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Horseshoe Bay & Marble Falls Trip Recap

Hi, pals! Sorry for the small absence, but last week I tagged along with Daniel to a conference he was participating in at the Horseshoe Bay Resort near Marble Falls, TX (about 90 miles north of San Antonio). We do not get to take vacations too often due to the fact that of our busy work schedule, plus Pee Wee our little senior pet is demanding. So, thankfully, we got to make this a household affair.

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To be totally honest, our vacation home house sucked. The wifi was bad, the bed in there was a FULL bed (seriously, is this my crappy college home again?), there was a cool smell, and it looked like it had last been updated in 1999. But, it was the resort’s only family pet friendly alternative, so it is what it is.

The resort itself was STUNNING, and it’s not like you invest a lot of time in your space, right?.

There’s 3 pools we had access to, and the one at the Luxury yacht Club has a stunning white sand beach ignoring Horseshoe Bay. We enjoyed two sundowns out there on the beach and a few costly cocktails … since you understand, when in Rome. We consumed at Lantana inside the primary tower (it’s beautiful average as far as food goes, but a strong choice) and at Y Bar inside the Yacht Club (the truffle french fries were remarkable!).

Horseshoe Bay Resort in Marble Falls, TX | via

While D was finding out about college financial stuff (.snooze!), I took pleasure in putting lots of steps on my Fitbit simply wandering around the resort. There were many bridges and trails to take pleasure in the scenery. Weather was outright perfection in spite of it being blazing hot.

Horseshoe Bay Resort in Marble Falls, TX | via

Below is an area I stayed at for a good half hour just taking pleasure in and believing nature. It’s often cathartic to tune out everybody, switch off the phone and simply sit with your thoughts to clear your mind. Happiness. Pure happiness.

Horseshoe Bay Resort in Marble Falls, TX | via

When I wasn’t at the resort, I was out in Marble Falls taking a look at their antique and thrift shops and ending up being consumed with Which Wich. There were a few stores I liked, however mostly they had lots of tableware (plates, tea cups, and so on) and I was on the hunt for more unique home decoration kind of things..

I did discover a couple of FAB finds that I will show you all after I figure out what the heck is wrong with my cam. They are worthy of great pictures, and the images in this post are all iPhone photos.

I liked my check out to.ReDid.— the worker working was so good, and it was filled with farmhouse trendy decor. Not my style at all, BUT it’s always good to support local businesses and their store was charming.

Antique Shopping in Marble Falls, TX | via

Another store I checked out is.One Swanky Shop., and they live up to their name. I identified a brass ant (actually, a brass ant) for $80ish and a lamp I liked was about $700+. It was a treat for the eyes to look at their glam, big scale furnishings pieces, however it was a bit too swanky for this woman on a spending plan.

Antique Shopping in Marble Falls, TX | via

I basically got all the antique/thrift stores done in a day in Marble Falls, so the next day I headed to Burnet, TX to visit their well-known antique shops. I found them a little bit overpriced, but I think I’m used to the junktique costs in South Texas.

Both of these mirrors caught my eye at the indoor flea market in Burnet and I bought neither of them. Sort of regret not purchasing the one left wing- it would have been best in a navy and gold restroom.

Antique Shopping in Marble Falls, TX | via

Another fave thing of mine is to take a look at model houses in areas I will never, ever be able to manage to reside in. They provide me inspiration for how to generate the luxe for less.

I will state that I am so not a fan of the color navy. Doesn’t do it for me … UNTIL I saw this really grecian-esque design house, and now I am passing away to do a navy wall in the visitor room or maybe the visitor restroom.

The navy and white is so crisp and fresh. Oh, navy, I like you.

Navy and white living room model home | via

Who would not desire to live here? That love seat and rug are so best.

Navy and white bed room model home | via

Overall, it was nearly 7 days of not fretting about work, the blog, life or what I consumed. I entirely went off the Weight Watchers band wagon and got 4 pounds. I have actually been at a plateau for about 3 weeks, so possibly this will help kick things into equipment. I am back on track and counting my points, however it sure was good to not fret about points for a week approximately..

In less than 2 weeks I’ll be heading to Des Moines for a Christmas in July event for BHG Live Better, and I’m so thrilled to be getting in little trips every now and then..

I’ve been feeling really down about life for factors I can’t enter into on here (my marital relationship is great, I promise), and having the ability to recharge my batteries and get some range from the stress factors in my life is making a world of difference in my psychological health and basic well being..

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed a sneak peek at my getaway last week. Up next is the other part of my carpet review.


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