Small Bedroom Hacks If Your Room Is The Size Of A Shoe Cupboard

If your room is the size of a pea, we’ve got the answers

So you’re moving into a flat smaller than a shoe cupboard because your current flat is ridden in mould and you can’t afford anything bigger. But where on earth are you going to store your 700 pairs of trainers? Or put all your pointless crap that you currently have spread across five shelves? We have the answer, or 6 answers to turn your tiny room into a cute little cove.

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If you’re allowed to put up shelves then get a drill and do it immediately. Deputy editor Jess had the genius idea to run them all along the top of the room and shove all those books you never read on them. Done and done.

Everyone had these Ikea cubes at some point in there life. Double one up and use the insides of the cubes for trinklets and photos and the top for a lamp and flowers – look how great you are at utlising space.

If your landlord has been kind enough to get you a bed with drawers then you’re seriously lucky. If they haven’t, ask for a new bed (because if you don’t ask, you don’t get) or get a cheap one from Gumtree. It will save your life, and your floor space.

Instead of spreading jars all over the little desk space you have, build one into your wall. So handy, so space conscious. You tiny room pro.

OK, so your room will not look like this, because this room is bigger than a castle. BUT, you need to get a built in rail. Chances are you can’t fit a wardrobe in your teeny chubby hole, so instead of having everything sprawled across the floor – hang them.

This is genius. Just look at it. Yes, it would probably take a whole day to build but imagine how chuffed you’d be everytime you went to do your makeup at this absolutely stellar built-in vanity space.

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