Trending Top 8: Succulents and Cacti

Succulents are everywhere! From tiny potted plants to cactus-inspired art, these little guys are what’s hot in home décor. We’ve assembled our top eight favorite succulent and cactus items to help you incorporate this trend into your home.

  1. Potted Perfection

If simplicity is your style, these single potted succulents will add the perfect hint of greenery to your home.


Styling Idea: Accent Your Vanity

  1. Cactus Wall Art

Express your love of succulents in a totally different way, with wall art featuring the potted plants.


  1. An Arid Arrangement

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A succulent arrangement artfully puts together lots of these little plants to create the perfect home accent. They work great as part of a centerpiece!


Styling Idea: Dining Table Centerpiece


  1. Polystone with a Pop

This ceramic piece brings two big trends together – succulents and matte white pottery. This polystone pick is also painted for more realistic look.


Styling Idea: Bookshelf Accent

  1. Terrarium Without Walls

This unique take on terrariums features a mix of succulents in a geometric wire frame that adds a contemporary twist.



  1. Shiny Ceramics

Incorporate this cute cactus into your home for an on-trend and subtle statement.


Styling Idea: Drinks with Personality

  1. A Whimsical Welcome

Wave guests in to your home with an LED sign that shows off your desert-inspired style.


  1. Air Succulents

These hanging plants will revitalize your space by bringing the outside in and by adding a whole new dimension to your décor.


 Styling Idea: An Airy Window Treatment

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