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Neutral Paint Color Pattern Ideas

Check Out the Color Story of this New England Neutral Paint Color design and discover how to discover the perfect neutral paint colors for your own house..

In the past, we have actually shared. how to paint a room our favorite. room painting basics and. how to select a cohesive entire house color combination. ( like the one in this post) step-by-step. Today I’m going to share all of the details about my neutral paint color plan!

Selecting a Neutral Paint Color Design

This was originally an even more massive post, but I chose to divide it up for much easier reading. You can likewise find out about my past paint color errors (and how to prevent them) here! This post is going to focus specifically on my current neutral paint color pattern. For source information on each image, please click the link to that specific space.

Like I discussed in the. Whole Home Color Combination post a normal paint color design includes 3-5 main colors. Naturally, there are likewise accent colors and surfaces, however today we’re concentrated on the main event: the primary paint colors. Below is a breakdown of my preferred neutral paint color scheme and the attributes of each color!


What’s LRV?

Light Reflectance Worth.(LRV) When brightened by a light source, is a scale from 0-100 that measures how much or how little light a paint color will reflect. 0 is black and takes in light and 100 is white with the optimum reflection.

Basically, with a neutral you want that number somewhere in the middle, considering the quantity of natural light in your space. Many of the colors in this scheme fall in the middle-high 60-70 LRV range.

New England-Inspired Neutral Paint Color Scheme with Kendall Charcoal Painted Dining Room

New England-Inspired Neutral Paint Color Scheme.

When it pertained to choosing colors for our. New England Colonial numerous of these came from Benjamin Moore’s Historic Colors Collection. Not only are they beautiful and classic colors, however they were pulled from historical American architecture and landmarks. influenced by the heritage of New England here. !

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137-60

Gray Owl is my all-time preferred gray paint color. It has a subtle blue-green undertone. It pairs really well with creamy whites such as Simply White.

In our. breakfast nook. this color paired completely with the Merely White painted bench and trim.

We also brought Gray Owl all of the method through our. kitchen area. and down the hall to our. mudroom .

In 2019 when we embarked on a. full cooking area renovation I still liked the Gray Owl a lot that we chose to keep it. Our cabinet business Shiloh didn’t provide Benjamin Moore colors, we went with their Polar White color for a close match to Just White. It works completely with the Gray Owl!

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl painted Breakfast Nook with Simply White Trim
A neutral paint color scheme with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray Foyer, Simply White trim, and a Kendall Charcoal door.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173.

Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray HC-173 in eggshell is the color that is presently most popular in our home (although sometimes I’ve lightened it by 50% to raise the LRV, see listed below). I consider it the ultimate greige and I would honestly never ever have the ability to inform you whether it’s genuinely gray or beige.

The. household room. and foyer are painted this color, and after that it increases the stairs and into the upstairs hall (which are all connected).

It can have minor reddish or greenish undertones in particular low-light situations, so always make certain to correctly check paint colors by producing a big paint example with poster board. Overall, it is among the most neutral paint colors I have actually ever worked with.

Edgecomb Gray Lightened by 50%

why/when do you lighten paint colors?

I have actually picked to lighten paint colors by 50% in rooms that have extremely little natural light in order to raise the LRV of the color by 8-10 points. Please do keep in mind that this isn’t the exact same as tinting the color (adding white). This changes the general color formula and ought to be dealt with and checked as its own color with distinct undertones.

Our. Dining-room. is an example of a darker room where I lightened Edgecomb Gray by 50%. Ultimately I went and welcomed the moodiness for a high-contrast look (see Kendall Charcoal below).

Dining room painted Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray lightened by 50% with a Simply White planked wall and trim
A neutral color scheme of Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray and Simply White for a bedroom and bathroom

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray HC-171

Wickham Gray is one of my supreme preferred paint colors. Like Gray Owl, it has some green undertones, and can in fact really appear aqua in certain lighting situations. It can be calming and joyful as these color shifts occur, and no matter what, it’s such a clean color.

The. powder room. was our really first task in this home, back in 2012. We wound up painting it Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray HC-171 in eggshell.

Prior to our recent. master bed room makeover it was painted Wickham Gray for several years. After we covered the north-facing window in favor of a much better layout, the color truly shifted. We swapped it out for something with less undertones (and I’ll go into that more later on in the post)!

Benjamin Moore Merely White OC-117

Simply White has an ever-so-slightly cream undertone, although it’s still pretty light as far as whites go. This offers a contrasting heat to the cooler tones of Gray Owl and Wickham Gray. It perfectly matches the warmer Edgecomb Gray.

