15 Easy DIY Tables You Can Build Yourself

Looking for a way to do a DIY table? These 15 easy ideas will work with almost any type of home from modern to traditional, industrial to farmhouse, romantic to contemporary.

Build your own DIY table! 

1. DIY Copper Pipe & Nylon Zip Table

This geometric copper tube table is tied together with nylon zip ties. The structure itself is made sturdy by the network of triangulated shapes. 

DIY Copper Pipe & Nylon Zip Table

via paulloebach.com

2. DIY Minimalist Dining Table

Minimalist furniture requires a lot less materials to build and it creates a modern style. It’s also fairly easy to make.​

DIY Minimalist Dining Table

via amberinteriordesign.com

3. DIY Lego Table

This custom made DIY Lego table will be a great addition to your kids room. It’s as fun to use as it is to build.​

DIY Lego Table

via www.domesticimperfection.com

4. Concrete Table Top

Brings a very industrial style to your home decor with this concrete table top. 

Concrete Table Top

via liagriffith.com

More DIY Home Decor Ideas and Resources

Build a vintage piece of furniture with lots of character! 

DIY Vintage Desk

via strawberry-chic.blogspot.com

6. Wire Basket Table

This really simple and small table doesn’t take much effort to build.

Wire Basket Side Table

Watch here the video tutorial:

via www.theshabbycreekcottage.com

7. Easy DIY Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table

Fill the space behind the sofa with this easy DIY table in rustic style. 

Easy DIY Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table

via cityfarmhouse.com

8. Mid-century Nightstand

Build this mid-century nightstand for your bedroom and add easy style to your home decor.


via www.burkatron.com

9. DIY Farmhouse Dining Table

​Add the warm rustic feeling to your house with the farmhouse style table.

DIY Farmhouse Dining Table

via www.burkatron.com

10. Wooden Dining Table

​Learn how to build a beautiful, farmhouse style table that is lightweight and portable for all of your entertaining needs.

DIY Wooden Dining Table

via www.ehow.com

11. Mid-Century Modern Hairpin Table

Here is a great little table to make that you can use most anywhere.

Mid-Century Modern Hairpin Table

via tatteredstyle.blogspot.com

12. DIY Vintage Clock Table

Take an old clock face and turn it into a whimsical end table for your living room. 

DIY Vintage Clock Table

via scavengerchic.com

13. DIY Suitcase Coffee Table

Get a bit creative! Do you have an old suitcase and a chair? Then this project is for you.

Do you like travelling? Think about it: you’re drinking a cup of coffee, and then you decide you want to go somewhere. Just grab your table and go!

DIY Suitcase Coffee Table

via shopruche.com

14. DIYPallet Table

​Turn an old door and pallets into a big beautiful dining table!

DIY  Pallet Table

via www.lanaredstudio.com

15. DIY Chevron Table

Another DIY pallet table with the chevron pattern.

DIY Chevron Table

via themerrythought.com

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