Free Printable Pantry Labels

Baking cabinet organizing with free printable labels. The Creativity Exchange

Free printable hand lettered pantry labels. The Creativity Exchange

These labels are hand lettered in a contemporary loopy typeface. There is a label for practically whatever you could ever have in your pantry that requires labeling! From flour, to spices, to coffee and baking sprays, I make sure you’ll discover it!

Free printable pantry labels. Over 50 of them to organize your pantry.

We have found that it’s the very best to print these labels onto Silhouette clear sticker sheets. You can buy a two-pack of the Shape labels (8 sheets in each pack) on Amazon. You don’t have to have a silhouette device to utilize these sheets and will work on basic printers.

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Free printable hand lettered pantry labels. The Creativity Exchange

Free printable hand lettered pantry labels. The Creativity Exchange

It is very important to note that when printing on these clear sheets, you’ll require to thoroughly follow the instructions listed below to get the very best possible quality labels.

As you can see, Cyndy utilized the labels in her baking cabinet kitchen and they assist make whatever recognizable and enjoyable..

Free printable pantry labels hand lettered by Zuer Designs. The Creativity Exchange

There are 8 sheets of labels, which are recognized below. If you wish to edit your OWN text, you can do that that. here. .


  1. Click the link and download the image of the sheet of labels below.that you want and wait to your images file on your disk drive. If you have a Mac, you’ll strike control and best click to conserve to your pictures.
  2. Enter into your photos file/photo modifying software and open up the image file similar to you would normally go to print a photo from your computer.
  3. Load your silhouette clear sheets into the printer however make certain and do a trial run first on paper (make sure you have more than 50% ink).
  4. After you hit the print or print sneak peek button,.go into your innovative printer settings/image quality or printer established and choose. The Finest or Top quality print quality.This is really important and will make big difference. On the level of ink utilized on the sticker label sheets. All printers save ink and by default, printers are set to use the minimum amount of ink. Since we are printing strong black ink on slick paper, if the very best quality setting is not utilized, the typeface will come out faint on this specific type shape sticker paper.

This is what the media & & Quality setting looks like on a Mac

Media Quality

In Windows, the setting is under paper & & quality and you will wish to.

Right click > > open with > > Pictures.

Click > > print > > more settings.

Under more settings, set the output quality to ‘High Quality’.


If you have absolutely no clue, simply do a test run on paper and see at which point in the printing procedure you are given the choice for sophisticated settings or settings for image/media quality.

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