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10 Paint Stir Stick Project Ideas

Paint stir sticksYou pick up a couple of when purchasing some paint, and then that’s quite much it. I never utilize all the stir sticks that I have paint stir stick tasks below for some adorable craft ideas!

You can get stir sticks for complimentary at House Depot, Lowe’s, and other such stores which makes these projects extremely thrifty. Or you can buy them wholesale online through stores such as Please go to the linked sources for complete tutorials.

1. Paint Stick Basket.

10 Easy Paint Stir Stick Projects - DIY Paint Stick Basket Project

This basket is so charming, it’s difficult to think it’s made with just 4 materials, among which is paint stir sticks! Have a look at Build-Basic’s tutorial to discover how to construct your own. paint stick basket.

2. Paint Stick Home Numbers Backdrop.

DIY paint stick house numbers project

Paint sticks become much more flexible when cut, as shown here with this beautiful home number Do It Yourself task! 4 Male 1 Woman shows you how to take normal paint sticks and cut them into a quite. wood background. for your home numbers!

3. Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror.

10 Easy Paint Stir Stick Projects - sunburst mirror

This mirror looks like the kind that would cost a lost, however in reality, it’s made from numerous totally free stir sticks! Paint the sticks whatever color you want for your own distinct take on this. stir stick sunburst mirror. by Centsational Woman.

4. Stir Stick Pendant Lamp Shade.

paint stir stick projects - stir stick lampshade

The primary materials in this smart stir stick job are a lamp shade and a great deal of stir sticks. This is another project where you can utilize paint to better tie it into your own home’s decor. Follow Monty Dob’s tutorial to discover out how to make your own. stir stick lampshade.

5. Stir Stick Letter.

paint stir stick letters

I like the look of this stir stick letter E that was made with just two sticks! Follow Mamie Jane’s tutorial to make your own. paint stir stick letter. ( perhaps of your last initial), or make a series of them to define a word!

6. Paint Stir Stick Table Runner.

Paint stir stick projects - stir stick tablerunner

This table runner looks very costly, but can be made with complimentary paint stir sticks! Sarah Hearts’ tutorial will reveal you how to easily make your own. stir stick wooden table runner.

7. DIY Paint Stick Wood Slat Indication.

10 Easy Paint Stir Stick Projects - DIY paint stick wood sign

The basis of this adorable wood sign is a couple of complimentary stir sticks! Use Creations by Kara’s tutorial to make your own. paint stick slat sign . There are a great deal of opportunities to be imaginative with this one, by including a various sort of banner and selecting a various quote.

8. Nightstand Paint Stick Sides.

DIY paint stick nightstand makeover

This nightstand looks beautiful with its brand-new wooden paint stick sides! If you have a nightstand or end table with a gap on the side, then you might utilize Chatfield Court’s tutorial and make. wood paint stick sides. like this!

9. DIY Paint Stick Mini Pallet.

DIY paint stick mini pallets

It’s tough to believe that the pallets in this lovely display were just made with paint sticks, however they were! Follow In Your Home in Love’s tutorial to make your own. stir stick mini pallet. that you can hold on a wall, location on a table, or do so many things with!

10. Wooden Arrows from Paint Sticks.

Wooden arrows make from paint stir sticks


This cute wall art was made with just a couple of paint sticks. Snap Creativity shows you how to cut up some 5 gallon stir sticks to make your own. stir stick arrows. ! You could most likely make some charming smaller sized ones with the regular sized stir sticks.

Do you save your paint stir sticks?

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