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Paint a Fall Harvest Sign

Paint a Fall Harvest sign and how to paint lettering is a simple, step-by-step tutorial on painting DIY indications No cutting machines are required. Create lots of customized indications on a budget plan.

How to paint a Fall Harvest sign without having to own a cutting maker. You can learn to paint letters by hand making it simpler and more affordable to create custom-made indications for yourself or others. This indication is for Fall but this technique works for any wording.
diy paint a fall harvest sign on front porch with pumpkins and potted plants, text overlay reads: DIY Harvest sign with video, printable letters for Harvest and Autumn
For one-off signs, I choose just hand painting. Large lettering is easy to do by hand rather than pricey stencils or cutting devices. I love the look of old barn wood however those are as unusual as hens teeth around here and when you do find some, they are soooo expensive. So I have to fake it, here is a post on one method I do it How to get a Rustic End up on New Wood in 4 Steps .The stressful approach is what I use for a number of my hand-painted indications.

Harvest Indication Paint Products

These are the paints and colors I use however you can use what you have. Craft acrylics will work fantastic for this indication 5 foot long 1 \u2033 x 12 \u2033 pine board DecoArt Chalky Complete paint in Heritage Donna Dewberry 3/4 \u2033 brush and script liner DecoArt Americana bottled acrylic in Buttermilk ( white is fine too ) White Graphite Paper er Loew Cornell White Nylon Brush Set er paper I printed the lettering out on routine printer paper after producing them in Word.

Basecoat the Wood

I stain, crackle and paint the 5 foot long brand-new pine 1 \u2033 x 12 \u2033 and let it dry, then set out my lettering CLICK HERE to learn how to utilize crackle medium.
Pine board with painted orange with crackling and distressed.

Transfer the pattern

When I have it laid out I slide the white graphite paper under it and start moving the lines. Note the white graphite paper peeking out at the bottom of the photo. As you can see it has been utilized before, graphite paper can be reused various times making it very cost-effective. Related: How to Transfer Patterns for Painting
Another alternative is to scrub a piece of chalk the whole time the behind of the paper to move however that is just way too unpleasant for me and it uses up a lot more time. I am all about quick and easy. As soon as you have moved the lettering, this is what it looks like.

Overview lettering with Liner Brush

To get a nice edge on the letters describing with a liner brush is practical. You can avoid this and simply paint with a flat brush however using a liner is simpler for me to get the corners crisper. You may require to water the paint down a touch to get it to flow well from the brush

Paint Fall Harvest Sign Lettering

Complete with a flat brush. Utilize the size flat brush you are most comfortable with for the size of the lettering.

Add Details

When the lettering was painted I returned in and added some fly specking. It just offers your sign a little stressful and texture for a more rustic look. To do that I basically thin down some charred umber paint and rub an old damp tooth brush in it, then I rub my thumbnail along the bristles while trying to direct the speckles. When the speckling is all dry lightly sand the lettering to distress it much more.
DIY harvest sign setting on the porch with pumpkins and fall plants
The printable supply list and traceable are readily available listed below.

Prep Time10 minutes

Active Time30 minutes

Additional Time5 minutes

Overall Time45 minutes



  • These are the paints and colors I use but you can use what you have. Craft acrylics will work great for this sign.
  • 5 foot long 1″ x 12″ pine board
  • DecoArt Chalky Finish paint in Heritage
  • DecoArt Americana bottled acrylic in Buttermilk (white is fine too)
  • White Graphite Paper
  • er
  • Loew Cornell White Nylon Brush Set


  • Donna Dewberry 3/4″ brush and script liner
  • er and paper
  • Loew Cornell White Nylon brush 2 inch


  1. Basecoat the wood
  2. Include a crackle medium and paint next layer
  3. Distress with various approaches to develop old barnwood look
  4. Transfer style
  5. Outline lettering with liner brush and paint
  6. Fill out lettering with flat paint brush
  7. Fly speck or spatter with toothbrush and watered down paint
  8. Distress more with sandpaper
  9. Seal with outside varathane for many years of pleasure
  10. Decorate your deck or home for Fall using your new do it yourself indication

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Get the printable traceable letters to produce your own HARVEST or AUTUMN INDICATION!

Protective Seal

Prior to you understand it you have a gorgeous sign. For outside usage put an exterior sealer on it, this is the one I like the very best . Numerous polycrylics state they do not yellow however over the years most have on my indications however this one does not. Finest sealing coat for outside signs. You can typically find this at big box shops or Ace Hardware. Share your patio leaner sign with us over on our Facebook page !

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