Trending Toss Pillows

Switching out your throw pillows is a great way to refresh your home for less. The options are endless, so how do you choose? It can be a real toss-up. Take a look at the biggest trends for pillows in 2017 to help decide which ones will perk up your style.

Sequins & Sparkles


Add a little sparkle to your style. From eye-catching mermaid pillows to sequined typography, there are all kinds of ways to bring this trend to life in your home.


  1. Mermaid Sequin pillow
  2. Love Sequin Pillow
  3. Teal & Sequin Pillow

Monotone Textures

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Who said beige is boring? By adding textures like embroidery or fur to a monochromatic look, you can add dimension and interest to create a natural vibe in your living or bedroom.


  1. Natural Embroidery Pillow
  2. White Mongolian Fur Pillow
  3. Boho Tassle Pillow

Geometric Patterns


This toss pillow trend can really shape up your style. Geometric patterns are all over pillows this season and are available in bold black and white or bright colors with beads.


  1. Geometric Sand Print Pillow
  2. Embroidered Geometric Pillow
  3. Yellow & White Beaded Geometric Pillow

Faux Finishes


Marble and other faux finishes aren’t going anywhere in 2017! This trend brings textures like stone, wood and more to soft throw pillows, adding a modern flair to the comfiest spaces in your home.


  1. White Marble Pillow
  2. Distressed Wood Pillow
  3. Teal Marble Pillow

Knit & Crochet


Fringe, metallic or any accent you can imagine – today’s crochet pillows take this look to the next level by combining them with textures and trim that speak to your unique style.


  1. Cream Macrame Pillow 
  2. Rose Pillow with Fringe
  3. Silver Foil Knit Pillow


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