Advantages of modern and magnificent double height rooms

In the language of architects and interior designers, double height room means the room that has its ceiling at a considerable height. Normally the ceiling is 9-11 ft high. In double- height rooms, it tends to be twice or sometimes a little bit less or more than twice the normal height. The double-height room has its own advantages. It is roomier and is flooded with natural lights in the day. When the sun is shining outside, we don’t actually need artificial lights to brighten up the room.

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But… it comes with great challenges too. Decorating a double-height room requires a lot of brain-storming and often you need a professional help to fill up the huge space. If not done properly, the room will be unattractive and a big void clamouring for some attention and aesthetic sense.
So here we are to accept the challenge. We have come up with 16 amazing pictures of double-height room, the modern and elegant design and décor of which will leave you mesmerized.

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