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Stylish Bunk Bed Plans – It’s All In The Details

Bunk beds are extraordinarily practical and it’s easy to see why. Few other options are as great for a small space as these cool bunk beds we’re about to show you. They’re space-efficient and that’s one of the things that matter most when dealing with a small floor plan but they’re also inexpensive and easy to build which makes them perfect DIY projects for those who love a simple challenge. We’ve put together a set of bunk bed plans that we think you’ll really enjoy checking out.

In order to ensure the success of your project, you’ll need some solid bunk bed plans which you can use. Any mistake can cost you time, money and effort to be sure to look at the instructions carefully and to follow them precisely. There are some plans on jaycustomcreations which you can use if you like this particular design idea. These twin bunk beds have a simplistic and a bit rustic look. We find their robustness charming.

The plans shared on cherishedbliss are for bunk beds with an industrial character. The frame is made of wood and has simple and elegant lines while the ladder that offers access to the top bunk and the railing are made of metal pipes and fittings. The combination suits the design really well, especially with that beautiful shade of gray used throughout.

There are a lot of ways in which you can personalize a handmade piece of furniture and when it comes to toddler bunk beds this can also be a fun process. A cute example can be seen on theruggedrooster. The top bunk has this lovely frame that forms a pitch, like the roof of a house. Apart from that, we also like the minimalism of this whole design and the clarity and simplicity of the lines.

The classical bunk bed plans feature two identical bed frames, one over the other in a parallel formation. However, that’s not the only option. If, for example, you want to put the bunk beds in a corner of the room, a perpendicular design can be more practical. To better understand what we’re trying to suggest, check out the plans and the tutorial featured on theprojectgirl.

The structural integrity and the base design of the bunk beds is as important as the looks. There has to be a balance between these elements and we’d like to exemplify that with a project that we found on ana-white. The design shown here is pretty simple and straight to the point and what we like most about it is the choice of colors, in particular the dark blue shade used throughout and the way in which it combines with the crisp white linens and the red  step stool.

Customization is key regardless of the project. When building a bunk bed from scratch and even when giving one a makeover, there are plenty of things which you can focus on in order to give it more character and to personalize it to your liking. For instance, the bunk bed plans shared on 4men1lady include elements such as practical built-in storage drawers and curtains for privacy.

With rustic or farmhouse-style bunk beds there’s not much to worry about in terms of finishes and actual design. A modern bunk bed, however, can be a bit more demanding in this sense but only if you choose to make it so. For example, you can play around with curves, various different finishes, textures or colors to create a design that’s eye-pleasing and intriguing without standing out too much. The bunk bed plans from pneumaticaddict can offer such as option.

The built-in bunk beds featured on christlovesjulia also have a clean, simple and modern appearance and the plans and the tutorial show you exactly how to achieve this look. Putting together the frame is the trickiest and most important part of the project. After that you can get creative with the finishing touches. Stain or paint the wood and customize any other elements as well.

Bunk beds are useful and fun not just for kids but for adults too. It’s true there aren’t many situations when bunk beds can and should replace a regular bed but we can think of at least one. Let’s say you have a spare room and you decide to turn it into a guest bedroom or into a home office with the possibility of also welcoming overnight guests in there. Wasting floor space with a double bed is not practical but bunk beds or Murphy beds are. {found on diynetwork}.

Just like the project featured on mikaelmonsonphotography suggests, it’s all in the details. In fact, the thing we love most about these bunk beds is the rope and wood ladder. Those cute sconces are lovely too and the bedding gives each bunk a lot of character.

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