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Disclosure: This task was finished as component of my partnership with Command Brand name . All ideas as well as point of views are my very own.

Hello there good friends, I hope now finds you well and the sun radiating. And if it is not beaming, I hope you are at the very least grinning.

I am smiling as I compose this post since this little spot in my kitchen is so me– and also I like exactly how it appeared. As well as everything started with a DIY tea towel that result in a little bit of cooking area decorating.


This area before was just monotonous. I always wished to hang something right here, however I really did not desire to harm the closet. I did not intend to put in an opening– especially because I tend to alter my mind a fair bit. When there is a hole in a cabinet– that is quite irreversible.



Then I thought of the suggestion to collaborate with products from Command Brand . I understood that would give me an option for damage-free Do It Yourself.

As well as now …



As well as this is a rather simple task that you can do also. Here are the steps.

Step One

Choose your image and also print it out on normal paper initially as well as establish the dimension of your images and also the format.

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Tip 2

Iron your towel. Splash it with a little of water to aid obtain the folds out of the towel.

Step Three - Iron your tea towel

Tip Three

When you fit with the size of the image, print it onto picture transfer paper. Reduced them out thoroughly and comply with the transfer instructions on the packaging to apply them to the towel.


Step 4

After the pictures are moved, fold up a straight edge at the bottom of the towel and also iron it flat. After that, take the wood dowel and use a hot glue weapon to protect it to the base of the towel to function as a light-weight to keep it in position. (Always comply with the directions and cautions offered by the adhesive
weapon manufacturer.).


Tip Five.

Figure out where you want to hang the towel. Utilize a degree as well as determining tape to make certain straight lines as well as mark them utilizing ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape. Preparation the wall surface or closet by cleaning the surface area with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, clean gently as well as let dry.


Step Six.

Remove the. Command Clear Refrigerator Clips. and also glue strips from the product packaging, as well as detach the strips from each other.

To connect the initial clip, get rid of heaven liner as well as press the sticky to the clip, making certain the tab is available for future elimination. Eliminate black wall surface side liner and press the clip firmly to the wall for 30 secs, using the painter’s tape as your overview. Do not stick the clip to the tape, and keep in mind to wait one hour before use.

Repeat for each of the three clips. Get rid of the painters tape.


Tip 7.

When you prepare to hang the towel, slide the top right into the. Command Clear Refrigerator Clips. .


Step 8.

Strategy the embellishing around your towel. I used a classic bread board as well as chalkboard. I made use of. Command Brand name P. icture Hanging Strips.

To hang the initial item, prep the location by cleaning the surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, clean gently as well as allow dry.

Eliminate the. Command Brand Name Picture Hanging Strips. from the package and separate each strip. To develop a collection, link two strips together until you hear a click.

Eliminate one green liner and also setting one set of strips on the back of the framework. Press the strip firmly versus the back. Repeat with the remaining strips required to hang the board.

Remove the remaining green liner( s) from the strips complied with the back of the frame. Setting the structure on the wall and also press the front of the structure versus the wall for 30 seconds.

Remove the board by getting hold of near the bottom corners as well as bring up and also out towards you as well as wait one hour prior to remounting the board.

Repeat each of the collection of actions for each and every item you are hanging.


And also there you have it.


Oh, and when I had all of it in position, I decided it really required a small table under it. You can find the. tutorial for my console table below. .


Currently, the previously simple area brings some heat as well as character to our white farmhouse cooking area.

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