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Industrial Steampunk Light Switch Plate Cover DIY Home Design Tutorial

Industrial Steampunk DIY Light Switch Plate Cover When we moved to Iowa 4 years earlier now we struck the ground running and have actually been SO busy that I just recently realized we have never decorated our bed room– like at all! I LOVE the steampunk industrial vintage travel type designs so I decided it was time to try my hand and creating my own steampunk created home decoration. (Take a look at my recycled clock and Do It Yourself Apothecary jar here!) Then I rapidly understood I did not have any accessories to deal with! This INCREDIBLY easy to make Industrial Steampunk Light Change plate cover likewise goes terrific for little young boy’s robot and equipment themed rooms! (just alter the colors!) Examine out or easy tutorial below:

Industrial Steampunk Light Switch Plate Materials:

Industrial Steampunk DIY Light Switch Plate Cover Home Decor

Light Switch Plate Cover w/screws
Metal Acrylic Paint ( I utilized black, gold & & bronze).
Krazy Glue.
Embellishments (. gears knobs, etc.– more details listed below).

Industrial Steampunk Light Switch Plate Instructions:.

Paint your light switch plate cover (and the top of the screws) black. I utilized an acrylic metallic black paint but you can also just utilize an acrylic black paint considering that it will mainly be covered up.

2. Dip your fingertip into your metallic gold paint and smear all of it over the light switch, permitting some of the black to reveal through. Make certain to get the edges too! Don’t forget to smear a little on the top of the screws also so they match. Let dry.

3. Because I didn’t have any steampunk commercial type devices in my craft supply, now it is time to paint our embellishments and this is where I initially ran into problem. I began at my regional farm supply store since there are no hardware shops neighboring and selected up the lock washers you see together with little wood knobs which is what I utilized but eventually I came home and purchased. this 50 pc. gear set. and. this set of classic keys on Amazon. because they were A Lot cheaper and precisely what I was trying to find. When they come in, I’ll be making another light switch plate cover with my new materials. I also bought. this cheap compass. for a steampunk box I am making. I did put a thin coat of black, then bronze on my equipments and knobs and then touched them up with the metal bronze on top so that it actually made the gears and knobs stick out. I didn’t want anything too expensive off of the light switch plate because I was afraid I ‘d knock it with my fingers each time I flipped a switch! Let everything dry.

Include a dab of krazy glue onto the back of all of your embellishments and include it to the switch plate cover in whatever design you want it to be! Don’t forget to include some metal bronze onto your real light switch so that it matches the set!

Industrial Steampunk DIY Light Switch Plate Cover Home Decor

There you have it! EASY PEASY! This Industrial Steampunk Light Change Plate Cover is basic enough for kids to make themselves too! (although I suggest assisting with the krazy glue!) My boys were amazed at how cool this looked when I was done and were pleading to make their own! If you desire your gears to be flatter or simply have a quicker light switch plate to develop you could paint your cover black and mod podge on scrapbook paper equipments as well but I actually like the extra depth and texture our plate cover has!


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