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Organized Playroom + Board Video Game Wall

You people understand that I do a great deal of tasks, however this has been among my favourites to date.
Mostly since it served 3 purposes: it helped to empty out our storage closet, it made pleasant wall art, and it motivated us to play more parlor game together as a family.

You see, we had a collection of dusty board game boxes taking up space in our basement closet. They were constantly buried below a substantial plastic tote (or three), so we never played them. They also took up space that we really required … for more totes. (I have a fabric dependency, and I will not ask forgiveness.).

When I saw a pin on Pinterest where somebody hung all of their board games as wall art, I was totally influenced. Video game boards are vibrant, they have interesting patterns, and they spend many of their lives concealed in boxes.

Here’s how we turned a load of boxes into fresh, functional, nearly-free wall art …

The first action was spreading out all of the video games, and figuring out which ones would make it. We contributed a few we don’t play (I’m taking a look at you, Threat), and we chose not to hang the babyish games the kids will outgrow in a number of years (Sweet Land, ugh).

I put each video game’s dice, timers, playing pieces, instructions, and cards into a labelled baggie, and after that tossed the game box itself into a recycling bag.

I was likewise able to trash all the plastic cushioning and packaging that was within much of the boxes. I had three big bags of scrap by the end!

I turned my attention to the boards themselves when that was done. I spread them out on the carpet and experimented with the order up until I discovered a great plan– much like I do. when I’m making a gallery wall . Then I snapped a photo of the layout with my phone, and turned the boards over to my handy other half.

Since a number of the boards were foldable– like good ol’ Pictionary– he cut thin squares of plywood that would provide stability. If the video game board was rounded– like Scene It– I painted the plywood, given that part of it would show up.

Once each video game board had a support piece of plywood, it was time to make secret compartments that would keep the playing pieces, dice, and cards. My partner sawed 2x4s into little strips, and after that screwed them together to make little boxes– each about 2 to 3 inches deep.

When a box was prepared, he turned the video game board over, and drove screws directly through the game board into the edges of the surprise storage box. The screws aren’t really obvious within the video game boards, and packages are snugly attached to the backs.

He included sawtooth picture-hangers on the back of each box, so they might hang on the wall simply like a piece of art. A few of the games were supported by their own plastic frames, like Scrabble and Othello, so they didn’t require picture-hangers. They balance simply great on a screw in the wall.

It was time to hang our video game gallery! Utilizing the layout image on my phone as a guide, I organized the video games on the flooring in precisely the very same order. Then I chose up a board, packed the baggie of matching playing pieces and cards into the storage box, and hung it on the wall.

Some the heavier baggies kept falling out of the storage box before I could hang the game, so I hung those baggies straight on the wall screw, and then the storage box simply concealed them from sight.

For smaller sized video games without their own board, like UNO, Skip-Bo, and decks of playing cards, we built little storage boxes with pieces of scrap wood. Once you include a sawtooth picture-hanger on the back, you can hang them simply like the other games.

We likewise utilize these mini-boxes to keep hourglass timers, additional dice, and handwritten cheat-sheets. What?! I can’t be the only individual who requires a composed set of directions, detailing each level, every time I play Patience. (It’s not a surprise, actually, that I am horrible at a game called Patience.).

Our board game wall is complete for now, however we can constantly add brand-new video games on either side– or perhaps above the arrangement.


We’re much more most likely to pull one down off the wall spontaneously and play a couple of rounds due to the fact that the game are so quickly available.

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