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Fall Kitchen Decoration Concepts

DIY Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas

Fall is coming – can you feel it in the air? Now is the time to start thinking about DIY Fall Kitchen Decor ideas. I love to add new items to my kitchen to keep it fresh and with the season. I found some great ideas that I will be putting in my kitchen this year for my Fall Kitchen Decorations.

Fall Kitchen Lantern

Fall Kitchen Lantern Idea

Using a few lanterns you can get at any retail store, create an adorable fall kitchen display with lanterns, pumpkins and gourds. Grab a few lanterns that are painted or paint them yourself. I have white ones that work with any season. I just fill them with fall colors and it gives my kitchen the Fall Kitchen fell I am looking for. Very easy fall kitchen decor idea that you can play with year round.

Fun Toolbox Fall Foliage Decor

Toolbox Fall Candle Decor

Take an old toolbox or any old box you find that is interesting and fill it with battery operated candles, for safety, and foliage of your choice. The colors can be red, like shown here, or you can make it more orange or whatever fall kitchen color you have decided to decorate with. Just have fun with it.

Colorful Fall Napkin Rolls
Colorful Fall Kitchen Napkin Rolls

This is such a good idea to decorate your kitchen with fall colors. We all need to set our tables with utensils. Why not wrap them in colorful napkins or felt like they did here. Mix and match your colors to create a one of a kind fall kitchen table setting.

Candy Corn Candle Fall Decor Idea
Candy Corn Candle Fall Kitchen Decor Idea

I love the Candy Corn Candle idea because the grand kids will get a kick out of it. Before they leave, I know all the candy corn will be gone, but that’s ok. This is such an easy idea. Just fill a long tray or dish with candy corn and put in little candle votives. They even put candy corn under the candles. How cute!!! When the grand kids are here, those candles will be battery operated, but they won’t know that.

Simple Fall Kitchen Decor With Household Items
Simple Fall Kitchen Decor With Household Items

I think all of us have colorful throws we use in the fall and winter to cover up while watching TV or at a bonfire. Grab one of those and put it on a chair with a pumpkin or colorful gourd on it. Some dried corn husks will help add a bit of flair to that look, and it’s so easy!

Decorate with Fun Fall White Pumpkins and Gourds

Decorate Fall Kitchen with White Pumpkins and Gourds
Fall Kitchen Decor doesn’t have to be orange. It can be any color you want it to be. Here are some great ideas of how to decorate for fall with white pumpkins and gourds.

Fall Kitchen Coffee Bar for Yummy Coffee or Cider

Fall Kitchen Coffee Bar
Cold fall days need coffee or hot cider. This is perfect! I am in love with how Yvonne from Stone Gable Blog has taken beautiful blue dishes and made this coffee bar perfect for fall. Just by adding fall colors, you can take any dishes and make your kitchen into the perfect fall kitchen decorated for fun! I want that coffee bar stand. Adorable!!!

oooohhh….wishes do come true. I just looked over at Amazon and found the stand that would work nicely. Check out the 3 tier galvanized metal stands at Amazon.

Fall Kitchen Candle Decor

Fall Kitchen Lanterns

If you are like me, you probably already have a few of these old graters in your kitchen. Let them do double duty, then decorate around them with with fall colors of your choice and you have a beautiful fall kitchen display. Plus, if you have scented candles, your kitchen will smell good.

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Fall Kitchen Simmer Pot Recipe for Yummy Smells
Fall Kitchen Simmer Pot Recipe for Yummy Smells


I love candles that make my house smell good, but if I can find a recipe for my stove-top that will smell just as good, I choose stove-top. This looks like a simple recipe.

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