my studio floor while I sat down to do this step!

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Baby Mobile |

When you’re pleased with it, go back and double knot each one securely into position.

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Baby Mobile |

The beads add a bit of weight to each string, so if one is loose it will look saggy compared to all the others. It’s a bit of trial and error really. I like to cut all the string ends to the same length, add some craft glue and pinch them to a point so I can thread on a large bead.

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Baby Mobile |

When you have it right, snip off the glued ends and connect them all into one knot about 2cm above the bead. Slide the bead up to under the knot to form that pointed canopy shape.

I utilized some of my flatwoven bamboo cable to tie the loop together securely and then trimmed the ends very neatly. The space between the two knots will be plenty to hang your mobile on a ceiling hook.

Obviously, no mobile ever leaves the Nestworthy studio without a few of my frayed fabric bows, so I added some along the lengths of my feather hairs and a bigger one on leading to somewhat conceal the cut ends of my hanging loop. This step is entirely optional– your mobile will currently look fantastic without them.

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Baby Mobile |

If you have actually made it to the end of this tutorial, you are worthy of a huge pat on the back and a high five! A Great Deal Of difficult work and time goes into handmade items however the ended up item is something you can be so proud of. I ‘d love to see your own finished mobiles and I encourage you to email me with any concerns you might have along the method!

Time for some practical tips and tips that may conserve your peace of mind:

  • If you’re using fluffy goose feathers, it’s a good concept to get rid of the majority of the ‘fluff’ by pinching firmly and pulling it down the stem to remove it back. If you do not remove many of it, you can run into problem with the glue and cable winding later! Once removed, cut the bare stem back to about 2.5 cm in length.
  • Make sure your bead choice has a large adequate hole to fit the wrapped ends of your feathers. Polymer clay beads are a really good choice since you can hollow them out further with a sharp set of scissors if the hole is simply a little too small for any of your larger feathers.

Nestworthy Tutorial: DIY Baby Mobile |

  • When connecting your covered plumes, it’s a real time-saver if you have somebody to help you hold them so they don’t decipher. If you’re on your own, pop your bottle of craft glue on top of the feather to hold it flat while you use both hands for connecting.

About the Author

Melanie Newton is a wife, a mom of 3 valuable kids, has actually been on extended maternity leave from her task as a biomedical scientist for the last 6 years, and is the owner and maker of all things Nestworthy . Not being a fan of buying anything mass-produced that heads out of fashion rapidly or breaks easily, she develops items that stand the test of time– both quality-wise and style-wise.

Melanie’s work is genuinely specific– you will not find anything like it in the stores. She purposely guides her product concepts and palette far from what’s trending, and concentrates on making something of the highest quality that can be kept forever.

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