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I’ve been looking forward to showing you my favorite things about fall designing. To me, the finest part of fall decoration is in the simple things. It’s about featuring what’s going on all around us in nature, and, no surprise … for this farm girl it’s what was gathered on a beautiful bright day on the back country roads of my home town in Oregon.

I discovered this farmer’s market sign a couple of weeks back, made by my sweet and gifted friend Jolia at Farm Fresh Homestead. I simply about dropped my handbag when I saw this beauty. And I knew it would be the ideal fall welcome to our house, sitting atop this perfectly chippy dresser.

A quick stop in my workplace, simply inside the front door … since this is what I’m talking about when it comes to fall decoration. One simple white pumpkin and a pretty fall bouquet … oh, hey there fall.

A couple of basic swap-outs make this built-in location autumn-ready. Some wheat, a pumpkin, old books (constantly my favorite), and a stunning fall sign painted by my sister, Julie Oliveros (you can discover her on Instagram @signsofserendipity). Oh, while you’re taking off your coat, I’ll simply discuss that the Genuine Estate Bargains blackboard is a preferred vintage piece that I got at a garage sale years back.

Ohhhh well, just one more photo of this area. Many of the previously mentioned items are usually out on the bench for all to see every afternoon.

If you have actually never seen a hop farm, it is a sight to behold. You’ll see them all over our house this year. They are simply so quite.

Ok, dining table. I’m always thinking of textures. Something living (the oregano plant, pumpkins), something wire, something rustic (uhhh, naturally), something metal, something wood, something soft. Done. A little sunlight does not harmed either. This combo sings to me. Like a reeeeeally great song.

While we’re at the table, here’s a fun idea. I set this pumpkin out on Thanksgiving last year and had all of our household write what they were happy for … it was a big hit, and everybody’s little notes were so sweet, I couldn’t bare to toss it away! Would you think this has been sitting in my garage all year? Each time I see it, I smile.

Is there a guideline about how long a house trip can be? I’m believing a diet coke and a sleeve of ritz crackers sounds about best. The crackers are not on my healthy eating plan, which makes them sound EVEN much better, and a couple of other little well-loved devices from my stash. Rustic.

While we’re talking tables, let’s take a look at the coffee table. I got this galvanized tray at a sale for a few bucks months earlier, and I meant to make a sign out of it. I may still do that, but for now, it makes a great coffee table tray. And my favorites come back … white pumpkins and hops. Simple, so beautiful. These are a few of the pumpkins I got to pick myself, thanks to Barbara Bauman at Bauman’s Farm in Gervais, Oregon. She and I took an enjoyable little spur-of-the-moment farm- car trip out to the pumpkin spot one sunny Saturday and picked the most lovely white pumpkins you ever saw. Oh the memories. On the farm where I matured, we had an Apple Festival on the 3rd weekend of October every year. Our little fruit stand would be packed with families standing in line for our fresh apple cider, caramel apples, hay trips, and pumpkin painting contests. The entire family would collaborate to pull this day off … including good friends, boyfriends, whoever was around at the time! And at the end of the day, when our muscles were so exhausted we could barely move, we ‘d get to purchase a pizza and relax and talk about the day. What worked, what went wrong, the number of times we had to drive that long trailer full of people around the farm while drinking in the marvelous tractor fumes … invaluable. All of it.

And this. These hops are the crowning glory to my old hutch. I indicate, stop it. So good.

The mantel is the focal point of our house, and for sure my favorite thing to style. With simply a little shimmer. Lots of memories of life on the farm.

Thanks for letting me share my farm-girl-cozy-fall home with you. (My sisters and I always joke that when we go into nice shops we fear the salespeople will be able to see the imaginary Charlie Brown PigPen cloud of dust all around us … the dead free gift that we are simply farm women, and have no service in fancy locations! I’m so delighted to be a part of Eclectically Vintage’s Fall Home Tour this year, and to present the Yellow Prairie Interior Design take on fall.

Perk: a couple of little vignettes featuring hops. Because. They. Are. Just.. Pretty. Make certain to hit the next stop on the tour tomorrow,. Brooklyn Limestone


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