Make Your Own Roman Shade Tutorial

Do It Yourself Roman Shade:A step-by-step tutorial on how to make stunning budget-friendly Do It Yourself Roman Tones. After making three different variations of faux roman tones and unwinded Do It Yourself Roman Shades, I’ve created the supreme tutorial for making Roman Shades with comprehensive instructions on how to make your own!.



DIY Roman Shades--flowery relaxed DIY Roman Shade tutorial

Do It Yourself Roman Tone are a wonderful way to embellish windows that lack the area for hanging curtains. In our house to date, we’ve made 4 Roman Shades in our undertakings with.Do It Yourself Drapes.Making your own Roman Shades is an excellent method to save money because let’s be honest– custom Roman Shades are EXPENSIVE! Just curtains for one window start at $200! Well, we’ve been able to make them utilizing material and made each for less than $100– one in our kids’ restroom for as low as $18!

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picture of DIY Roman Shades in bathroom with blue walls board and batten paneling for tutorial on how to make roman shades

( Our repaired Do It Yourself Roman Shade in restroom.).

how to make your own roman shades- white DIY Roman curtains in bedroom

( Do It Yourself Roman Drapes using Ikea our master bedroom.). To make this roman shade we used Ikea curtains (Ritva) with this.grosgrain ribbon.for affordable roman tones.


diy roman shade tutorial of relaxed roman shade with flowery fabric on window in bathroom


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how to make roman shade--relaxed Roman shade on window

Wood stick or dowel for the bottom pleat.


1.) Gather all the products. I have discovered that utilizing a quality fabric like Eastern Charm truly does help. The material drapes very well and the quality is obvious in the beautiful colors!

fabric laid out on table for DIY Roman Shades--instructions on how to make roman shades

2.) Measure your window. You are going to desire to sew the drape to be the specific width of the window; nevertheless, you are going to have to make it wider to enable for joints and for connecting to the liner. A basic rule of thumb is 2 \u2033 per side additional. Then remember to iron!

woman making roman shades by cutting fabric with fabric shears

Roman Shade DIY | DIY Roman Shade Tutorial -DIY Roman Shade by home decor blogger DIY Decor Mom

how to make roman shades with fabric--picture of fabric being sewn together on table with pins for DIY Roman Shades

picture of two pieces of flowery fabric sewn together for DIY Roman Shades

3.) Prepare your fabric: First iron it, and after that cut and measure. If needed, seam together the 2 sides like we did, so it is end-on-end making certain to line up the pattern.

fabric with ruler pencil and fabric shears on table for making roman shades

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how to make roman shades with picture of fabric being stitched together with pins and a straight edge on table

ironing fabric liner for DIY Roman Shades--how to make roman shades tutorial

making your own roman shade with fabric and fabric liner on a kitchen table with pins

fabric and liner for DIY Roman Shade being held together by pins--tutorial on how making roman shades

inside out fabric and liner for DIY Roman Shades step 4 of making roman shades tutorial

fabric for DIY Roman Shades and DIY Curtains on kitchen table with string and ruler and pins

sewing machine how to Make roman shades with liner

relaxed roman shades fabric on kitchen table

iron on ironing board step in making relaxed roman shades tutorial

4.) Next, stitch together the liner and the fabric (and do the very same treatment as above if you need to make the liner longer cutting the material in half width-wise and then seaming it together.).

ruler showing hem on DIY Roman Shades tutorial--showing measurements for how to make your own DIY Roman Shade

pins holding fabric and liner together in DIY Roman Curtains tutorial

iron and measuring tape on ironing board smoothing DIY roman shades

making easy DIY Roman Shade with fabric and liner

5.) Sew the bottom joint of the DIY Roman Shade and the top.

sewing upholstery hooks onto DIY Roman Shade with pins and needles

How to Make Roman Shades: picture of fabric with drapery hooks, pins, and fabric shears

DIY Roman Shade with drapery hook threaded with string
making a DIY Roman Shade with upholstery drapery hooks and string

6.) Next, stitch the upholstery hooks to the within the DIY Roman Shade spacing them evenly every few inches.

piece of wood covered in fabric on wood floor showing How to hang a roman shade

how to cover a piece of wood with fabric for mounting DIY Roman Shades

staples and fabric liner covering a piece of board used to mount DIY Roman Shades

using a staple gun to mount fabric DIY Roman Shade

7.) Now, prepare the board for hanging. Wrap the plain wood board in liner so it has a nicer look in addition to a softer edge. Use a staple gun to attach the liner initially, and then the shade.

mounting board for DIY Roman Shade with drapery hooks for relaxed DIY Roman Shade

back of DIY Roman Shade showing drapery hooks, string, and upholstery hooks for raising and lowering roman shade

8.) Connect the upholstery rings to the top of the board, weaving through the thread so it goes through all of the hooks and attaches to the leading ring.

small dowel being inserted into sleeve of DIY Roman Shade to keep bottom panel stiff

9.) To keep the bottom pleat directly, place the little piece of wood.

Picture of finished DIY Roman Shade showing how easy it is to make a roman shade

VOILA! You have actually made a DIY Roman Shade that looks amazing!.

make roman shade tutorial- picture of roman shade above bedside table in bedroom

DIY Roman Shade side view on window in small bathroom

detail of DIY Roman Shade curtain layers using flowery fabric in small bathroom

beautiful folds of fabric on DIY Roman Shade making a roman shade--shows how to mount a DIY Roman Shade to wall

how to make a DIY Roman Shade for your windows

decorator cheat sheet

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DIY Roman Shade tutorial on how to make your own relaxed Roman Shades


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