Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Themes

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2017

Get those greeting cards and chocolate hearts ready, because Valentine’s Day is approaching! Whether you’re shopping for one special person, or need some ideas for friends and family, here are some great gift ideas.



  1. You & Me Pillow 13″ X 22″
  2. White Heart Candle Holder
  3. Gold Metal Cube Heart
  4. Gray Ruffle Heart Pillow 
  5. Ceramic Marble Heart
  6. Rustic Heart Bell Figurine

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All Heart

There’s no denying it, hearts are the ultimate symbol for love. A heart-shaped gift lets him or her know how much you care, whether stitched on a pillow or brought to life in a statue or figurine.



  1. Love Mirror Sign 14″X11″
  2. Love Throw Pillow
  3. Metal Bird Love Table Decor
  4. Love Glass Bottle
  5. LED Love Sign 35″X14″
  6. Love Sign

Say it with Flowers

Flowers and floral designs make great gift ideas year ‘round, but never more so than on Valentine’s Day. Flowers deliver the message of love to that special person in your life, but they’re also a great way to show affection to a friend.



  1. Love Flower Shadowbox
  2. Iron Gold Flower Candle holder
  3. Ceramic Blue Vase
  4. Ceramic Flower Tealight
  5. Ceramic Blue Flower Vase
  6. Floral Ripple Canvas Trunk

Shades of Love

Expand your options by choosing items in the traditional colors of love. Red and white are timeless hue selections, but lately pink has become a popular choice as well.



  1. I Love You Diffuser
  2. White Mongolian Fur Pillow
  3. Pink XOXO Accent Art 11″X14″
  4. Pink Hello Gorgeous Pillow
  5. White Vase
  6. Red Glass Hurricane 

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