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My Secret Cheat Sheet of Dimensions!

Have you ever looked at your coffee table and thought it just really did not look right, yet could not determine why? Or maybe you were mounting a lighting fixture over your table and weren’t fairly certain just how high it need to hang. I have actually asked myself those questions a lot of times however then discovered one of my all-time preferred design books, Layout Rules: The Insider’s Guide to Becoming Your Own Decoratorby Elaine Griffin, which has tons of valuable enhancing measurements!

In added to offering style suggestions in a very approachable fashion, so likewise provides terrific rule-of-thumb designing dimensions for everything from the right height of your bedside lamp to where to hang curtains in regard to the window! For instance, did you know that coffee tables look best when they are 1 – 2″ much less than the height of the couch’s seat cushion? Or that you should leave 1 1/2″ of spacing between photos in an art collection?

Living Space

  • You need 26 -36 clear as a pathway to stroll pleasantly through an area or 36″ – 48″ for a ventilated feeling
  • If you’re covering the entire area with one rug, leave 12″ -18″ clear around to the wall. In smaller sized areas, 7″ -12″ will function
  • Pick side tables that have to do with 2 much less than the elevation of the sofa arm
  • Coffee tables ought to be 1 -2 less than the height of the couch’s seat padding
  • In a little group, 15″ by 24″ or smaller sized can be a fantastic dimension for a coffee table
  • For art groups with greater than one row, spacing between the pictures ought to be 1 1/2 to 2
  • If utilizing art over a sofa, fill a minimum of 50% -60% of the 5-foot high space above the couch

Eating Space

  • Wainscoting need to have to do with 36 – 48″ above the finished flooring
  • Chair rails should be 34 – 36″ over the flooring
  • Table ought to be 30″ high
  • Allow 18 of table width each
  • For rectangle-shaped tables, you’ll require a table that goes to the very least 48″ lengthy to seat 6 individuals, 72″ for 8 as well as 96″ to seat 12 individuals
  • Dining seats need to be 16 -18″ high from the floor to the top of the seat
  • To pick the right dimension light for over a table, you can either

1) separate the width of your dining table by 2 to get an approximate light fixture size OR

2) add the area’s length and width in feet; the amount amounts to an approximate chandelier diameter in inches

  • Chandeliers must hang 30 -36″ over the table surface
  • As a whole, center sconces’ back plates in between 60 – 64 above the flooring


  • If you have space for a bench, box, upper body or trunk at the end of a bed, it ought to be somewhat less than the elevation of the bed and also no greater than 15 -21 deep
  • For a lot of beds, 24 -27 is the suitable height for a nightstand
  • For a King-size bed, night tables should go to the very least 36 vast
  • Location carpets beneath beds need to prolong 6 -12 beyond the external edges of the nightstands as well as the end of the bed
  • Swing arm lamps above night table need to be mounted no farther than 3 out of the side of the headboard with all-time low of the color about 20 over the top of the bed mattress
  • Table lamps must also have all-time low of the shade concerning 20 above the top of the mattress
  • If you do not desire much headboard to reveal over your cushions or 52″ as well as up if you desire to show more head board over the pillows, make use of a 47″ tall head board

Home window Therapies

  • Curtain width need to constantly go to least two times the size of the window for fullness. For modern-day spaces, just twice the window’s size and even simply 1 3/4 times for a really smooth appearance (if you’re making use of numerous panels, buy an even number of panels that equals at the very least two times your window’s width for fullness).
  • Extend the drape pole by a minimum of 6 – 8 past the outer edge of the trim on each side of the home window.
  • PERK: This is not in guide, however for referral, always hang drapes as near the ceiling line as feasible to help extend the window and also include anywhere from 2″ – 8″ to the size if you desire the curtain to have the pool look.

If you’re not sure as to where to begin, these dimensions provide an excellent beginning factor.


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