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15 Sensational Living Room Styles

Often, when our living-room need a facelift, we consider changing the color of the walls, or possibly alter the wallpapers, however sometimes, including more colors for your furniture and designs suffices. Making use of vibrant colors make a great deal of difference given that they not just add more drama to your space, however sure produces an aura you wish to offer to whoever comes to go to and see your homes!

For today, we have actually created a list of 15 Spectacular Living Room Styles with Brown, Blue and Orange Accents. What is crucial is that we are able to boost the feel inside the living spaces to make them more truly nice and stunning to live in.


Boston Living Room

blue orange accent

This Boston Living room sure looks conventional in its decor and fabrics used in the entire space, however thanks to the cove ceiling and the white walls, the furnishings and decor made the room really fab!

Brentwood– Sullivan Canyon

Sullivan Canyon

We find the bubble hanging chair truly giving the declaration of the entire space. It turns a rather standard home into contemporary one– something homey and stylish!

Casa Nido

Casa Nido

How lovely is this almost diverse home for you men? They look incredibly sensational in their most lively colors of brown, orange and blue!

Comfortable and Colorful Living Space

Cozy Colorful

We are definitely liking the printed pillow cases that were coupled with the plain ones– in orange and blue. The ceiling decor serves as a brown accent needed to complete the look of coziness and being colorful.

Ethnic and Modern San Francisco House

San Francisco

LOCZI Design did a magnificent task in making all the colors in this area appearance as beautiful as this! The diverse feel and the modern-day touch surely stunned anyone who sees this living room!

Haverford Gatehouse Remodelling

Haverford Gatehouse

The blue colored ottoman and chairs look excellent with the white walls. On the other side of the living-room is a blue wall matching brown colored furniture that sure looks quite in various tones and product.

Istre Home

Istre Residence

This house is indeed a splendor in itself. The view is great from the outdoors, and when you think of it, even the interiors sure is a terrific view in itself! Fun and stylish colors suit the space so well.

Lake Coast Drive

blue orange accent

This easy Asian living-room made us see more of their culture just by looking at the artsy styles in the rigs, paintings and the beautiful tv console.

Los Angeles Living Space

Asian inspired living room

Here is another example of yet another beautiful Asian inspired living-room. The printed lounge chair is charmed by the vibrant toss pillows. The blue walls and the adorable trimmings in this area made the space a charmer.

Minneapolis Contemporary Living Room

plain-colored fabrics

This is one classy living space. With plain-colored fabrics for the cushions, the pillows made out for the lacking prints in the space. The center table sure is modern and actually quite.

Palmero Plan At Fieldstone

bright colors

The intense choices for the colors in this living area makes this space actually enjoyable and a bit funky. The dark colored furnishings neutralizes the colors readily available to the walls and the designs.

Portland Conventional Room

wall shelves

This a design that makes a good use with the walls. Nicole Helene Designs made sure to the entire wall by the fireplace is useful by developing racks with the mantle from one end of the wall to the other end.

Riverside Drive New York City


We like the how the designer used color-blocking in this living space. Very less in the prints and full on with plain earthly colors. It’s essentially the area carpet that included the prints in this one.

Whimsical Media Space

vibrant design

Seeing this living-room, we see fun, vibrant and plain pleased. This area is one place anyone would enjoy seeing everyday.

Coastal Living Room


blue orange accent

This space maybe a living example of how to live the beach life! We like the royal color of the blue paired with printed blue and white pillows, accented with orange ones!

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