This is the primary light color in our house. All of the interior and trim doors are this color and I’ve even been painting the ceilings Simply White as we replace the texture with smooth plaster. On our basement ceiling (a space with really little to no natural light) it is a cream color, however all over else it appears like a nice tidy white.

In our. mudroom the walls are Gray Owl however the majority of the space is Just White because of the built-ins and beadboard wall treatment.

Benjamin Moore Simply White Mudroom with Built-In Bench
Dining Room painted a strong contrasting Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal and Simply White

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal HC-166

Out of all of the colors on this list, Kendall Charcoal does not actually have a detectable undertone. In my opinion, it’s the best contrasting neutral.

I use Kendall Charcoal in our home as the primary dark anywhere I’m trying to make a declaration, like the insides of our exterior doors. I constantly recommend having a preferred light and dark and keeping everything else in the middle.

After combating with the severe shadows in our Dining-room for many years,. I finally went back to the drawing board. and offered the upper walls a couple of coats of Kendall Charcoal. I like the contrast it brings to this room and in some ways it’s even brighter than it was previously!

Other Colors in My Neutral Paint Color Design

It’s inevitable to make some modifications with time as your taste evolves and you finish brand-new tasks. Here are a couple of up-and-coming colors I’m loving in my house and one I’m ready to retire!

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray SW7015 Lightened by 50%

As you’ve most likely seen, I have actually primarily stuck with Benjamin Moore colors in my home. The simple reason is that there’s an awesome Benjamin Moore save right down the roadway from me (shoutout to Mike, who has helped me with several paint product choices!).

With that being stated, Sherwin-Williams likewise has great colors. A recent collaboration presented me to Repose Gray. I lightened it 50% for our. Bedroom Renovation. given that we eliminated a north-facing window and the Wickham Gray was no longer working.

Oh, kid. I ENJOY this color. I’m not exactly sure what it suggests for the future of our paint colors, however it’s something to make note of.

Master Bedroom painted Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray lightened by 50%
Neutral bathroom color scheme with Benjamin Moore Paper White and Simply White trim

Benjamin Moore Paper White OC-55

In the. kids’/ visitor bathroom. I believed about lightening Gray Owl by 50% to raise the LRV, however the very same concept is currently neatly packaged in a proven color: Paper White! This may just be the best restroom color because it looks so terrific with timeless Carerra marble.

I’m not positive yet, however I believe I may wind up painting our Master Bathroom this color also in the upcoming remodel. After all, the entire design strategy involves marble, and I think it will be definitely best. Stay tuned!

Benjamin Moore Gray Huskie 1473

I went into detail about. how I picked to paint our outside Gray Huskie. I still stand by this color as a beautiful outside option that fits in so well with the rest of the color scheme. I have not shared the complete job yet, however it included efficiency vinyl siding instead of paint, and I’ll explain more in a future post.

One thing I learnt more about outside paint colors is that they constantly look much darker on a paint chip then they’ll look in full light. The undertones will look different depending on the time of day. I would have never ever understood looking at the paint chip that Gray Huskie had undertones of purple and blue!

Exterior Neutral Paint Color Scheme with Benjamin Moore Gray Huskie siding and Onyx Shutters

One to View: Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC-27

I haven’t used this one yet in my own home, but it’s a preferred for customer jobs. I’m highly thinking about utilizing Balboa Mist in the upcoming living room refresh.

I understand, I understand. I got a bit of push back when I discussed this in my Instagram Stories. A few of you have actually painted your entire home based on the warm photo of the armchair with the Edgecomb Gray.

It’s still an excellent color, but I’m all set for a change. While I still love.the Edgecomb Gray on a brilliant and sunny day, I’m yearning something with a higher LRV for when it’s gray and cloudy (a.k.a. three-quarters of our New England year).

I’m going to go ahead and say Balboa Mist feels to me like a revitalized Edgecomb Gray. Overall, it’s a really tidy color.

One I’m Retiring: Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130


While there’s absolutely nothing at all incorrect with the color, I’m sticking with Merely White moving forward for simpleness’s sake.

I initially discovered Cloud White for my office to match the off-white IKEA cabinets that we have actually given that replaced. Then, I used it in the family room due to the fact that I desired a creamier white to complement the off-white slipcovers and I easily had the remaining paint from the office. I’ll be switching the slipcovers out during the household space refresh for gray (remain tuned for more on that decision) so it’s no longer a factor.

So if you observe it gradually disappears from future tasks, the simple factor is a pared-down palette. It’s still a great option I recommend for a creamier white paint!

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray Family Room with Cloud White trim

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