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15 Superb Modern Living Room Designs

Ever question why there is a so called living room and family room? A family space is designed for relaxing where certain activities can be done like viewing tv, reading, playing games and others while a living space has a more formal setting for amusing guests. Aside from those mentioned, a living room is usually found at the back of your home and would be near the kitchen, bedroom and even the outside area while a living room lies at the front of your house to invite visitors. Now, we have actually gathered images of modern family rooms so you can get motivation from these designs. Scroll down and have a look:

Rockstar Retreat

modern family rooms

Klondike Contracting

An incredible loft that boasts the best of style, home furnishings, finishes and feel.

Living room

warm tone

Charlie Simmons

The warm tone of this household room produces a comfortable atmosphere in style.

Luxury Property

textured wall

Michael Laurenzano

The textured wall behind the home entertainment set is one beautiful feature of this space.

New Canaan House

wooden pallets

Specht Harpman Architects

Utilizing a carpet with the appearance of wooden pallets adds a various appeal to this living room with a house bar.

Eddie Home

Wooden flooring

Three Legged Pig Design

Wooden floor covering, gorgeous pendant lights, wood storage that functions as railings- what more will request?

James Thomas Living Room Chicago

Tree pendants

James Thomas

The Shady Tree pendant brings drama to the space but what we love most here is the integrated shelf.

Hampton House

furniture and decorations

M.S. Architecture

Isn’t this a stunning household room? The furniture and designs in it are just beautiful!

Pound Ridge Home

modern family rooms

Stephen Potters Architects

This living room is a cozy place to remain in as the sun’s rays touch this location.

Mod Redux

warm family room

Capoferro Style Build Group

A warm household room brought by the wood components, its colors and yes, that fireplace.

Modern Living Room Seattle

accent rooms

Gelotte Hommas Architecture

With the fireplace being highlighted in this shot, the living room is a best area to cuddle and loosen up especially on cold nights. The wall has a gorgeous style that acts as an accent to the space.

Green House

modern public space

Kemp Hall Studio

Products in this space has varying styles and designs but the general appeal may speak of a modern public area.

Modern Living Room

sectional sofa

David De La Garza

Paramount sectional sofa and Oviedo coffee tables by Porada were best picks for this living room.

Jewell– Living Area

Wooden entertainment wall

Designers Magnus

Wood entertainment wall system is a sophisticated feature of this living room. The carpet and couch are charming too!

Basement Household Space

basement living room

Jane Lockhart Interior Decoration

Bear in mind that list we made about basement living space? There are indeed a lot of methods to do it. This one has ochre walls however still looked great.

Globus Contractor

modern family rooms

Globus Home builder


That center table is gorgeous! Even the setting of this household room is perfect as it deals with the outside scene. Well, after seeing the images above, you would say that a living space and family space is actually same. There is really a difference between them. Yet, a family space could still fall under a home. The modern-day family space styles we have looked at make sure charming. You have actually observed how each one has differing styles in decorating however whatever still wound up lovely! How about if you take a peep at some mid-century contemporary living space styles that we have included prior to?

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